The Strangest Facts About Love…




keep love alive  Love really is a drug! When it strikes Dopamine floods the Ventral Tegmental area of the brain, which is the same area that is activated when someone takes Cocaine.


keep love alive  People are more likely to fall in love when they meet under dangerous or potentially dangerous circumstances. It is thought that the heightened senses we exhibit when we are scared or exhilarated; rapid heart rate, pupil dilation, increase in perspiration and so on all mimic the same reactions as attraction or lust. Maybe the queue for the roller coaster could be the next best pick up area!


keep love alive Falling in love raises levels of nerve growth for about a year! This helps rejuvenate the nervous system and improves our memory-bonus!


keep love alive One in five relationships start when one or both are already involved with another.


keep love alive Romantic love cannot last forever 🙁 It is believed the brain simply cannot sustain the high of romantic bliss for a sustained period of time.


keep love alive 65% of us tilt our head to the right when we kisskiss



keep love alive Some people really are incapable of love. Hypopituitarism is a rare disease that can inhibit a person from feeling the rapture of love!


keep love alive The ring finger, according to the ancient Greeks contains the vein of love, or the Vena Amoris, that runs straight to the heart. The circle of the ring represents eternity.


keep love alive The Eiffel Tower, Paris, is the most popular place that people choose to express their love


keep love alive  The most common time for a relationship to break up is three to five months


keep love alive The psychological hurt of a break-up is as real as a physical injury. Two areas of the brain that respond to physical pain also activate in response to romantic or social pain (such as exclusion)


keep love alive The average man sees five women a day with whom he would like to sleep with!


keep love alive Grapefruit scent can make a woman appear approximately six years younger to men!!!

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