How To Be Seductive..Introduction to Seduction


Mastering the art of seduction is far simpler than you might imagine; there aren’t any real “secrets” regarding technique and style. Seduction is easy when you know what its seven core steps are!




  • Step 1: The Mood! Creating the right mood in the chosen venue for your scene of seduction is very important. It’s no use expecting your loved-one to get jiggy with you in a messy, badly lit or stinky room! Even guys like comfort so the focus should be on soft furnishings, pretty lighting and sweet smelling candles. Pay attention to every detail of the room; is the view from the window a picture perfect setting or is it the local greasy spoon café? If it’s less than pretty, drape some sheer curtains over the window to soften the sight of the locals chowing down on a chip bap…that won’t turn anyone on! Light some scented candles and throw a few snugly blankets or cushions onto the sofa to make it extra inviting.


  • Step 2: The Food! The old saying about food being the way to a man’s heart has some truth in it but it’s not only men who can be seduced by good cooking! Everyone feels more sensual and more relaxed after eating well so make some simple but tasty snacks or appetizers, nothing too heavy; you don’t want to work your way through a three course meal or you’ll feel more like sleep than romance!


  • Step 3: The Groove! Get into the groove with a good selection of tunes which will not only serve to create the right ambience but also relax you both. Banging techno won’t do the trick so you need to look at some jazz or ballads from your fave singers. You don’t need to go all Barry White on the object of your affections, just look to soft music with lyrics which suit the occasion!

Seduction: 20 Sultry Songs to Seduce

Miles Davis: Bitches Brew

Massive Attack: Blue Lines

Morcheeba: Dive Deep

Air: Moon Safari



  • Step 4: The Clues: Yes…you need to give your seductee some clues. Not all men are adept at knowing the signs of a woman finding them attractive; some men need it spelling out so give him some clear signs, or clues as to your intentions. These can include dropping strong hints about your intentions towards him in the shape of physical hints! Kiss him on the lips instead of on the cheek, give him a hug which lasts more than a fraction too long…don’t be nervous about it, he’ll enjoy it if you do too!


  • Step 5: The Moves! You need to get your moves down pat before you attempt to act in a seductive fashion. Know what you’re doing and you won’t fail. It’s no use thinking you’ll imitate Marilyn Monroe and then losing heart half way through…have the courage of your convictions and carry out your own fantasy. Be confident in your approach and seduce! Look at films with scene of seduction in them and take note…simple, but tender tricks which will make your man melt include stroking his hair and of course kissing him!


  • Step 6: The Shoes! Yes you’ve got it…you need to make a choice about your footwear even when you’re looking to seduce. The fact is that there’s no in-between when it comes to seductive footwear, it has to be barefoot or high! If you’re not the type of girl who likes high heels then don’t choose your sensible laceups for the seduction…go barefoot, it’s far more comfortable and far more seductive! High heels make you look more elegant but bare feet can be just as attractive when they’re well manicured!


  • Step 7: The Ooh’s! This is hopefully the reaction you’ll get when he sees the type of lingerie you’ve chosen! Lingerie such as teddies, negligees, suspenders and basques are a great choice for any seduction…quite simply because the majority of men love this style of lingerie! Go for fun colours if you like them, not just black or white. Pink and blue are pretty and there are some lovely neutrally coloured sets out there too. Choose your style to suit what you feel most comfortable in and you will feel more confident in your outfit.

Seduction is often more about the subtleties; the tease and the hope of more. Tantalising lingerie is a show-stopper and a will get his heart and mind racing! You couldn’t look much more alluring than if you were wearing a seductive set of lingerie. These are feminine and romantic, yet oh-so-sexy!

seductive lingerie

A revealing bra and knicker set that ensures his eyes are you at all times £19.99


This stunning nightdress has a soft and romantic look to inspire amorous intentions £24.99 Free P&P

This stunning nightdress has a soft and romantic look to inspire amorous intentions £24.99 Free P&P


Seduction should be fun and the point of it is that it’s an enjoyable experience for both parties; don’t try to perform in a way which makes you feel uncomfortable but experimenting within your personal boundaries can feel very liberating too!

Try The Seduction Kit The Seduction Kit

Contains: “Add Magic Lubricant”, “Don’t Stop” massage oil, “I’m so sexy” lipgloss in peppermint pink, and “light my Fire” travel candle


For an amazingly decadent and seductive massage candle try The Wild Strawberry Massage Candle or the Dark Chocolate one from Bedtime Flirt. This gorgeous massage candle is full of aromatic allure, providing the perfect backdrop for a night of indulgence and seduction. It comes in several sensual scents. By the way, a visit to Bedtime Flirt is a must for anyone interested in seduction. The site alone is HOT!! and I guarantee you will find something you simply must have for your bedtime endeavours 😉

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Have fun!












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