Can a corset make you look a million dollars? Of corset can!!

Aah the corset-a thing of alluring and timeless beauty…

They come in many guises; from the romantic and dreamy to the punch- packing erotic, and everything in between. There are corsets worn for fashion, those for pleasure and play, and corsets that mean serious business; we’re talking garments that can reduce waist size by around six inches! (You may want to avoid dinner just before oozing yourself into one of those!)



Once you have worn one you will wonder why they haven’t been a part of your life for years; after all, what woman wouldn’t want to wear something utterly feminine that holds you in all the right places and accentuates all that we love about the female form?




Bridal White Corset

Only £27

Military Inspired Steel Boned Corset £81

Military Inspired Steel Boned Corset










Burlesque has made a big come-back in recent years which has had an exciting impact on the sheer variability and accessibility of corsets, and burlesque clothing and accessories:

Fushia Pink & Black Feathered and Pearl Fascinator £12

Fushia Pink & Black Feathered and Pearl Fascinator


Red Fascinator



Black and Pink Corset with Tutu

Black & Pink Corset with Tutu


Red Gothic Corset skirt

Red Gothic Corset with Skirt









Black Polka Dot Stockings With Bow Only £6!

Black Polka Dot Stockings With Bow
Only £6!



Couture Corset

Sienna Taffeta Couture Corset
Was £114 NOW £60










Let’s not forget the rise of steampunk. Steampunk is a sub-genre of science fiction usually set in Victorian times, or in the wild west, and often depict women who are sexy, tough and funny in prominent or leading roles..think The Three Musketeers (2011), Van Helsing (2004) and Wild Wild West (1999).

Blue brocade steampunk corset

Red & black Stripe Overbust Corset Was £72 NOW £42

Red & black Stripe Overbust Corset
Was £72 NOW £42

Bronze oriental lace overlay corset








If you think a corset won’t look good on you, think again, there are corsets to suit all shapes and sizes and with a well-fitting corset, you can close your eyes and imagine you look like Catherine Zeta Jones in The Legend of Zorro. 😉

A cheaper fashion corset is the place to start to ensure you like the fit and feel, and if you find yourself so impressed that you get attached and want to do the school run in it, it may be time to invest in the real-deal; a steel-boned corset.

turquoise_corset Brown Satin Style Corset with Shoulder Straps white satin style corset


The best corsets are steel boned. It takes something more than fabric and a little plastic to bring in the waist by a good five inches, create cleavage, and change posture for the better. Don’t be put off by thinking steel would be uncomfortable either. As any connoisseur will tell you, well-made steel boned corsets offer an outstanding level of support and that means comfort too.


High quality boned corsets that use steel will keep their shape over time even if you want to wear them all night long, whereas acrylic (plastic) boned corsets might not. The flat bones make for a smooth, streamlined shape without any lumps or bumps and they really will change the figure if laced tightly. Most wearers can expect a four or five inch waist reduction. Waist cinchers go even further, but most people will find five inches more than ample.

Vintage Goth is a unique style of corset and fashion which pays homage to the renaissance period and fuses, well, vintage and gothic!


Ivory Brocade Corset

Ivory Brocade with Bronze Panel & Gold Detailing

Jute sweet heart body

Brocade sweetheart bodice      short hankerchief skirt



Sizing corsets can be difficult if you don’t go and get measured and fitted, but of course it is often easier to take the time to peruse and choose on line, so if you are buying mail order make sure you buy from someone like Corsets-UK who offer a 30 day return or 60 day exchange policy. You’ll also find 3 for 2 on corsets and next day delivery is available. Worldwide Delivery!!


Happy corsetting!











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