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Romance and the cinema go hand in hand…they’re a match made in heaven and it’s been this way ever since cinemas came into being! A trip to the movies is a great way to spend time with your best boy or girl and a cosy evening at home is equally fun and romantic when it involves a tear jerking or uplifting film!


With so many romantic movies to choose from, which are the top contemporary, feel-good films? Which ones will leave you with that indefinable satisfaction that only the perfect movie can provide? To make your life easier, the ultimate top ten contemporary romantic movie list is here! It’s not easy to compile a list like this so for our purposes, we’re calling contemporary any time between 2000 and right now! Whether you love romance in an adventurous setting, sci-fi or historical, you’ll find your perfect film right here!


1: Amelie (2001): Starring the charming Audrey Tatou in the movie that would make her into an international star; this film tells the story of a young woman who spurred on by the tragic death of Princess Diana, decides to change the lives of strangers for the better and in doing so sparks romance and fond memories amongst her neighbours in Paris.



2: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008): With Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Julia Ormond this to-die-for cast excels in the story of a man who ages backwards. Covering themes such as love lost and found as well as timelessness, the movie follows the unusual Benjamin through his strange life from start to finish. A thought provoking, uplifting and tear jerking film that will stay with viewers for long after the credits roll.

benjamin button


3: Walk The Line (2005): Starring Joaquin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon as the iconic country singers Johnny Cash and June Carter, this film focuses on the romance between the two popular performers which begins on a tour including Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. The story unfolds in an extended flashback and covers much of Cash’s turbulent life from his boyhood through to his difficult drug addiction. The romance between the two superstars is highlighted by their wonderful duets.

walk the line


4: Moulin Rouge (2001): Lavish and entertaining this classic Baz Luhrmann movie stars Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor. It is a film with many stunning song and dance numbers and has a fabulous supporting cast in addition to the breathtaking costumes and sets which Luhrmann is so well known for.  It tells the story of hopeless love between a poor artist and a beautiful showgirl who is in thrall to an evil but rich impresario

moulin rouge


5: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002): This romantic comedy from Nia Vardalos tells the story of a girl from a traditional Greek family, who is under pressure to marry. Her family want her to find a nice Greek boy and settle down but she’s finding it difficult trapped as she is in the family restaurant. Re-inventing herself, she meets a great prospect who doesn’t quite fit her family’s requirements!

my big fat greek wedding


6: Wedding Crashers (2005): Starring Vince Vaughn and John Beckwith, this film is both Hilarious and romantic; it tells the tale of two divorce-lawyer brothers who make it their business to gatecrash the weddings of strangers and seduce bridesmaids. Their extra curricular fun goes on as normal until one day they crash the wrong wedding and meet with their matches in the shape of Rachel McAdams and Isla Fisher’s characters. The crazy sisters with an odd background and an even odder family put both men on the back foot for very different reasons!

wedding crashers


7: Meet The Parents (2000): It’s laugh-out-loud fun with the Focker family when the unfortunate Ben Stiller goes home to meet his girlfriend’s family. The disastrous weekend trip is fuelled by nut-job father played by Robert De Niro who is more than a little over-protective of his daughter.

meet the parents


8: In Good Company (2005): Starring Dennis Quaid, Topher Grace, Scarlett Johansson and Marge Helgenberger this film tells the story of one man’s mid-life crisis. Just as his wife Ann (Helgenberger) announces she’s expecting a baby, Dan Foreman (Quaid) finds that his position in the office has been taken over by a younger rival. Forced to take direction from a much younger man, Dan is challenged on all fronts. This movie is by turns funny and moving and will leave the viewer with an uplifting sense of family loyalty being all-important.

in good company


9: The Painted Veil (2006): Naomi Watts and Edward Norton star as a mismatched husband and wife living in Shanghai. When Watts’ character takes a lover, her husband moves them to a poverty stricken village in the Chinese countryside as revenge. Forced to re-evaluate what is important in life, the couple begin to see their relationship in a different light as they battle to help the cholera stricken village.

the painted veil


10: Once (2006): The tale of a poor busker and vacuum cleaner repairman who meets an equally poor flower seller. Set in Dublin, the pair meet and find that together they create amazing music; they set out to make an album. This film is atmospheric and romantic as well as having a wonderful soundtrack and some outstanding performances!







There are so many beautiful, funny and moving romantic movies from the past ten years or so that it’s impossible to list them all but there is something to appeal to all tastes and no matter whether you’re a sophisticated type who loves deep themes and dramatic plots, or more of a light hearted fun type who longs for nothing more than a laugh and a cry, there will be at least one movie in this list that you’ll love!



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