When Your Man Acts Like A Lad

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When Your Man Acts Like a Lad


Sitcoms and novels are full of them…we’ve all met them and some of us are married or attached to them. What are they? They’re the Man-Boys. Grown men who haven’t quite realised that they’re in fact not lads anymore and haven’t been for some time!


Arrested development is increasingly common in males these days due partly to the constant rise of youth culture in the media; if you’re not young then you aint cutting it is the message these men are receiving from TV adverts, social media, men’s glossy magazines and even from friends and family. Unhappy with the idea of growing up, some men grip onto their fading youth with two hairy hands and won’t let go no matter what.


The question of whether it a problem for you should be addressed…what can you do if it is? Personally, I remain philosophical about Man-Boys. There is in my opinion absolutely nothing wrong with dressing “young” if it’s what makes you happy…equally, why can’t an older man enjoy playing computer games and listening to music or going clubbing? Life is short…have fun!


But problems can arise for many couples when the male half of the pair isn’t ready to commit and doesn’t want to grow up and have any extra responsibility. Sometimes, men can regress even further into their long lost youth when marriage or children are on the cards and in a blind panic, they’ll rush out and buy a motorbike, a fast car or start wearing their baseball cap backwards. While this is all perfectly reasonable when you’re in your teens or early twenties, there comes a point when you begin to look a little…dare I say sad?


If your man is suffering from a fear of growing up, don’t try to talk him into a more mature way of living…he won’t appreciate it and attempting to control another person isn’t advisable or sensible. If he’s otherwise responsible, then there should be no issue with him enjoying a lively social life or fast cars…it’s only when his behaviour affects you negatively should you consider telling him that he’s acting like a fool!


Some signs that your other-half is a Man-Boy in the worst ways are as follows;


  • He regularly goes out for a heavy night’s partying and doesn’t come home
  • He drops you like a hot potato in favour of plans with his Man-Boy cronies
  • He’s unreliable and never picks up his phone
  • He posts about how other women are “hot” on his Facebook or Twitter pages
  • He regularly gets a crick in his neck from staring at girls and women on the street


This type of behaviour is not only immature but disrespectful…and if your partner is indulging in any of the activities above, then it’s time for a strong word with him about respecting you more. If you are generally happy in your relationship then there is nothing wrong with choosing to ignore Man-Boy behaviour and even indulging in a little youthful fun yourself! The trick is to know when to draw the line…there’s a difference between acting “young” and acting like a fool. Organise some adventurous days out with your other half, try something new to keep them on their toes and remember that you both have the capacity to live your own lives as an individual…there’s no need to remain joined at the hip!



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