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Have you found yourself being forced apart from your loved one? Are you are reeling from the shock, confusion and pain?

It is never going to be easy to hear but when one person wants out of a relationship there is usually something within that relationship that was broken and was enveloping one, or both of you in negativity and unhappiness. Like an unhealthy habit this needs to be removed from your life! So, how do you do it? With resolve. With defiance and with every ounce of psychological strength. Here goes:


You both need time to get your heads around what has happened. Any contact (especially of the pleading kind) will only fuel the fire and make the situation worse.

Psychological Trick– wouldn’t you rather give the person that has hurt you time to miss you? Let them feel the immediate impact of their decision. If they had any doubts about this decision your immediate absence from their life will help them see things clearer.

Plus, If you truly love that person you should respect him or her enough to allow them what they want and this, for now, is what they desire.


You say ‘Yes’ to every invitation.

You choose one or two things you have been meaning to do and you focus on achieving them. Be it going travelling. Writing a book. Doing a painting. Learning to speak another language.

Psychological Trick– Frankly, you will feel less of a loser if you take control and achieve something despite the odds.

When you bump into your ex imagine the pride in being able to slip into conversation (in a non-smug way) your achievements. This shows your ex you are your own person. You didn’t break, and you won’t break for her or anyone (this has the added bonus of making you instantly more desirable too!)


Sign up, or continue your gym membership. Continue with your sports, exercise or evening classes, go out for those lads or ladies nights. Don’t shrink away in the shadows and deny the world you!

Psychological Trick– Again, when you bump into your ex, or they see a mutual acquaintance, would you rather they see a pale, undernourished shell of a person, or the vibrantly healthy and sexy looking you that they fell for in the first place?

It can be hard to do all these things in the aftermath of a break-up, but to be brutal; you are going to feel lousy anyway. So ensure you feel lousy while living your life! Make some new friends. Get even fitter. Create some memories and conversation pieces, and show the world (particularly your ex) that you are one fantastic bundle of an alluring person that he/she was foolish to let go.

To re-cap. No contact. Respect yourself and the wishes of your ex. Get out there and live. Be the best version of you you can be, then rejoice as your ex, and many others fall at your feet.


Has time healed? Do you find you still want your ex back?

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How to Get Your Ex Back ~using Psychological Tricks





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