How To Be Romantic Tonight – For Men

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Maybe you are newly in love and looking at ways to make your special lady feel like the queen of your world that she is. Or maybe you have been together a long time and have forgotten how much fun it is to romance your loved one.  Perhaps you have forgotten the benefits of what a little effort on your part can achieve for you 😉


So why not, for tonight, go all out to show her what she means to you? Remind her how special she is. How beautiful she is, and how you appreciate her.


Being romantic doesn’t have to cost either. It just takes a little imagination and some effort on your part…


You could start by telling her she is to have the night off from everything. If you have kids,  you tend to them and get them to bed.

Make, or order in, some dinner. Don’t let you not being a great cook put you off. It isn’t what you cook, it is the fact you cooked for her! Even beans on toast is romantic if you do it with love. How about a little hand-written love note to go with it? Or bring it on a tray with a candle and a flower you picked from the garden.


Tell her three things you love most about her for no apparent reason. She will be flattered and will also remember the three things you said forever – so choose wisely!


If you are staying in don’t let that stop you from showering, donning your smart clothes, spraying some aftershave and presenting yourself as though you were on a date. Trust me she will appreciate the effort.


Play a song you heard that reminded you of her. Make sure you have fully listened to the lyrics and it is apt, and her heart will melt.


Let her know she is hot! Remember when you first met and any glimpse of her flesh made your heart race and the anticipation of her drove you wild? Well, she is still that hot woman. That look in your eyes when you were watching her lips move as she spoke.. The stolen glances at her chest when you thought she was distracted (NOT the leering kind guys!) These things did not go unnoticed. They made her feel desirable, and hot, and there isn’t a woman alive that doesn’t respond well to the right kind of attention from the right man.


Make her comfortable. Is she cold? Get her a blanket and wrap it round her. Too hot? Open a window. Remove her shoes. Fetch her slippers. Make her a drink. Run her a bath. It isn’t what you do it is the fact you have thought about her needs and you want to look after her. It’s these little things we girls tell our friends about! It’s these little things that make single people yearn to be in a relationship, and those of us in one feel happy and content.


If you want to be romantic it can be the smallest gesture to a giant one, but ultimately it is about making her feel special, and a woman who feels special and loved is a happy one.



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