How to Propose to Your Girlfriend: The Definitive Guide!

 So you want to propose to your girlfriend; you’ve thought all about the potential barriers and all about the potential stress and you definitely want to marry her. Congratulations! You’re over the first hurdle on the road to becoming a mature human being! The next hurdle is how on earth do you actually go about asking her to be your lifelong companion?

  You’ve seen the footage online of those nightmare proposals where it all goes wrong…you’ve seen the slow dawning looks of horror which cross the faces of the girls who say no to their “loved ones” as they squat along with their dignity in the gutter, holding their hard-won diamond aloft with a look of desperation on their faces. You know you don’t want to be that guy…he’s the guy who “got it wrong”. He’s the guy who thought he knew what he was doing when he chose to propose in a football stadium/swimming pool/chip shop in the mistaken belief that he would be doing something “different” or something “imaginative”.   Girls don’t want different and imaginative…they want romantic.


So stop looking for a way out of romance and face facts. You’re going to need nerves of steel, the romantic skills of Casanova and a well chosen ring which actually fits her…no girl likes her other half shoving and twisting a tiny ring on her finger…it makes us feel like we’ve got freakish troll hands. Check out her size BEFORE you buy the ring. You do this by either sneakily getting hold of a ring she already has and taking it along to the jewellers, or you get Ninja on her and while she sleeps, you measure her finger with some string! Just wrap it round, make a note of the circumference and take the string with you when you go ring shopping!


The actual proposal doesn’t need to be terribly wordy or terribly dramatic…most girls will be so thrilled with a diamond ring (and yes it has to be a real diamond, even a small one is fine!) that they don’t need poems and songs in addition to a proposal. Take her to a beautiful place…not a restaurant please as that’s cheesy; make it a stunning place of outstanding beauty such a quiet beach in the evening, a gorgeous waterfall or a lovely forest. Bring a picnic, a bottle of wine and the ring. When you feel she’s really happy and she’s really enjoying herself and the lovely surroundings, grab her attention by saying “I have to ask you a question.” then open the ring box, hold it out to her and ask her if she’ll marry you.   I promise you that unless she secretly thinks you’re a weirdo…which would be odd given that she’s agreed to come to a remote place alone with you…that she’ll be absolutely thrilled with this proposal. It has all of the ingredients needed for a perfect moment and it just can’t go wrong. She can tell her friends all about it, the wonderfully romantic surroundings and the simplicity of your proposal.


Actions speak louder than words at times like this and quoting poetry simply isn’t necessary.   The only reason that it could go wrong is in the unfortunate event of her simply not wanting to marry you…or being unsure. If this does happen, at least you won’t be in the middle of a crowded restaurant or football stadium…wildlife doesn’t gossip so work up your courage, get the ring and go for it!




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