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5 Tips To Get Your Ex Back

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There is no denying that your friends and well wishers will advise you to let go and move ahead in life after a breakup. However, at times this it can be easier said than done. Some of you may just not be able to forget your ex and it feels like the only solution to resolve all your woes is to get him or her back in your life. Before you venture out to get your ex back, there are a few questions that you must ask yourself. Firstly, put on your logical thinking cap and decide if the entire process of

Want my Ex Back…

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  “I want my ex back!” …Is a cry often heard from those of us who regret breaking up with a partner after the event has happened. Sometimes it’s sadly too late to do much about losing your boyfriend by then…but if you’re serious about getting your ex back then you should think very carefully about a few things first. Ask yourself the following questions before you work out a plan to get your ex back.   If your ex left you… Why did my ex leave me? Has he/she got another girlfriend or boyfriend? Does he/she want me back? How can

How To Make Your Ex Miss You

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As if it isn’t tough enough that you are heart-broken and no longer able to spend time with the person you most want to spend time with. Now you are burdened with a whole host of ugly negative emotions too. You probably feel some or all of the following: Unwanted. Rejected. Unloved. Unattractive. A little used. Empty. Devastated. Displaced, and likely a little angry too!     I am a  believer in the idea that when we fall in love, we also fall in love with ourselves. Our special person makes us feel like, well, a special person. We start

Get Your Ex Back by Going ‘No Contact’.

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Three Reasons It’s Highly Effective To Get Your Ex Back by Going “No Contact”   Depending on how long you’ve been trying to get your ex back, or how many times you’ve tried and failed already, you’ve probably heard people talking about giving up the concerted efforts you’ve been making and going “no contact” with your ex. At first glance that seems like a crazy plan! Right? The idea that you would be able to get your ex back by not trying to get her back sounds absolutely absurd. And yet, it works. In fact, it often works where everything

Get Your Ex Back By Your Side

   Getting your ex back isn’t a simple thing but it can be achieved in certain circumstances. There are many reasons for a relationship to end and sometimes these reasons can be dealt with and the relationship can be put back on the right track. Read on to discover how to get your ex back!   The reasons for splitting up are of course many; below is a list of the most common reasons which cause people to split up and how to get over them.   I want my freedom back: Sometimes people end their relationship simply because they

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back With TEXT Messages?

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If you want to get your ex boyfriend back, you know this has happened to you. You stand there, looking at your phone, your thumb quivering over the keypad . . . You want him back more than anything. You want to feel his arms around you. You want him to apologize for everything he said and be yours again . . . to be your boyfriend again. To be your lover. To be your friend . . . But your thumb just shakes. You think about him out there without you. Out there with another girl. You feel this

Is He Really Over His Ex?

Is He Really Over His Ex?   Ok so he says it’s over, he swears you’re the one that he wants and that she doesn’t compare to you…but there’s still a niggling feeling at the back of your mind when you think about her. If it’s over, then why is her number still in his phone? Why is he still friends with her on Facebook and WHY has he kept all of the photographs of them?   If you’re worried about the depth of feeling between your partner and their ex then you’re not alone. Many people feel upset when

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back!

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So you want to get your boyfriend back? You’ve broken up and it’s just not what you want…you want to give your relationship another go. This is a challenge for any girl and the fact of the matter is that sometimes, it might be better to say goodbye…let the special time you spent with your boyfriend become a memory. But if you are determined that you want to get him back then read on for some tips on foolproof tactics to have him begging you for forgiveness!   Ask yourself if you really want him back. Decide whether you really

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