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How To Argue- The Right Way

always arguing

Building Up Rather Than Tearing Down   When it comes to relationships, one of the most accepted ideas is the notion that all couples fight. However, this may not be true. In fact, when a couple starts with the cooperative dialogue and ends up in a heated argument, this may be an indication of a fractured relationship.   The science of psychology tells us that communication is the core of any relationship. It can be said that it is the barometer in which a couple’s level of general connectedness, compassion, respect, emotional and social ability and intimacy can be measured.

All Hail The Two Year Marriage Contract?

two year marriage contract-renewable marriage

    Once a tradition, early marriage is now considered old-fashioned due to the ever-changing trends, and specifically because young couples are not as willing to wed until they are well established in their lives. Considering the improvements that have been made on all aspects of nowadays society and lifestyle, the change is understandable – or not? Our children have been educated to be mindful of their choices, and always put in balance every aspect concerning a decision they have to make. As such, jumping directly to marriage is rarely a choice they willingly make, which leads us to the

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