Six More Ways to Get Your Ex Back, New Psychological Tricks

get your ex back, more psychological tricks




So, you’re newly single, and you’re just starting to realize that breaking up was the worst idea you (or they) have ever had. We’ve all been there, some of us more than once. There are two ways to proceed.


First, you can cowboy (or girl) up, get past the tears, and rebuild your life. Yeah… that never works for me either. Second, you can do whatever it takes to get them back. Since you’ve read this far, its safe to assume we’re all on board with this. So, lets get ‘em back then!


Now, I encourage you to read both lists, because some of these tricks may work on your ex regardless of their gender, but start with the advice for your group first, and see how it works.



For men:


Getting a girl back is a real challenge. If she broke things off with you, it was probably for what she felt was a very good reason. If you broke things off with her… well, hell hath no fury, right? But it can be done. Try these three psychological tricks and get her back!


1, Beyond not looking desperate, stop being desperate.

Women may yearn to be wanted and needed, but very few of them like a cry-baby.

When you agonize over the breakup and make it seem like what you had was perfect, you set yourself up to fail. It affects all your actions, and makes you seem weak and needy. This is NOT attractive. You’re going to be suffering, and that’s normal, but most men are worse actors than they think. All the best ways to win her back require you to get over the worst of your desperation right away!

And no, I’m not saying ‘just get over her’. That clearly doesn’t work, and isn’t what we’re going for. But you need to make sure that getting her back isn’t the only thing you’re living for. You have a life, and while she’s a big part of it, you have to get back in the saddle and keep the rest of your life functioning. Once you’re back in control, you can work on getting your ex back.

In fact, the fact that you ‘want her’ rather than ‘desperately need her’ will be a lot more attractive to the girl in question anyway.


2, Never say the seven words of doom: “I will always be there for you.”


– at least not until you get back together. Many, many men make this mistake. You want to prove your feelings, your devotion, your love. Ok. But offering her all the benefits of keeping you around along with the permission to find a new guy as well is a recipe for disaster. They say ‘they won’t buy the cow if they can get the milk for free’. In this scenario, most of your ‘milk’ is the emotional support you give her. She won’t get that from the bad-boy rebound flings she’ll be looking for, and giving it to her while she’s dating them is needless torture for you. Withhold this support. Do not be there for her. Make sure she knows what she’s lost, and you might get her back. If she thinks she can get that from you and dally with a new guy every week, she will, and she’ll come crying to you when she breaks up with them.


3, Do NOT remain her friend!


Many relationship books and courses say just the opposite, but the fact is that 95% of couples who ‘remain friends’ never get back together. Even if she doesn’t have your slavish devotion as in example 2 above, giving her support and validation, actual friendship that is, makes her more likely to seek out other men.


Don’t get me wrong, legitimate friendship with an ex is not a bad thing, but you can write off any chance of getting back together with her if you take that road.



For women:


Getting your man back is not impossible. Women do it all the time. Even if the breakup was your idea, or even your fault, most men will be willing to consider getting back together. Now, you can improve your chances dramatically if you follow these three steps BEFORE you ask him to get back together.


1, Do NOT have a meltdown in front of him.


Control your temper! Never throw a tantrum at him, no matter what. Don’t break down and plead with him to take you back. And for the love of God don’t stalk him, even on Facebook! Most men find overly emotional women unattractive, and unhinged ones downright frightening. If he doesn’t know how to deal with you, he’ll count his blessing s that you’re broken up and run away at full speed.


Don’t appear weak and needy. When the time is right, you’ll have the chance to let him know you want him back. You don’t need him.

2, Get inside his head – what originally attracted him to you?


You two got together for a reason. Either he pursued you, or he let you catch him for a reason. What was it? What did he like about you? What turned him on? What made him smile? Figure that out, and start doing more of it, especially when he isn’t around. It’ll make you feel sexier and more empowered to get some attention from other men, and it might even make him jealous. Just don’t make him think he’s missed his chance. Enjoy the attention but don’t seem too into it.

3, Rebuild his self-image.

He’s just suffered a breakup too. He’s probably hurting, and feeling bad about himself and his ability to attract and keep a woman. Compliment him (but keep your cool). Do and say things that will make him feel good about himself. It won’t take him long to realise that he feels a lot better when you’re around.

Now you’re ready to ask him to get back together. He might even ask you first!


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