What do flowers mean?

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Over the years, the act of giving flowers and love has become almost synonymous. In fact, there are very    few men out there who have never handed over a flower to their lover at least once during their  relationship. It seems almost tradition nowadays to start a first date with a bunch of flowers. However, many people seem to stick to the ‘tried and tested’ Red Rose, after all, there is no flower more romantic than that. There are a plethora of flowers out that you can use though, and in this article we are going to take a little look at some of the colours of flowers and their various meanings.


Let’s start with red. This has traditionally become the colour of romance, and more importantly love, hence why so many people opt for red roses. This type of flower has long been associated with feelings of desire and eroticism, and thus it is perfect for almost every occasion. If you are after a colour to symbolise an even longer relationship then opt for a darker red, as you can probably guess these are meant to symbolise deep love.

what do flowers mean

If you are getting into a new relationship then you should opt for white flowers. They signify hope, innocence and purity. In fact, they are great for a gift to your partner every so often as symbolically they will show just how perfect she is to you. There are plenty of flowers out there for you to choose from, although the ones which seem to be the best are white roses and white orchids. Many people even like to combine both red and white flowers to create a beautiful romantic bouquet.



There are a lot of ‘pink’ flowers out there. This means that they have shades of both red and white blended in. These flowers tend to give off the impression of bonding or ever-lasting love. These are the sorts of flowers that you want to give to people if you have been in a relationship with them for a good while.  what do flowers mean


If you want something to symbolise romance, or to be a bit more playful then opt for colours that are pink. Often this is the favoured colour of a female and they will love it. Giving pink flowers tends to be seen as sweet and romantic. This is the sort of flower that you should give often during the start of a relationship.


Many people believe that at the start of a romance i.e. you are starting to fall in love with someone, you should send a combination of both yellow and red flowers. Yellow flowers traditionally are meant to symbolise a friendship and combining them with red gives the perception that you are looking to travel new roads with a person i.e. romantic endeavours.  yellow verbenas


If you want to show how much you desire a person then why not send them coral coloured flowers? These are great for injecting a bit of excitement into your life.


Finally, has your lover done something great for you recently? If so, why not send peach flowers? These are designed to show appreciation and gratitude. Perhaps you just want to show appreciation that they are in a relationship with you! Either way, these are going to be great.


This is just a small sample of the way various colours can indicate various stages of a relationship. Why not consider this list the next time you hand a flower over as opposed to sticking to the Red Rose? You will be appreciated much more, trust me.


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