Music for Romantic Evenings

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Music for Romantic Evenings


Looking to create a romantic evening seems straightforward doesn’t it? You know the ingredients…food, wine, love songs, a lovely room…but what about the choosing the music? It stands to reason that if you’re wanting to create a romantic atmosphere then you don’t play hardcore techno or thrash metal but what do you play?


There’s romantic and there’s schmaltzy…if you’re not certain of the meaning of “schmaltzy”, think cringe-worthy made-for-TV movies where there always seems to be a cheesy soundtrack when the couple first meet. That’s what you need to avoid! Jazz is good…but the term jazz covers all kinds of sounds from the experimental to the smooth and you don’t want to confuse the object of your romantic intentions with weird experimental stuff! When it comes to looking at ways to be romantic, choosing the right sounds is definitely top of the list!


The best way to find some romantic music that suits is to listen to a wide variety of artists from all kinds of genres and all periods. Don’t just stick to current sounds as you will be leaving out some of the best artists ever! The 1960s are great for romance and whether you enjoy quirky or classic you’re sure to find something from that era to suit you!


The list to follow is just to help you get some ideas; it’s meant to send you off on a journey of musical discovery…not act as a strict guideline, so take note and listen to plenty of music before compiling your own romantic play-list!


Motown: Motown is a record label under which some of our most talented artists ever were signed to from the late fifties onwards. The label had a gift for uncovering massive talent and as most of the early sounds were soul based, there are a plethora of brilliant and very romantic songs to choose from. Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, The Supremes and The Four Tops were all Motown artists and you can’t go far wrong with any of these brilliant recording geniuses in terms of creating a special atmosphere!

Romantic music Motown


  • Rock: Not all rock is hard or heavy and some of the most romantic songs of all time were created and performed by full-on rock stars in leather and chains. Consider the soulful melodies which came to us from Gun’s n Roses such as November Rain and Sweet Child O’ Mine and equally romantic numbers from Bon Jovi and Def Lepard. These vintage bands certainly give the modern ones a run for their money.

Rock Love Songs


  • Jazz: Heartrending and soulful, many jazz classics are the perfect choice for your romantic night in; begin with Louis Armstrong, Diana Krall and Tony Bennet for some heart melting melodies and moving lyrics.  Never underestimate the delightful Kenny G

Kenny G Romantic Jazz


  • Folk: That’s right…folk can be romantic as well as light hearted; in fact the very nature of folk music is based in a desire to move the listener. Modern folk music from bands such as The Fleet Foxes and Mumford and Sons is heaven to listen to on a romantic evening date and because the songs are often very meaningful, you can create a tailored playlist for your favourite person to enjoy with or without you.

Fleet Foxes Romantic folk



Using music as a way to enhance the time you spend with your partner is a good idea for a number of reasons but most notably because it’s a very bonding thing to do; sharing songs together is one of the best ways a couple can grow closer and learn more about one another at the same time. Experiment and try out genres which you might not usually try…you might discover a new passion!



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