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Help me get a Girlfriend!


How to get a girlfriend is one of those tricky things which confuse a lot of guys who are single and keen to be in a relationship. When you want a special someone to spend time with and you hit obstacle after obstacle, it can be difficult to get out of the trap of feeling worthless when you keep failing. Your confidence might plummet and you may begin to ask yourself “what’s wrong with me?” and “why don’t girls like me?” which is a slippery slope towards even less self belief.


The truth of the matter is that unless you like yourself, girls simply won’t be flocking to your door. Self confidence is the key to getting a girlfriend and looks play far less of a part in it than you might imagine.


Of course, the guys who are blessed with the kind of looks that make girls seem to fling themselves at their feet are successful with less effort, but even the total Greek God lookalikes can fail at times. Being handsome isn’t the key to a never ending stream of girls! So here are some tips for getting yourself the girl of your dreams sooner rather than later!


  • Stop focusing on the negative: This is a rule which you need to implement right through your life. Don’t listen to the negative inner voice; the one which tells you “I’m not good enough.” and “I didn’t do well enough.” and “He’s better than me.” That voice is a liar. Those thoughts come from the little part of you which has taken failures in the past too much to heart. So you might not be the fastest, the tallest or the funniest but you do have some things which are great about you. Everyone does; focus on those things and learn to excel in your strengths. It doesn’t matter what they are, just be confident in them and your whole attitude will begin to change and girls will notice that you are confident…and they like confidence!


  • Start taking risks: A risk is doing something that you’re afraid of. It means chancing yourself, trying out a new activity or speaking to a girl that you like regardless of feeling nervous. Just go for it…what’s the worst thing that could happen?


  • Big yourself up: You don’t need to use a loudspeaker to broadcast your strengths or anything but don’t be afraid to let others know about your achievements. If you’ve been chosen for a team or done well in something share it!


  • Don’t play the fool too much: A common misconception is that girls only go for the loud guys, the ones who are funny and who get all the attention. This is so far from the truth! Girls are often wary of this type of loudmouth because they find them hard to trust. They prefer the guys who aren’t afraid to speak up but who aren’t always joking around either.


Remember that when you do find a girl that you like, let her know! Don’t think about rejection, speak to her, ask her about herself and ask her to do something with you even if it’s only to go and get a coffee together. Tell her she’s pretty, let her know she’s interesting and she’ll get the message that you like her. Knockbacks are just a way of gaining experience and if the girl you like isn’t interested in you, don’t waste time worrying about why…move on!


Finding a girlfriend is a learning process; you need to be discerning about the girls you’re interested in; don’t just look for the prettiest, see if you can find a girl who has the same interests as you. Most great relationships begin with friendship; make friends and be open to the unexpected!


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