5 Tips To Get Your Ex Back

get your ex back, more psychological tricks

There is no denying that your friends and well wishers will advise you to let go and move ahead in life after a breakup. However, at times this it can be easier said than done. Some of you may just not be able to forget your ex and it feels like the only solution to resolve all your woes is to get him or her back in your life.

Before you venture out to get your ex back, there are a few questions that you must ask yourself. Firstly, put on your logical thinking cap and decide if the entire process of getting him or her back is worth an effort. Next, weigh your good times against the bad ones and decide which side weighs more. Lastly, know the real reason why you want them back.

After carrying out all these exercises, if you still crave for the companionship of your lost friend, here are 5 tips and tricks that can help get him or her back by your side:

1. Rejuvenate yourself

After a break up its time for you to show off a new you; someone your ex has never met. Get a new haircut, buy new clothes and do everything that the original you would have done. Invest some money in personal grooming and try as much as possible to be your normal self. However, beware of overdoing it. Try to make it appear effortless even if it is not. Such an exercise never fails to catch the partner’s attention and makes him or her believe in the fact that their absence in your life has not been earth shattering for you and you are doing well even without them.

2. Do the Opposite

After having caught your partner’s attention, the next step is to look for ways to get him or her near you again. One sure shot  trick to accomplish this is to do the exact opposite of what your partner thinks you will do. Your ex will certainly expect you to call or text some break up quotes but you must remember that you have to do the opposite of what they expect, no matter how hard you have to contain yourself.

3. Appear no longer interested

When you make your ex realize that he or she is heading towards permanently losing you, he or she will certainly consider coming back to salvage the relationship. You can accomplish this by making him or her realize that you are no longer interested and do not care if they come back or not. This will poke their pride and make them realize what they are missing due to your absence. This will also make them believe the fact that you are still inspired and not depressed or broken.

4. Appear Happy Not Depressed

Make sure the break up does not defeat you; instead it should make you stronger. Once you appear to have recovered from the breakup, you automatically make yourself look more attractive to your ex than ever. Let the world know that you are not heartbroken. You can do this by using the electronic media such as updating Facebook status, tweeting or talking to old friends. When your ex sees you in a gloomy mood, he or she rejects the idea of coming back; after all who likes to spend time with someone shrouded in a black depressing cloud.

5. Use Reverse Psychology

Use reverse psychology and tell your ex right away that it has been a good thing that both of you split. Tell him or her that both of you were not right for each other and things would have seen such an end sooner or later. When you communicate this to your ex, he or she will think exactly the opposite. No one wants to know that he or she had been a wrong choice.

By following these 5 psychological tips in letter and spirit you can certainly make your ex start missing you. The fact that all these tips are focused on what you have to do makes them fetch results very soon. The tips mentioned above will not only help you to get your ex back but also allow you to go through the turbulent phase comfortably.



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