How Do You Get A Man To Propose?

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There comes a point in a woman’s relationships when she thinks “Why hasn’t he asked me to marry him?” It can be a real bone of contention as once you’ve been with your partner for a certain amount of time, people start asking questions like “When are you two going to make it official?” and “It’s about time you thought about settling down!” and there’s nothing more annoying than comments like that when you’re thinking the same thing yourself!


Here’s how to sort it out. Let’s imagine you’ve been  in your relationship for two years or more…any less and a no-show on the part of matrimonial requests is perfectly acceptable so we’ll imagine you’ve been with your darling for two years plus. He’s not shown any inclination to pop the question at all, nothing, nada, zip. You on the other hand are waiting with baited breath every time he asks you out to dinner. What do you do?


To answer that question I am going to tell you first, what you don’t do. You don’t get annoyed or upset with him for not asking…especially not if it’s something you’ve never discussed. He won’t know why you’re becoming cold towards him or why you suddenly burst into tears when you’re watching The Wedding Singer. He might have no idea whatsoever that to you, marriage is all you want right now so you have to play one of two tactics;


Tactic 1: The Go-Getter: This is simple but takes nerve; you stop waiting for him to appear with a ring box and you ask him yourself. Some women can’t stand the thought of proposing to their partner…it feels wrong, it’s “not how it’s meant to be.” and they’re afraid it will be embarrassing if he says no. But sometimes in life, you’ve got to get up and go for what you want and have the confidence to do it with style. Just ask him! You don’t need to get down on one knee, choose a time when you’re both happy and are having fun…make sure there are no other people about and take the bull by the horns. If he does give you the wrong answer then you are at least informed of where you stand. You know that the relationship is not heading to the church or registry office any time soon and you can move on.


Tactic 2: The Hard to Get Girl: This can be difficult to pull off for some but it yields good results when it’s done properly. It involves branching out a little in life, moving on and moving forward in your personal and professional life. Widening your social circle and working towards some goals which you may have neglected professionally. In order to become the best you that you can possibly be, begin to live your life more for yourself and less for him.


Of course you can still enjoy your relationship but in stretching your wings a little, you’ll become a lot more desirable. You’re not trying to make him insecure, you’re just focusing on yourself more and this can have two effects; the first effect is that you will in fact become happier and more fulfilled generally and the second is that he will start appreciating you afresh. He will begin to see you in a new light and begin to worry just a tiny bit that you’re too good for him. This is what you want…then he’ll become keener to develop the relationship into something more permanent.


The fact is that men and women view marriage differently; men can sometimes be afraid of committing, they fear that the relationship will somehow change or that they’ll grow “old” too quickly. Convince your partner otherwise by enjoying your own life to the full; take part in sports and in hobbies, socialise without him…get out of any ruts that you may have slipped into and his fears should begin to fade.


He will see you for the wonderful, interesting and special person that you really are! And sooner rather than later, he’ll be thinking about how to find out what ring size you take!


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