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How To Get Over Someone- Psychological Tricks

    Have you found yourself being forced apart from your loved one? Are you are reeling from the shock, confusion and pain? It is never going to be easy to hear but when one person wants out of a relationship there is usually something within that relationship that was broken and was enveloping one, or both of you in negativity and unhappiness. Like an unhealthy habit this needs to be removed from your life! So, how do you do it? With resolve. With defiance and with every ounce of psychological strength. Here goes: NO CONTACT! You both need time

Music for Romantic Evenings

Romantic music, seductive songs, date music, music for romantic evening

  Music for Romantic Evenings   Looking to create a romantic evening seems straightforward doesn’t it? You know the ingredients…food, wine, love songs, a lovely room…but what about the choosing the music? It stands to reason that if you’re wanting to create a romantic atmosphere then you don’t play hardcore techno or thrash metal but what do you play?   There’s romantic and there’s schmaltzy…if you’re not certain of the meaning of “schmaltzy”, think cringe-worthy made-for-TV movies where there always seems to be a cheesy soundtrack when the couple first meet. That’s what you need to avoid! Jazz is good…but

What Is Love Anyway?

What is love, is this love, what does love feel like

What is Love Anyway?   It’s a question that many people have pondered throughout history; in poetry, songs and stories people have tried to get to the bottom of what love is and what it means; can it be measured and does it ever really end? There are so many questions relating to love that it’s difficult to answer one without another cropping up in response! To try and put it into perspective, consider the fact that the Eskimo people have no less than 32 different ways of saying “I love you”; this is because they know that no one

The Best Contemporary Romantic Movies

romantic movie, romantic film

    Romance and the cinema go hand in hand…they’re a match made in heaven and it’s been this way ever since cinemas came into being! A trip to the movies is a great way to spend time with your best boy or girl and a cosy evening at home is equally fun and romantic when it involves a tear jerking or uplifting film!   With so many romantic movies to choose from, which are the top contemporary, feel-good films? Which ones will leave you with that indefinable satisfaction that only the perfect movie can provide? To make your life

How to Write a Love Letter

how to write a love letter

How to Write a Love Letter  What’s more exciting than receiving a letter in the post? Ok…winning the lottery or meeting your idol might just top hearing the plop of an envelope hitting the doormat however what we’re talking about here aren’t ordinary letters. We’re not interested in letters from the bank or your mobile phone provider. No, we’re looking at a much gentler and more elegant type of missive…a love letter. When did you last receive a love letter? When you were 6 and the girl who sat behind you on the bus scrawled “I luff yoo.” in the

How to Seduce a Woman

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  Before you learn the ancient and much guarded secrets involved in the successful seduction of women, you must first understand the age old rule….which is that asking the question “How do I seduce a woman?” is a silly thing to do. Once you have grasped this, then you are ready to continue on your journey towards being a super-stud…sort of.   The reason that it’s a silly question is that there isn’t one sure fire way to seduce a woman…because you guessed it, there isn’t one kind of woman that conforms to ideals or preconceptions. All women are moved,

Let’s Talk About Silk and Satin

Silk and Satin Lingerie

Wherever you reside in the world these utterly divine silky items can be at your door in a matter of hours. All these sites deliver to UK, Europe, USA, Canada and most other countries! From bargain hunters to big spenders there is something for all you silk and satin lovers out there. Enjoy!               Let’s begin with silk stockings. A true indulgence that will make you feel like a millionaire for less than the price of a night out.                             Sultry

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