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So you want to get your boyfriend back? You’ve broken up and it’s just not what you want…you want to give your relationship another go. This is a challenge for any girl and the fact of the matter is that sometimes, it might be better to say goodbye…let the special time you spent with your boyfriend become a memory. But if you are determined that you want to get him back then read on for some tips on foolproof tactics to have him begging you for forgiveness!


  • Ask yourself if you really want him back. Decide whether you really want him back or are you simply dreaming of the good times and how perfect it was when in reality, it wasn’t all that? When you think of him are you filled with sadness or are you filled with longing? There’s a big difference!


  • You’ve decided that you do want him back…what next? Your next move is very important and it could be an important factor in how things go from here. The thing to do is to re-establish some form of contact. That may be a text or a phone call or maybe just a hi on Facebook. Whichever option you choose, you should be light in your tone…just say hi in a positive way or maybe even mention a joke you once shared.


  • He’s not responding in the way you want? Once you’ve got back in touch with him, he’ll either send you a message to indicate that he’s really pleased to hear from you or he’ll respond in a less positive way…or even worse, not at all! What to do if he’s not gushing with pleasure at your message?


  • Pique his interest. You need to make him notice you…make him remember how fabulous you are so one of the best strategies here is to make sure you’re in the same place as he is one evening. Look your absolute best and have a fabulous time with your friends, let him see you at your best and don’t be tempted to spend the evening staring at him or making puppy eyes! Chat to other guys in your usually fashion, be yourself. With any luck he’ll soon realise what he’s been missing!


  • Don’t run after him. So you’ve managed to attract his attention and he calls to ask if you’d like to meet up…you say yes right? WRONG! You say “Oh that would have been great but I’ve got plans all week! I’ll call you next week though and we’ll work something out.” Now what you’ve done is got the ball back in your court and regained control. He’ll be slightly confused and wondering why you’re not falling at his feet!


  • When you do meet up with him be cool! Don’t be tempted into a discussion about your past relationship. Keep things fun and light hearted, make sure he has a good time and then leave him wanting more. Don’t kiss him! Do let him know that you’d be up for another meeting soon.


Unless he’s made of stone, he will by this time be very interested in getting back together. Knowing that someone is attracted to you is a great thing; we all love to have an admirer. So let him know with looks, small actions and sweet messages that you still have feelings for him but don’t go overboard. Keep something back and stay slightly mysterious. Don’t tell him your every move…allow him to wonder what you’re up to 90% of the time.


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With these strategies, your ex will soon be your current and that’s almost guaranteed! 

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