How to Write a Love Letter

how to write a love letter

How to Write a Love Letter

 What’s more exciting than receiving a letter in the post? Ok…winning the lottery or meeting your idol might just top hearing the plop of an envelope hitting the doormat however what we’re talking about here aren’t ordinary letters. We’re not interested in letters from the bank or your mobile phone provider. No, we’re looking at a much gentler and more elegant type of missive…a love letter. When did you last receive a love letter? When you were 6 and the girl who sat behind you on the bus scrawled “I luff yoo.” in the fog of her breath on the window? When you were 16 and your penpal in Russia suddenly took a turn for the romantic and decided that she wanted to marry you?


If you’re anything like most adults today, you’ve not received a love letter for decades and while they may be much slower than a text message or a tweet, they’re also much more real. Love letters can be touched, smelled, held and treasured for many years. They can be tied up with ribbon and stored in a special box to be smoothed out and re-read over and over again and they can be used as a comforting way of remembering the special things which your loved one once said to you in the past. Text messages are easily deleted and tweets can be seen by the rest of the planet but a personal love letter has a grace and a longevity that outlasts all.


Where to begin?

So you’ve decided to make the ultimate romantic gesture and pen a love letter…where do you start? The first thing to remember is never to print it out! You simply must write it in pen and on good quality, plain notepaper. It’s no use scrawling in ballpoint on the back of a receipt from the local takeaway. Your love letter should look beautiful as well as contain lovely words. If you can, use a nice fountain pen and choose thick notepaper. It doesn’t matter what colour ink you use but don’t use red unless you want to trigger memories of classroom corrections! Being told how lovely you are in red ink is just wrong! Sit at a table so that you have a good surface to write at and if you need to, place some lined paper beneath your plain paper so that you have some guidelines.



What to put in it?

A good love letter comes straight from the heart and speaks in the writer’s own voice. Never try to write in a flowery or overtly romantic style unless you happen to be an 18th century fop and you always talk like that. Your loved one wants to read a letter which sounds as though you’ve written it and not copied it!


Tell them what you love about them; describe a moment when you felt especially pleased to be in their company and try to include details about the place where the moment occurred. This is a great way of not only recording a moment in time but also letting them see how much you think about them and enjoy being with them. If you want to, you can add some details about places you’d like to visit with them in the future too.


Sign off with your name or a pet name if you have one and if you’d like to make it extra special, add a light spray of your favourite perfume to the sealed envelope as well as to the letter.


Writing love letters is a dying art but once you send your first, you’ll find that it’s addictive…especially when you get one back!


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