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If you have read What do flowers mean? you’ve already learned that when choosing flowers to give your lover, certain colours have particular significance, but did you know that the type of flower can also convey your special message? According to the Victorians, certain flowers had specific meanings, and they used these, rather than words, as symbols and gestures of their thoughts and feelings. With the vast array of flowers available to us today, the Society of American Florists have used a variety of sources to put together a list of flowers and their meanings. Here’s a list of some that could be relevant to you at the varying stages of your relationship:







Flower                                                         Meaning

Aster                                                             Contentment

Pink carnation                                              Gratitude

Bronze chrysanthemum                                Excitement

Red chrysanthemum                                    Sharing

Yellow chrysanthemum                                Secret admirer

Daffodil                                                        Chivalry

Forget-me-not                                             Remember me forever

Gardenia                                                     Joy

Hibiscus/orchid                                            Delicate beauty

Holly                                                            Domestic happiness

Hyacinth                                                      Sincerity

Ivy                                                                Fidelity

Lilac                                                             First love

Pansy                                                          Loving thoughts

Passion flower                                             Passion

Queen Ann’s Lace                                      Delicate femininity

Red rose                                                     Passionate love

Sunflower                                                    Adoration

Pink tulip                                                     Caring

Red tulip                                                     Declaration of love

Yellow tulip                                                 Hopelessly in love

Violet                                                          Faithfulness

So the next time you reach for that bunch of red roses because we all know that they’re traditionally associated with romance, use your imagination and have your florist make you up a bouquet of flowers that say something to your partner. For you ladies, you might like to consider the meanings of flowers in case your relationship should ever find you looking for a wedding bouquet (there are many more with meanings not directly related to love: joy, comfort, friendship, perseverance etc. Check out these books for more detail A Victorian Flower Dictionary: The Language of Flowers Companion by Vanessa Diffenbaugh and Mandy Kirkby  or  The Language of Flowers: a Miscellany: A Miscellany. With an Introduction by Vanessa Diffenbaugh by Mandy Kirkby and Vanessa Diffenbaugh.

Or for you men, when you can’t get to the florist and the garage only has that little bunch of Chrysanthemems left, you can at least tell your partner that you got them because the yellow ones mean secret admirer, or because the white ones mean truth. Crafty, but the result will be every bit as pleasing.

If you want to go one further, there are also birth-month flowers. Great, to celebrate birthdays obviously, but you could adapt them for anniversaries too, or to commemorate a special date in yours and your lover’s diary. So if you met/married/took that first big step in May, why not remember it with a lily? For you men out there, I guarantee that any woman would utterly adore you if you gave them flowers, not based simply upon what was available, but because they held meaning to you both. It’s so simple to do and yet means so much. Here’s a list to help you, and a links to make it even easier for you to get those flowers to your loved one Bunches. If you are in America you can’t go wrong with Teleflora who will give you an excellent 15% off if you click here today!

Month                                                    Flower

January                                                  Carnation

February                                                 Iris, Violet

March                                                      Daffodil

April                                                        Peony, Daisy

May                                                         Lily, Lily of the Valley

June                                                        Rose

July                                                         Delphinium

August                                                    Dahlia, Gladioli

September                                              Aster, Forget-me-not

October                                                  Marigold

November                                              Chrysanthemum

December                                              Poinsettia, Holly, Narcissus



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