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Six More Ways to Get Your Ex Back, New Psychological Tricks

get your ex back, more psychological tricks

      So, you’re newly single, and you’re just starting to realize that breaking up was the worst idea you (or they) have ever had. We’ve all been there, some of us more than once. There are two ways to proceed.   First, you can cowboy (or girl) up, get past the tears, and rebuild your life. Yeah… that never works for me either. Second, you can do whatever it takes to get them back. Since you’ve read this far, its safe to assume we’re all on board with this. So, lets get ‘em back then!   Now, I

How To Argue- The Right Way

always arguing

Building Up Rather Than Tearing Down   When it comes to relationships, one of the most accepted ideas is the notion that all couples fight. However, this may not be true. In fact, when a couple starts with the cooperative dialogue and ends up in a heated argument, this may be an indication of a fractured relationship.   The science of psychology tells us that communication is the core of any relationship. It can be said that it is the barometer in which a couple’s level of general connectedness, compassion, respect, emotional and social ability and intimacy can be measured.

Is Your Girlfriend Clingy? Here’s How To Tame Her… And Survive!

clingy girlfriend

     Clingy or needy girlfriends come in all forms, sizes, and even in varied degrees of clinginess. If you were so unfortunate to date such a girl, you must either learn to put up with it, deal with it, or leave her. But most certainly, you won’t leave her, so here’s how to get along without feeling pushed to the wall. Understand a clingy girl’s psychologyHer psychology is rather interesting. You see, she’s always desperate for your attention and emotions all the time, and this can drain you completely. Their constant fear is that you might leave them any

How To Get A Girlfriend/Boyfriend

how to get a girlfriend

Finding that special someone can prove to be quite tricky, but there are various things can you do to sort out this type of predicament. The following are some tips on how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend: Making a choice There are so many people who are fit and eligible to make good girlfriends and boyfriends, but making the right choice for you is usually the difficult part. That’s why you need some sort of list for you to tick off those who don’t suite your standards. By doing this, you are able to eliminate those who aren’t right for you

Do You Want More Romance In Your Life?

text romance back

Unless you are very lucky (or are already a Michael Fiore Fan 😉 ) you could be wondering how you can attract some excitment and romance into your life. It can be hard to find the time to create romance if you are in a relationship, or if you are a little shy you may not know where to begin. This little program that a few of my friends told me about will kick-start the romance before the day is out! Let’s face it. If you are new to dating, or it has been a while, it can be a

How to Be Confident Around the Opposite Sex

be confident opposite sex

How to Be Confident Around the Opposite Sex   It’s a common problem for many people; the tendency to freeze up and lose the power of reasonable speech when an attractive member of the opposite sex walks into the room. Some people find that the problem eases when they come out of adolescence but for others, the lack of confidence lingers well into adulthood.   If you find yourself clamming up when someone attractive speaks to you, or even completely freezing, then the good news is that you can get over it. The state of mind which causes a lack

Don’t Parent Your Partner

parenting partner, nagging

    When we fall in love our bodies are flooded with feel-good hormones; our brains fill with feel-good thoughts. We probably wouldn’t be able to find fault with our loved one if someone paid us to. We certainly would not feel we had any right to highlight any behavior deemed worthy of criticizing, right? Why? Because we are just getting to know that person! We respect them and admire all the great things about them. Who are we, as a separate being, to criticize another for just being themselves?   Isn’t it a shame then that when those heady

Get His Attention. Capture His Heart Now and Forever

Get his attention and make him love you

Do you ever wonder why a certain woman you know draws men to her so effortlessly? Does it drive you crazy that men seem to notice her, want her and apparently will do anything to keep her once they have her? It is not always the most attractive or even the most sexy of women that seem to be born with this magical quality either! I’m not talking about the women who always catch a guys attention. I’m not even talking about the women who men fight over to ask out, as often men seem to lose interest rather quickly after

The Magical Scent That Makes You Appear Younger!

grapefruit scented perfume

      Do you remember when as girls we began to experiment and fall in love with fruit- flavoured and scented lip glosses? When we started buying our own coconut or berry scented shampoos and hair products? Began enveloping ourselves in strawberry, or apple scented body sprays? Cherry, cucumber or kiwi moisturizer? One visit to The Body Shop and you can see how young girls begin to fall in love with these fruity goodies around the same time as they become interested in, and interesting to boys. Could this be the reason a LOT of men love fruity smells?

How To Get Over Someone- Psychological Tricks

    Have you found yourself being forced apart from your loved one? Are you are reeling from the shock, confusion and pain? It is never going to be easy to hear but when one person wants out of a relationship there is usually something within that relationship that was broken and was enveloping one, or both of you in negativity and unhappiness. Like an unhealthy habit this needs to be removed from your life! So, how do you do it? With resolve. With defiance and with every ounce of psychological strength. Here goes: NO CONTACT! You both need time

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