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Seriously Seductive! Meet Madame Santonesse

gold dress

From Your Lover are extremely excited to introduce you to Santonesse  or more precisely, Madame Santonesse,  whom resides at one of the hottest lingerie sites we have ever seen! Madame Santonesse is your personal shopper on the site and will help with,  well, everything! Think Agent Provocateur or Victoria’s Secret at a fraction of the cost and you might begin to see  why we are excited. Visit their luscious site and you will see why our hearts are racing! We want to bring them to your attention NOW as we can’t believe the prices can stay this low for such upmarket

What Men Really Think About Your Body

what men think about your body

This may come as a shock to you but guys have different eyeballs than you do. You know why I’m saying that? Because when YOU look at yourself in the mirror, you see that front tooth that’s a bit crooked, the line where your bra presses in (you call this your “back fat”), the too-small breasts or the too-wide rear, your goofy knees, funny toes…. The list goes on and on. But you know what your MAN sees? A woman he’d love to strip naked and get busy with right this instant, maybe sooner.   3 ways MEN see your body… If

Have A Seductive Christmas

saucy santa outfit

  A Gift For You AND Your Lover When the snow settles and the fire goes on this December, make the cold nights hotter by dressing up in a sexy Christmassy costume or some saucy seasonal lingerie. Anything that makes you feel as stunning as you look makes it not just a gift to your partner but the perfect treat for you as well. Choosing the lingerie is just as fun as having it on during the Christmas period                           Buying for your lady?     Make your lover feel even

Pssst…achio! & Other Sexy Food Secrets

SEXY FOOD (APHRODISIACS)    There are many types of foods that can be of great help to anyone who wants to improve their sex life. Some of them have been used to cure infertility and impotence by many cultures. Below are some of the top sexy food to play with and consume; Avocado Despite the feminine shape that this creamy textured fruit has, it has often been associated with male sexuality. It was referred to as ‘Ahuacuatl’ by the ancient Aztecs which means testicle tree and they are so sexy in such a way that during the middle ages, some

How To Be Sexy To The Opposite Sex

How To Be Sexy To The Opposite Sex. There is no denial that all of us want to know how to be sexy to the other sex. We all steal glances at members of the opposite sex while walking across the street or during a party. Being sexy is not only about outer appearance. There are some people who have been labeled as sexy by onlookers but who are not even close to being pretty. Let us find out how to be sexy to the opposite sex: 1. A gorgeous physique Let us be honest, it is the outward appearance

How To Be Sexy- Secrets Revealed

how to be sexy

    Strippers are real women just like you, but they have learned the secret combination to sexiness and have got it down to a fine art. You don’t need a wig, fake tan, stilettos or professional lighting to make men eat out of the palm of your hand. External appearances can help, but it mostly comes down to confidence and attitude. You don’t need bucket-loads of money either. Here are a few simple, yet subtle tricks you can use to ooze sex appeal and unleash your inner sex kitten.           1. Confidence Sometimes it can

When Your Man Acts Like A Lad

man acting like young lad boy

When Your Man Acts Like a Lad   Sitcoms and novels are full of them…we’ve all met them and some of us are married or attached to them. What are they? They’re the Man-Boys. Grown men who haven’t quite realised that they’re in fact not lads anymore and haven’t been for some time!   Arrested development is increasingly common in males these days due partly to the constant rise of youth culture in the media; if you’re not young then you aint cutting it is the message these men are receiving from TV adverts, social media, men’s glossy magazines and

Free Christmas Bikini!!

saucy santa outfit

Free Christmas Bikini worth  £9.99 LoveHoney are giving away a FREE saucy Christmas bikini worth £9.99 when you buy any sexy Santa costume! Who can resist this seductive Fever Hooded Sexy Santa Dress.   The daring plunging neckline, faux fur trim and waist cinching waspie will perfectly enhance your curves this Christmas, just £29.99. See all sexy Santa Costumes with free Christmas Bikini Free Delivery to UK, and free no quibble returns for 365 days!!   *LoveHoney will deliver worldwide but will charge shipping                

Quick!! Flash Sale at LoveHoney

Just click FLASH SALE to get up to 50% off  amazing lingerie. Extended until midnight (gmt) Friday 18th October   Worldwide delivery   Free UK delivery       Sale also applies to sex toys, gifts and games. Don’t miss this!!

The Most Seductive Silk Ever!!

    Everyone loves silk! Silk doesn’t need a sales pitch. People never need convincing as to why silk is one of life’s most  lavish of luxuries. Its divine decadence makes a statement when worn, but bought as a gift it is arguably unsurpassable (after diamonds ;-P) The man who buys his lady silk is a certain kind of man. A man with transcendent taste who knows what he likes and what he wants. A man who makes no apologies for loving his lady without limits. Someone who is suave  and sophisticated and would give Mr Bond himself a run

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