Psychological Tricks To Make Sure You’re His Number One

Make him want you, make sure you are his number one


Women are naturally good at emotional game playing; it’s one of the things which we were given in place of muscle. We may not be able to beat our other half in an arm wrestle but we certainly knock the socks off them when it comes to mind games! Having said that, there are always times when we can do with a few tricks up our sleeves to make sure that we’re number one in our partner’s mind!



Keeping him curious

Having a partner is great, we all love the familiarity of being with the same person regularly but there’s a downside to that too. It can become boring, predictable and unexciting. This is why one of the best psychological tricks to employ when making sure that your other half is only interested in you, is to ensure that you ring the changes now and then.


This can include choosing clothes which you wouldn’t usually wear, trying new things with your friends, learning new skills and even disappearing off his radar for a day or three. Yes…make yourself unavailable for a while; don’t pick up the phone, don’t call him and let him wonder where you are and what you’re up to. He’ll soon realise that you’re not to be taken for granted but that you are a person in your own right and with your own life…and that he’s lucky to have you!


Let him see that you’re gorgeous

If you’re his and his alone, he might just get a little bit too comfy with that knowledge. Make sure that he sees other men find you attractive too. It’s not great to flirt too much but there’s no harm at all in being pleasant to other people who might pay you a compliment and letting him know about it too!


Be nice to his friends

Not to the one who’s jealous of you…and we’ve all got one of those haven’t we, the one who resents your presence in your partner’s life and who tries to derail your relationship…he’s not included in this rule! But the others, the ones who are nice and fun to be around, try your best to get on with them and to have some fun with them too. A girl who gets on with our mates is a majorly attractive thing to a guy and if you’re the type of girl who likes to hang out with the guys all the better!


Make sure his Mum likes you

This is the trickiest but the most important of the tricks which you can employ to ensure that he stays devoted to you! If his Mum likes you then he’ll be keener to keep you in his good books! The way to make certain of this is to be unfailingly polite, never to let her see you in a state of drunkenness and never, ever be mean about her son! Don’t be tempted to banter with her about his lack of hygiene or his laziness…she can do that but you can’t! Smile politely when she says anything about his bad habits but don’t tempted to join in. Tell her about the kind deed he did the other day, or about how popular he is….let her know you think he’s the bees knees and she’ll forever tell him that you’re the girl he should marry!


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