Relationship doubts?

In too deep? Does your relationship need space and distance? If you are having relationship doubts read on… stick man confused

 We all know what it is like to be in the first few months of a relationship. You feel like you are on the top of the world, like nothing else can make you feel as good as you feel right now. All feels brilliant and you want it to last forever. stick man in love


However, sadly, every single relationship will start to change sooner or later. No longer do you feel like you did at the start, instead you feel as though you want to create a bit of distance between the two of you. This can be an incredibly confusing time, but hopefully this article should provide you with the information that you need to get through this.


So why are these feelings confusing? Well, it is highly likely that you have worked incredibly hard in making the relationship work. Even the youngest relationships still have their trials and tribulations that need to be overcome. It seems that one day something just clicks inside of you. Something which says that you need to stop hanging out as much, or perhaps take a little bit of a break in your relationship. This doesn’t necessarily spell the end of your relationship however, no matter how confused you may be about your feelings

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So why does this happen? Well quite often these feelings spring up when you have been spending almost every waking moment with your partner. It doesn’t matter how much you love them there will come a point where you simply do not want to spend any more time with them, at least for now. Perhaps you miss your old life, a time when you felt more in control of the way you could behave. Perhaps you miss your old friends and hanging out with them without your partner in tow. These thoughts and feelings are completely natural and they don’t necessarily spell the end of your relationship. Explain what you are feeling to your partner, it is highly likely that they are feeling exactly the same. Hopefully both of you can come to an agreement to have a few days break from each other each week,  or if you aren’t ready for that have a holiday apart and see if some head space was all you needed. Often some time to just miss someone will re-set those original feelings.  stick man on holiday


It is only natural in a relationship to want some time apart and there is no doubt that absence really does make the heart grow fonder if you truly love someone, so try a little test. If by spending time apart the absence actually feels like freedom each time or you feel no pining whatsoever, it may be time to reconsider your relationship.  This could indicate that the initial feelings of the relationship were nothing more than lust, or you fell in love with the idea of love, or with how that person made you feel. When I ponder on the question of love I can’t help but think of the Keane song, Spiralling “…when we fall in love, we just fall in love with ourselves” . The cynic in me loves this line, but does it really matter? Love feels good! Love should feel good, and if it doesn’t? I think you know what to do!

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