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Before you learn the ancient and much guarded secrets involved in the successful seduction of women, you must first understand the age old rule….which is that asking the question “How do I seduce a woman?” is a silly thing to do. Once you have grasped this, then you are ready to continue on your journey towards being a super-stud…sort of.


The reason that it’s a silly question is that there isn’t one sure fire way to seduce a woman…because you guessed it, there isn’t one kind of woman that conforms to ideals or preconceptions. All women are moved, touched, affected by different things and different combinations of those things. Trying to find a fail-safe way to seduce a woman is similar to trying to find a fail safe way to win an election; it simply can’t be done because there are too many variables!


The next important factor to grasp is that you need to know what you want. Do you want to seduce with a view to a relationship? Or just for fun? Don’t assume that women aren’t only up for fun…many of them are and there’s nothing that will put the stoppers on your seduction techniques faster than lying will. A woman can sniff out a liar in the seduction stakes at ten paces and she’ll reject him every time. Women appreciate honesty more than they appreciate a big wallet…there’s another of your preconceptions blown out of the water!


So, if you want to get seductive with a woman, let her know! If there is one thing most women have in common it is that we love to be flattered; that’s right…we can’t get enough of being told how gorgeous we are, how well we dress and how clever we are too. Don’t hold back on this! If you don’t yet know the object of your affections very well, make this a priority; find out about her, chat to her about what she enjoys and what she does. It’s not very seductive to receive flattery from a complete stranger…women tend to think that this is empty praise!


Once you’ve charmed your favourite woman into the palm of your hand it’s time to get physical. Try caressing her hair and if she’s not keen on that pretend that you were simply brushing a spider out of it, that way she might scream and thank you profusely for the rescue attempt rather than mark you down as a hair groping oddity.


Many women like to have their hair and shoulders or neck stroked and if your loved one does then this is a good way to work out if she’s going to be amenable to a kiss! A woman who doesn’t shy away from some hair stroking probably won’t whack you one for kissing her either…it’s a good bet.


There’s not a lot to it really, flirt a little, take her out somewhere nice, make her laugh and kiss her! Women don’t worry too much about men who go for the kiss on the first date and in fact most of us prefer it otherwise it becomes a “thing” and awkwardness ensues! So the main points to remember when seducing a woman are that she’s not a stranger, she’s in the picture with regards to your intentions and that she’s single! Once you get some confidence you’ll begin to enjoy the process of seduction…remember that it’s a two way street and she should also make some effort!


Finally, I would like to give you guys a gift! or a valuable tip at least..  gifs and presents for partner

As much as I would happily buy you each a copy if I could. I can’t! So I’ll just rest in knowing I played some small part in helping you guys to get this right (plus as a member of womankind, I can thank you on our collective behalf)   The tip is…..

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Did I just hear a groan at the title? The title implies a little bit of work, right? Well yes! Did you seriously think you didn’t have to put in any effort?

I admit the title is a little off-putting, so if you don’t trust me just click the link and see the reviews, by men, for yourselves.


Models is the first book ever written on seduction as an emotional process rather than a logical one, a process of connecting with women rather than impressing them. It’s the most mature and honest guide on how a man can attract women without faking behavior, without lying and without emulating others. A game-changer. Inside, you’ll learn: seduce women


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To your success



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