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The Magical Scent That Makes You Appear Younger!

grapefruit scented perfume

      Do you remember when as girls we began to experiment and fall in love with fruit- flavoured and scented lip glosses? When we started buying our own coconut or berry scented shampoos and hair products? Began enveloping ourselves in strawberry, or apple scented body sprays? Cherry, cucumber or kiwi moisturizer? One visit to The Body Shop and you can see how young girls begin to fall in love with these fruity goodies around the same time as they become interested in, and interesting to boys. Could this be the reason a LOT of men love fruity smells?

Music for Romantic Evenings

Romantic music, seductive songs, date music, music for romantic evening

  Music for Romantic Evenings   Looking to create a romantic evening seems straightforward doesn’t it? You know the ingredients…food, wine, love songs, a lovely room…but what about the choosing the music? It stands to reason that if you’re wanting to create a romantic atmosphere then you don’t play hardcore techno or thrash metal but what do you play?   There’s romantic and there’s schmaltzy…if you’re not certain of the meaning of “schmaltzy”, think cringe-worthy made-for-TV movies where there always seems to be a cheesy soundtrack when the couple first meet. That’s what you need to avoid! Jazz is good…but

How to Seduce a Woman

be confident opposite sex

  Before you learn the ancient and much guarded secrets involved in the successful seduction of women, you must first understand the age old rule….which is that asking the question “How do I seduce a woman?” is a silly thing to do. Once you have grasped this, then you are ready to continue on your journey towards being a super-stud…sort of.   The reason that it’s a silly question is that there isn’t one sure fire way to seduce a woman…because you guessed it, there isn’t one kind of woman that conforms to ideals or preconceptions. All women are moved,

Let’s Talk About Silk and Satin

Silk and Satin Lingerie

Wherever you reside in the world these utterly divine silky items can be at your door in a matter of hours. All these sites deliver to UK, Europe, USA, Canada and most other countries! From bargain hunters to big spenders there is something for all you silk and satin lovers out there. Enjoy!               Let’s begin with silk stockings. A true indulgence that will make you feel like a millionaire for less than the price of a night out.                             Sultry

How To Be Seductive..Introduction to Seduction

  Mastering the art of seduction is far simpler than you might imagine; there aren’t any real “secrets” regarding technique and style. Seduction is easy when you know what its seven core steps are!       Step 1: The Mood! Creating the right mood in the chosen venue for your scene of seduction is very important. It’s no use expecting your loved-one to get jiggy with you in a messy, badly lit or stinky room! Even guys like comfort so the focus should be on soft furnishings, pretty lighting and sweet smelling candles. Pay attention to every detail of

Sexy In Satin & Silk

    SEXY IN SATIN AND SILK Silk feels like a breath of cool air on the skin. There’s a good reason why the best Hawaiian shirts are made of silk. It has the greatest strength of all natural fabrics and it conducts heat away from the body so you always feel cool. Silk is also great at absorbing moisture so the wearer always feel dry. Plus it is smooth, sensual and sexy! Why wouldn’t you own a few silk items? Most of you will have heard that sleeping on a silk (or satin) pillowcase ensures you wake up beautiful?

How To Be Seductive

How to be seductive

Being seductive isn’t an inbuilt talent…ok some people are naturally good at it but the skill can be learned and learned in such a way that it appears to be your natural state of being. When you choose it to be so of course…there’s a time and a place to act seductively and you’ve got to know your parameters; mincing around your friend’s Dad for instance and batting your eyes at him is generally a bad idea so watch who you practice on!   When most people think of the term “to seduce” they often conjure up images of schmaltzy

Fifty Shades of Mmmm

    *Special August Offers*   *Get an exclusive 25% off when you spend £25 at Love Honey throughout August  click here! *PLUS £5 off when you spend £15 this weekend only! Click here! * Our £5 off a £15 spend is a great offer to combine with the half-price sexy Gift Packs or snap up a bargain in their Clearance Sale and save a further £5 when you spend £15! Remember Love Honey ship anywhere in the world AND offer a no questions asked 365 day return policy!   Hands up who wants to live in the world of Fifty Shades of Grey…now take those

Amazing offers in lingerie

                    The Sweet Streak range includes best-selling corsets and bustiers like this Baroque-Style Satin Bustier Set, a beautifully ruffled burlesque- style bustier, delicately embroidered with black swirling patterns and pearl-style beads. In deep crimson frames by black net and lace ruffles and decorated with heart-shaped embroidery. Twelve plastic bones and a strong metal hook-and-eye busk helps smooth any lumps and bumps to give a gorgeous hourglass figure. Team with the matching G-string, all for just £29.99!!!  This one is flying off the shelves, and you can see why!      

Men in pants

  Guys, are you aware that the majority of women do not like their partners choice of underwear? Are you also aware that some women have a tendency to talk about this matter with their friends? If this thought makes you even remotely uncomfortable you could be guilty of needing to pay some attention to your unmentionables! After all, don’t you (and your partner) want to know your manhood is the best dressed? Shouldn’t your crown jewels be comfortably lounging in luxury; gently swathed in sweet sensations, and not suffering the indignity of being stuffed into scratchy, tatty, older-than-Yoda pants? Come on

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