33 songs with ‘your lover’ in the title


music of love

  1. I wanna be your lover- Yeh Dooriyan
  2. I wanna be your lover- La Bionda
  3. I wanna be your lover- Prince
  4. I wanna be your lover- Majestic
  5. 50 ways to leave your lover-Paul Simon
  6. Wanna be your lover- Joe
  7. Wish I was your lover- Enrique Inglesias
  8. I’ll be your lover too- Van Morrison
  9. I’d rather be you lover- Madonna
  10. I wanna be your lover- Bob Dylan
  11. Wanna be your lover- Fariman
  12. I can’t be your lover- Claudia Beni
  13. Your lover- Bishop Lamont ft. Marsha Ambrosius
  14. Damn, I wish I was you lover- Sophie Hawkins
  15. I don’t wanna be your lover- Rick Astley
  16. Not Your Lover- Blitzen Trapper
  17. Move with your lover- Ghostland Observatory
  18. 90 ways to leave your lover- British India
  19. Be your lover- Darien Brockington
  20. I could never be your lover- Still Remains
  21. Clone your lover- Zeromancer
  22. I’m your lover- Bad Boys Blue
  23. Let me be your lover- Dr Hook
  24. I’ll be your lover, but I can’t be your baby- The Ettes
  25. Don’t wanna be your lover- Smashing Pumpkins
  26. Damn, I wanna be your lover- En Vogue
  27. Eaten by your lover- The Kooks
  28. I forgot to be your lover- The Revelations ft. Tre Williams
  29. Rather be your lover- Debi Nova
  30. Livin’ for your lover- Chris Isaak
  31. If i’m not your lover- Al B Sure


And two that had to be included for pure entertainment value 😉 :


  1. Wanna be your lover- Weird Al Yankovic
  2. I’m your owner, not your lover- Glenn, (and Chloe, the Chihuahua)







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