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Guys, are you aware that the majority of women do not like their partners choice of underwear? Are you also aware that some women have a tendency to talk about this matter with their friends?

If this thought makes you even remotely uncomfortable you could be guilty of needing to pay some attention to your unmentionables!

After all, don’t you (and your partner) want to know your manhood is the best dressed? Shouldn’t your crown jewels be comfortably lounging in luxury; gently swathed in sweet sensations, and not suffering the indignity of being stuffed into scratchy, tatty, older-than-Yoda pants?

Come on fellas, you all know how good ladies look, and feel,  in knock-out lingerie. You do not like to think of your Goddess wearing once-were-white, holey knickers that now give a dish-cloth after a spring-cleaning session a run for its money now do you?

Ladies, if you are looking for ways to approach this delicate subject, or you are considering buying your man some undies my advice is just buy him whatever you would like to see him in! I’m sure the fact you even thought of him in his pants (without pulling a distasteful face) will encourage him to want to please you.  Just as we wear what our partners buy us, and let’s face it, that is rarely practical or even comfortable, but we wear it because it makes us feel good (if you ignore at least one of your five senses for a while) and it pleases our partner.

(Ladies, please don’t tell me that if, heaven forbid, men were suddenly eliminated from the planet, you would still wear your push-up, push-together, hoist-em-up, and add two-sizes bras! Because quite frankly, I don’t believe you!)

So fellas, if you are inspired to replace your rotten cotton, wave goodbye to that weary wrapping or upgrade your nut huts, check out the likes of Giggleberries who not only have free delivery on selected orders, but also have a no-fuss return anytime policy! They will also give you 2.5% off if you find a like-for-like garment cheaper anywhere else. They have an excellent selection of big brands like Hom, Manstore, Pikante, Clever Moda and Bruno Banani.


pikante_ice_boxer_white_rear clever_moda_niagara_blue_boxer_front














Also worth a look is Dead Good Undies who do a fantastic range with some great value multi-packs, and a selection of enhancing pants; think uplifting, supportive and flattering! They stock natural ones, sporty ones, and not forgetting the fun ones! If you order before 4pm weekdays they aim to send the order out the same day, and with free delivery too!

mundo-unico-medio-norma-boxer-brief-green-thumb                                      HOM-chromatic-maxi-light-navy-thumb              mundo-unico-medio-tecnico-boxer-brief-green-thumb
















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