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Are you feeling suffocated?

not enough space in relationship

Dealing With A Suffocating Relationship While Lucy was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, Tony swooped in and hugged her from behind. Her face flushing with irritation . Lucy snapped “Give me some space, would you!”  Stunned and flabbergasted, Tony withdrew. Are you feeling suffocated by the love of your significant other? This situation is quite common in couples. Space issues arise between partners some time or the other in their relationship. The most common reason for such a suffocating relationship is the difference in what both of them feel is right.  Regardless of the root cause of the dispute, the question that rests at the

Do You Want More Romance In Your Life?

text romance back

Unless you are very lucky (or are already a Michael Fiore Fan 😉 ) you could be wondering how you can attract some excitment and romance into your life. It can be hard to find the time to create romance if you are in a relationship, or if you are a little shy you may not know where to begin. This little program that a few of my friends told me about will kick-start the romance before the day is out! Let’s face it. If you are new to dating, or it has been a while, it can be a

Emotional Affairs; what are they? Are you having one?

emotional affair

Emotional Affairs; what are they? Are you having one?   Affairs don’t have to involve physical contact to have a devastating effect on a partnership. Emotional affairs are to blame for many breakups and can be even more distressing than a physical affair due to the intensity of the emotions felt. It can be very upsetting to realise that your partner has been confiding in another person or getting some kind of “high” from simply having conversations with them and swapping their innermost thoughts.   The closeness and bond which a loving couple share, is partly due to the effect

Are We Really Meant To Be Monogamous?

are we meant to be monogamous

Are we really meant to be Monogamous?   Monogamy is a huge part of modern civilisation; it is the benchmark to which adults are supposed to measure up to. Relationships are ordered by it and children are brought into the world based on what it promises. But are we really meant to be monogamous?   The idea of a free loving society, unburdened by the constraints of tradition or “acceptable behaviour” is not a new one. The 1960s were well known as a time of experimental open relationships and as an era where “free love” and it’s so called joys

Should I Get Married?..The Pros and Cons

should i get married

  Apparently they go together like a horse and carriage…but just how dependent upon one another are love and marriage? And if you do decide to get hitched, what are the pros and what are the cons? Can you love someone, spend your life with them and not exchange vows and rings? What happens if you don’t? These questions…and many more often crop up when couples are considering getting married and the answers are rarely clear cut.   Marriage is a life changing event; it’s not something to be taken lightly and it requires a lot of thought before taking

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Don’t Parent Your Partner

parenting partner, nagging

    When we fall in love our bodies are flooded with feel-good hormones; our brains fill with feel-good thoughts. We probably wouldn’t be able to find fault with our loved one if someone paid us to. We certainly would not feel we had any right to highlight any behavior deemed worthy of criticizing, right? Why? Because we are just getting to know that person! We respect them and admire all the great things about them. Who are we, as a separate being, to criticize another for just being themselves?   Isn’t it a shame then that when those heady

The Most Seductive Silk Ever!!

    Everyone loves silk! Silk doesn’t need a sales pitch. People never need convincing as to why silk is one of life’s most  lavish of luxuries. Its divine decadence makes a statement when worn, but bought as a gift it is arguably unsurpassable (after diamonds ;-P) The man who buys his lady silk is a certain kind of man. A man with transcendent taste who knows what he likes and what he wants. A man who makes no apologies for loving his lady without limits. Someone who is suave  and sophisticated and would give Mr Bond himself a run

How To Be Romantic Tonight – For Men

ways to be romantic

    Maybe you are newly in love and looking at ways to make your special lady feel like the queen of your world that she is. Or maybe you have been together a long time and have forgotten how much fun it is to romance your loved one.  Perhaps you have forgotten the benefits of what a little effort on your part can achieve for you 😉   So why not, for tonight, go all out to show her what she means to you? Remind her how special she is. How beautiful she is, and how you appreciate her.

The Strangest Facts About Love…

        Love really is a drug! When it strikes Dopamine floods the Ventral Tegmental area of the brain, which is the same area that is activated when someone takes Cocaine.     People are more likely to fall in love when they meet under dangerous or potentially dangerous circumstances. It is thought that the heightened senses we exhibit when we are scared or exhilarated; rapid heart rate, pupil dilation, increase in perspiration and so on all mimic the same reactions as attraction or lust. Maybe the queue for the roller coaster could be the next best pick up

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