How To Propose To Your Girlfriend

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Proposing to Your Girlfriend 



Proposing to your girlfriend is likely to be the most daunting prospect of your life. However, it really shouldn’t be. If you get it right (and there is no reason why you shouldn’t!) this is going to be the start of an exciting romantic journey which is hopefully going to last forever. In this article I am going to share with you some of my top tips for proposing to your girlfriend follow these and everything should go off without a hitch (metaphorically speaking, hopefully if everything goes right it should result in you getting hitched at the end!)


Firstly, you need to test out whether she is likely to say yes. Do not propose if you haven’t ‘tested the waters’ before. This means you need to talk about marriage and what the future sees for the both of you. After all, do you really want to propose to someone who is not going to be keen on marriage or perhaps doesn’t want children in the future when you do?

There is plenty to do before the marriage proposal. Firstly, you need to be prepared with what you are going to say. Sure “Will you marry me” is something that is easy to say right now, but put yourself in the position of a proposal and you will most likely stutter. Write down everything you want to say and practice until you say it confidently. Sure, a little bit of stuttering is to be expected, but don’t go overboard. In your speech you want to tell her why you want to marry her, and of course finish it with the words “will you marry me” or similar.

Choosing an engagement ring is going to be a very big deal. You should bear in mind that some women want to choose their own engagement rings and thus the buying process can begin after she has accepted the proposal. If you are choosing an engagement ring yourself then it is best to choose an engagement ring with her best friend or even her mother. They are in a great position to help you choose the right ring.

Try to make the occasion as creative and romantic as possible. What is your most romantic spot? Where did you have a special date at some point? Perhaps you want to take her to a whole new country and pop the question. The choice is completely yours. Just try to incorporate some of your personality and do something a little different from the norm. However, I always suggest that you get down onto one knee when making the proposal, there is just something ever so romantic about that.

Let’s finish with a couple of don’ts. Firstly, do not propose too early in the relationship. This makes you come across as needy (and you are unlikely to get a yes). Secondly, you should ensure that the proposal always takes place in a private location. Sure, it seems great and all to propose in front of hundreds of people, but does your girl really want this? And perhaps most importantly, never propose at a ball game, ever! It’s embarrassing for a girl, so just don’t do it.

Hopefully if you bear in mind these tips, you will find that your proposal will go incredibly smoothly.

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