What Is Love Anyway?

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What is Love Anyway?


It’s a question that many people have pondered throughout history; in poetry, songs and stories people have tried to get to the bottom of what love is and what it means; can it be measured and does it ever really end? There are so many questions relating to love that it’s difficult to answer one without another cropping up in response! To try and put it into perspective, consider the fact that the Eskimo people have no less than 32 different ways of saying “I love you”; this is because they know that no one love is the same…and to say the same words to different people would be odd…to an Eskimo, the love you have for your best friend is vastly different to that which you have you’re your sister…so you need more than one way to articulate it! However, in English we only get the one phrase…to us it’s the way that we say it which matters!


When we say “I love you” to our Mother, Father or child, we’re generally talking about the unconditional love which is often reserved for parents and children; this is the kind of love which knows no bounds at all, the dedicated kind of love which means we would forgive any digression or crime and the feelings wouldn’t go away. It’s one of the most precious types of love but it’s not romantic love which feels very different!


What does real love feel like?

For those experiencing it, romantic love in its’ real embodiment can feel anything from all consuming, passionate and dark to fun, secure and uplifting. It’s different to the sensation of having a “crush” on someone because it’s far more intense. Try comparing real chocolate made from cocoa solids to a white choccy button and you’re getting close to the difference! True love and its complex sensations is thought to be created by the release of a chemical called Dopamine which floods the brain with an addictive feel-good emotion. Because the sensation is so pleasant, people naturally crave to spend time with the object of their affection. When the feeling is requited it makes for a passionate and wonderful time…but when only one person is feeling the rush, it can be extremely painful.


Why do we fall in love?

Answering this question isn’t simple because there are numerous reasons for falling in love…one of theories as to why we fall in love is that in order to procreate (have babies!) in a healthy environment, two parents are the best option! Way back in the mists of time when parents had to fight off predators, it was simply safer to ensure that offspring had two parents about…as a means of protection. Today, these ancient urges are still in place and so we constantly search for the “right” mate with whom to have babies even though we’re highly unlikely to meet any Pterodactyls on our daily trip to the supermarket!


So if love is nothing more than the result of an ancient urge and a chemical reaction, then why have we created so many beautiful poems, artworks and songs about it? Why are we obsessed with it? Some schools of thought say that rather than being easily explained away by science, love is in fact the meeting of two spiritual beings or souls which belong together and that everyone has a soul mate…their twin soul with whom they are meant to be with forever. Some cultures even believe that the same two souls will seek each other out in subsequent lives and that even if you do not get together with your soul mate in this life…you will in the next.


This is a far more romantic vision and for many people it’s the one they choose to go with! Whether you are a spiritual person or a more pragmatic one, there’s one thing for sure and that is that when love calls on you, you won’t be able to avoid it! Love tends to know no bounds…it doesn’t listen to sense and it often arrives at most inconvenient times in a person’s life. Don’t run away from love though, listen to your heart and embrace the amazing feelings which love brings about; your life will be all the better for it!



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