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Men’s Satin and Silk

Gregg Homme Tuxedo Boxer Brief

            Men in Satin? Men in Silk? Let’s face it satin and silk feel good and can look fantastic on men too! Don’t believe me? Cast your eye… *All Items on page have worldwide delivery available*     Any man would look and feel amazing in these…                    Not strictly Satin but Satin feel. Many colour options available       For a seriously sensuous sleep, sleep on satin every night …                              

Can a corset make you look a million dollars? Of corset can!!

Aah the corset-a thing of alluring and timeless beauty… They come in many guises; from the romantic and dreamy to the punch- packing erotic, and everything in between. There are corsets worn for fashion, those for pleasure and play, and corsets that mean serious business; we’re talking garments that can reduce waist size by around six inches! (You may want to avoid dinner just before oozing yourself into one of those!)     Once you have worn one you will wonder why they haven’t been a part of your life for years; after all, what woman wouldn’t want to wear something utterly

Stockings, suspenders, corset or baby doll? Negligee, basque, bustier or camisole?

Your guide to buying lingerie      Firstly, well done you if you are about to take on the sometimes daunting, yet exciting task of buying your lover some lingerie and you have found yourself here. What a thoughtful and attentive partner you are.   If this is the first time you have bought your lover lingerie you need to do a bit of detective work and match the item of beauty to your special beauty. So you need to know her size. A little sneak at her underwear drawer (don’t get caught!) or at any clothes lying around should

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