Is Your Girlfriend Clingy? Here’s How To Tame Her… And Survive!

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 Clingy or needy girlfriends come in all forms, sizes, and even in varied degrees of clinginess. If you were so unfortunate to date such a girl, you must either learn to put up with it, deal with it, or leave her. But most certainly, you won’t leave her, so here’s how to get along without feeling pushed to the wall.

Understand a clingy girl’s psychology

Her psychology is rather interesting. You see, she’s always desperate for your attention and emotions all the time, and this can drain you completely. Their constant fear is that you might leave them any minute, and not necessarily for another girl. And when you go out to watch football, or just hang out with friends, she creates a fuss about it. In fact, anything that captures your attention is fodder for her unfounded fears.

Then you’ll realise that conversations are only one-sided, so she keeps saying how much she values you when you don’t etc. You’d wish to look for the nearest object and bludgeon yourself with it. She’s jealous, paranoid and plain difficult to be with. 

So what do you do now that you’ve understood her psychology?

1 Talk to her

A clingy girlfriend is very emotional, so she may break down when you confront her. But you can always try to do it calmly and warmly over candlelit dinner, telling her how her clinginess keeps bothering you. Tell her how this habit is unhealthy and how you both need to miss each other. Whatever solution you arrive at, make sure you convince her that it’s going to make both of you stronger.

2 Get her busy doing other things

May be she’s too clingy because she’s bored of her life and she doesn’t have many friends. But you can always talk her into joining some class, or suggest a new hobby for her. When she gets busy, her mind will stop thinking about you all the time.

3 Give her a taste of her own medicine

Because she’s so used to getting angry at every single text message you delay answering, you can also do the same, possibly be worse than her. Send a message to her, and when she takes some minutes before replying, flood her with more texts demanding a reply. Call her every second and just give her one hell on earth.

When she feels that you are suffocating her, she will confront you about it. When you do this, she’ll have a better perspective of how she’s been treating you. So only stop behaving this way after she confronts you about it.

4Take her out with your friends one day

It’s a good idea to take her out with your buddies so that she can see what normally happens when you are out with your boys. But you’re going to beg your buddies to behave properly this time round. Remember you’re stage-managing things here. You also want to prove to her that there’s nothing to worry about. Logically, when she sees how well-behaved you are, she will let you lose.

5 Be a man enough to draw a line

Maybe you have a bike or a car and she always expects you to pick and drop her everyday. In other words, you are a boyfriend who is doubling up as a chauffer as well. Okay, while all her previous boyfriends were generous and kind enough to pick or drop her at a moment’s notice, there are exceptions–and you are the exception. If she is in genuine need of your help, just be a gentleman you’ve always been. However, if she turns you into a chauffer, draw that line between being a boyfriend and cab driver.

6 Never lie to her

Lastly, don’t always lie to her even if it’s a small lie. A needy girlfriend always has her tentacles up high, looking for any signs of breaching her trust. They are always looking for excuses to confront you, so even if it’s a white lie, play it safe and you’ll be fine. 


It’s very hard to deal with a clingy girlfriend, but you can always do it if you’re determined to stay in the relationship. Don’t give up too early when there’s always something you can do about it. If she’s human, she will understand.

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