The Magical Scent That Makes You Appear Younger!

grapefruit scented perfume




Do you remember when as girls we began to experiment and fall in love with fruit- flavoured and scented lip glosses? When we started buying our own coconut or berry scented shampoos and hair products? Began enveloping ourselves in strawberry, or apple scented body sprays? Cherry, cucumber or kiwi moisturizer?

One visit to The Body Shop and you can see how young girls begin to fall in love with these fruity goodies around the same time as they become interested in, and interesting to boys.

Could this be the reason a LOT of men love fruity smells? Maybe it reminds them of the days when their olfactory (and other senses) were beginning to stir in response to girls. A new, exciting, blissfully simple and fun time of our lives. A time and feeling we would all love to recapture. Who wouldn’t want to feel youthful and exciting again? Well, sadly,  no scent can actually make this happen, but wouldn’t it be amazing to be privy to a secret scent like an enchanting elixir that makes men think you are younger?

Enter the almighty grapefruit!

Dr Alan Hirsch, a psychiatrist at the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago  found that, when asked to sniff pink grapefruit on middle-aged women, more than 50 men judged the women to be six years younger than their actual age!

Dr Hirsch suggests the smell produces feel-good endorphins and pheromones which increase arousal and therefore endear the women to them. Interestingly the ‘youth effect’ was greater on men who wore a surgical mask infused with the scent while just looking a photos of women. The effect also worked on men who don’t actually like the smell of grapefruit!

Who wants to get their hands on some of this super scent?

Try Jo Malone Grapefruit Cologne. This is like an expensive aromatherapy massage oil. It is light, uplifting and energizing and is said to help control the appetite! This scent is unisex and there are hints of masculine woodiness so be aware if this is not your thing.


grapefruit scented perfume



Alternatives are:


NEST Fragrances Grapefruit Body & Soul EDT Spray

Beautiful smell and you can buy matching candles and diffusers to really cast a spell!


Grapefruit perfume

Our Moment by One Direction 

If it’s good enough for our ‘One Direction’ boys…

one direction grapefruit perfume

Madonna Sensual opens with top notes of pink grapefruit and sparkling mandarin accompanied by a heart of juicy melon and passion flower refined with a base of exotic orchid and musk

Madonna grapefruit scent

If you know of any other lovely grapefruit based scents be sure to tell us about it on our Facebook page. See you there 😉




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