Save Your Marriage

Save Your Marriage  How to save your marriage is a complicated issue which is faced by many couples every day. The problem of a marriage in difficulty is that when things have reached the point where the marriage seems to be “failing” is often the point where both halves of the partnership feel they have had enough of struggling. The symptoms of a truly failing marriage are unmistakable. To know the difference between a “rocky patch” and a marriage which is already in free-fall you need to ask yourself certain honest questions.   Is communication at an all time low?

Amazing offers in lingerie

                    The Sweet Streak range includes best-selling corsets and bustiers like this Baroque-Style Satin Bustier Set, a beautifully ruffled burlesque- style bustier, delicately embroidered with black swirling patterns and pearl-style beads. In deep crimson frames by black net and lace ruffles and decorated with heart-shaped embroidery. Twelve plastic bones and a strong metal hook-and-eye busk helps smooth any lumps and bumps to give a gorgeous hourglass figure. Team with the matching G-string, all for just £29.99!!!  This one is flying off the shelves, and you can see why!      

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back!

what is love

So you want to get your boyfriend back? You’ve broken up and it’s just not what you want…you want to give your relationship another go. This is a challenge for any girl and the fact of the matter is that sometimes, it might be better to say goodbye…let the special time you spent with your boyfriend become a memory. But if you are determined that you want to get him back then read on for some tips on foolproof tactics to have him begging you for forgiveness!   Ask yourself if you really want him back. Decide whether you really

Accepting the differences between men and women

difference between men and women

        Accepting the Differences Between Men and Women   Everybody dreams of entering into that perfect relationship one day. You know the one, where the person you are with shares exactly the same emotions as you, has exactly the same interests as you and ultimately really connects with you. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is simply never going to happen. Men and Women are far too different psychologically. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have the perfect relationship however. You just need to know how to accept and embrace the differences

Just a little something…for her

  It’s not news that everyone yearns to feel special and thought about. When a little gift comes from your loved one out of the blue it not only makes you feel loved, nay, adored! but it also has a tendency to put said gift-giver a little higher up on that pedestal. Win-win! It’s not about the money spent (at least it shouldn’t be!) but about letting your lover know you were thinking about them and their worth to you. Why not fill her life with little reminders of just how special, thoughtful and romantic you are?     How about

Men in pants

  Guys, are you aware that the majority of women do not like their partners choice of underwear? Are you also aware that some women have a tendency to talk about this matter with their friends? If this thought makes you even remotely uncomfortable you could be guilty of needing to pay some attention to your unmentionables! After all, don’t you (and your partner) want to know your manhood is the best dressed? Shouldn’t your crown jewels be comfortably lounging in luxury; gently swathed in sweet sensations, and not suffering the indignity of being stuffed into scratchy, tatty, older-than-Yoda pants? Come on

Men’s Satin and Silk

Gregg Homme Tuxedo Boxer Brief

            Men in Satin? Men in Silk? Let’s face it satin and silk feel good and can look fantastic on men too! Don’t believe me? Cast your eye… *All Items on page have worldwide delivery available*     Any man would look and feel amazing in these…                    Not strictly Satin but Satin feel. Many colour options available       For a seriously sensuous sleep, sleep on satin every night …                              

Can a corset make you look a million dollars? Of corset can!!

Aah the corset-a thing of alluring and timeless beauty… They come in many guises; from the romantic and dreamy to the punch- packing erotic, and everything in between. There are corsets worn for fashion, those for pleasure and play, and corsets that mean serious business; we’re talking garments that can reduce waist size by around six inches! (You may want to avoid dinner just before oozing yourself into one of those!)     Once you have worn one you will wonder why they haven’t been a part of your life for years; after all, what woman wouldn’t want to wear something utterly

33 songs with ‘your lover’ in the title

  I wanna be your lover- Yeh Dooriyan I wanna be your lover- La Bionda I wanna be your lover- Prince I wanna be your lover- Majestic 50 ways to leave your lover-Paul Simon Wanna be your lover- Joe Wish I was your lover- Enrique Inglesias I’ll be your lover too- Van Morrison I’d rather be you lover- Madonna I wanna be your lover- Bob Dylan Wanna be your lover- Fariman I can’t be your lover- Claudia Beni Your lover- Bishop Lamont ft. Marsha Ambrosius Damn, I wish I was you lover- Sophie Hawkins I don’t wanna be your lover-

Flowers of love

  If you have read What do flowers mean? you’ve already learned that when choosing flowers to give your lover, certain colours have particular significance, but did you know that the type of flower can also convey your special message? According to the Victorians, certain flowers had specific meanings, and they used these, rather than words, as symbols and gestures of their thoughts and feelings. With the vast array of flowers available to us today, the Society of American Florists have used a variety of sources to put together a list of flowers and their meanings. Here’s a list of some that

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