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Music for Romantic Evenings

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  Music for Romantic Evenings   Looking to create a romantic evening seems straightforward doesn’t it? You know the ingredients…food, wine, love songs, a lovely room…but what about the choosing the music? It stands to reason that if you’re wanting to create a romantic atmosphere then you don’t play hardcore techno or thrash metal but what do you play?   There’s romantic and there’s schmaltzy…if you’re not certain of the meaning of “schmaltzy”, think cringe-worthy made-for-TV movies where there always seems to be a cheesy soundtrack when the couple first meet. That’s what you need to avoid! Jazz is good…but

What Is Love Anyway?

What is love, is this love, what does love feel like

What is Love Anyway?   It’s a question that many people have pondered throughout history; in poetry, songs and stories people have tried to get to the bottom of what love is and what it means; can it be measured and does it ever really end? There are so many questions relating to love that it’s difficult to answer one without another cropping up in response! To try and put it into perspective, consider the fact that the Eskimo people have no less than 32 different ways of saying “I love you”; this is because they know that no one

The Best Contemporary Romantic Movies

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    Romance and the cinema go hand in hand…they’re a match made in heaven and it’s been this way ever since cinemas came into being! A trip to the movies is a great way to spend time with your best boy or girl and a cosy evening at home is equally fun and romantic when it involves a tear jerking or uplifting film!   With so many romantic movies to choose from, which are the top contemporary, feel-good films? Which ones will leave you with that indefinable satisfaction that only the perfect movie can provide? To make your life

How to Write a Love Letter

how to write a love letter

How to Write a Love Letter  What’s more exciting than receiving a letter in the post? Ok…winning the lottery or meeting your idol might just top hearing the plop of an envelope hitting the doormat however what we’re talking about here aren’t ordinary letters. We’re not interested in letters from the bank or your mobile phone provider. No, we’re looking at a much gentler and more elegant type of missive…a love letter. When did you last receive a love letter? When you were 6 and the girl who sat behind you on the bus scrawled “I luff yoo.” in the

Should We Divorce?

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Should we Divorce?     Asking yourself “Should we get divorced?” or if you are not married “Should we separate?”  is a very hard position to find yourself in. When you marry, the idea is to stay together through thick and thin so if things have deteriorated so badly that you’re considering divorce, then it’s probably one of the most upsetting times you will ever face in life.   How can you be sure that divorce is the only and the right option? What if you’re having a rocky patch which can be smoothed over? What if you regret it

Break Up Songs..Should We Let Sad Songs Make Us Cry?

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The reason some of us feel the need to wallow in sadness when our hearts are breaking is multi-faceted. It can be that we don’t  know how to put our emotions into words and some of us have trouble knowing how to recognise or categorise our fragmented feelings. The need to acknowledge, label and file our emotions is strong. It is part of the painful process we have to go through in order to heal. Songs can and do resonate with our mental state. “Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent”

What to do when a Relationship Becomes Unhealthy

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What to do when a Relationship Becomes Unhealthy  Is your relationship unhealthy? Is it the romantic version of a deep fried mars bar or is it more like a nice mixed green salad? It can be devastating to realise that a relationship has crossed the line from being a fun and positive experience to something which is actually detrimental to your happiness and well-being…and like deep fried mars bars, unhealthy relationships are often addictive and despite knowing that they’re bad for us we keep going back for “just one more bite!”   Knowing that you’re involved in an unhealthy relationship

Sexy In Satin & Silk

    SEXY IN SATIN AND SILK Silk feels like a breath of cool air on the skin. There’s a good reason why the best Hawaiian shirts are made of silk. It has the greatest strength of all natural fabrics and it conducts heat away from the body so you always feel cool. Silk is also great at absorbing moisture so the wearer always feel dry. Plus it is smooth, sensual and sexy! Why wouldn’t you own a few silk items? Most of you will have heard that sleeping on a silk (or satin) pillowcase ensures you wake up beautiful?

Is it OK to flirt?

are we meant to be monogamous

Is it OK to Flirt?    Is it ever ok to spend time enjoying the thrill of a little flirtatious banter with members of the opposite sex?  How far should it go and where do you draw the line? Is winking allowed? What about a cheeky kiss? What exactly is flirting and when does it cross over into “going too far”. This is an issue which is the cause of many arguments and much enjoyment at the same time…who doesn’t love the thrill of the chase and the naughty fun which can be had from making your partner a teeny

Falling in and Out of Love?

falling in and out of love

Falling in and Out of Love? Not always a bad thing!   Love; it’s all you need apparently, it makes the world go around, it changes everything and it’s a many splendored thing. Well yes, all of that stuff is fabulous if you’re in possession of it…the thing which drives us, the magical emotion which keeps us all on our best behaviour and ensures we make an effort to look good, smell nice and act in a pleasant manner; but what happens when you’re all out of it? Or you’ve been denied it? Will your world still be beautiful? Will

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