Want my Ex Back…

want ex back


“I want my ex back!”

…Is a cry often heard from those of us who regret breaking up with a partner after the event has happened. Sometimes it’s sadly too late to do much about losing your boyfriend by then…but if you’re serious about getting your ex back then you should think very carefully about a few things first. Ask yourself the following questions before you work out a plan to get your ex back.


If your ex left you…

  • Why did my ex leave me?
  • Has he/she got another girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • Does he/she want me back?
  • How can I tell if my ex wants me back?


If you left your ex…

  • Am I sure I want my ex back?
  • Do I regret leaving my ex?
  • Has my ex got another girlfriend or boyfriend?
  • What are the signs that my ex wants me back?


Once you know for sure that you really do want your ex back and that there’s nothing standing in your way such as new partners…then it’s time to work out a plan!


Look at what went wrong…

If the problem was a simple one such as one of you not feeling like they had time for a relationship because of work or study commitments then there really should not be a lot standing in your way. You will need to approach them in a sensible fashion so that they are willing to listen to your plan. Write everything down so that you are sure that you’re sure that you’re making the right choice. Once you know what your choice is, contact your partner and ask them if they would like to meet you for a coffee. Choosing a relaxed date such as a coffee shop is a great idea as you will be on neutral territory and there will be less chance of an argument or of anyone getting too emotional.


If the problem was a more serious one then you will have to think even harder about whether or not to get back together. Issues which are potentially too serious for reconciliation include the following.


  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Affairs
  • Violence

If any of these issues were the root cause of your break up then it is probably a good idea to continue on as single and look towards the future without your ex.


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So you think your ex might be interested in getting back together…

You’ve had your coffee, you’ve had a nice chat and you were both pleased to see one another. Where do you go from here? The next step should once more be a relaxed one; looking at places or activities which will be fun rather than romantic is a good idea as it takes the pressure of both parties. A candlelit meal for two might be overwhelming at this stage in the proceedings so instead, look at something which you both enjoy and which is active.


A walk in the country with lunch at a pub…a trip to a bowling alley or skating rink…these are pleasant and relaxing things to do and if you find that you still enjoy the company of your ex then you’re probably in a good position to make the next move into romance!

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Romance should come easily….

One of the warning signs that you’re not meant to get back with your ex is that your romantic moments are strained or don’t seem to be occurring naturally. This usually means that one or both parties are feeling unsure. If this happens then it is very important to discuss the issue together. Getting things out in the open and even having a giggle about it can really help in terms of awkwardness.


Hopefully however, romance will come naturally and your relationship will only be stronger thanks to the temporary split…many couples give things a second chance and there’s no reason to assume that you won’t be able to succeed second time around!


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