Caribbean Romance

Fancy some romance in the Caribbean?

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There really is no other place on earth like the Caribbean if you’re looking for romance. Incredible weather, stunningly beautiful beaches and turquoise waters that have to be seen to be believed all await you there, as well as many little hideaways that are perfect for couples looking for a little alone time.

One of the very best places to visit if you want romance plus a little adventure is the island of St. John in the US Virgin Islands. One of the 3 islands that make up the US Virgins St. John offers some things that few other islands in the Caribbean do, namely romantic restaurants, day hikes to secluded beaches and much fewer crowds than St. Thomas, the big island and the main destination for cruise ships.

St. John is more than 70% protected forest and, because of that, there are many fewer people that the rest of the US Virgins and the Caribbean in general. During the 17th and 18th centuries it was one of the biggest producers or rum and cane sugar in the world and there are many buildings that are still standing from that time. This makes for one of the best reasons to go there; the walking trails that lead through lush forest to beaches that are not only gorgeous but completely secluded.

Imagine just for a moment hiking down a trail that takes you through some of the most beautiful, dense tropical forest that you have ever imagined. Birds chirp as a warm breeze caresses your skin. There are 4 main trails interspersed throughout the island that lead to different locations. As you get to the end you see the remains of plantation buildings and, as you walk past, the trail suddenly opens up on a gorgeous stretch of sand that is completely empty.

Without a soul around you’re free to do whatever you wish. Swim, relax or even make love because you’re the only 2 souls there. You’ve arrived in paradise and the good news is that there are several more places just like it that you still have to see. Welcome to your romantic dream.


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