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50+ Free Business Email Examples and Templates

50+ Free Business Email Examples and Templates
50+ Free Business Email Examples and Templates

Have you ever seen those hack videos that are entertaining but the hack actually takes more time than the usual method? If you want to cut corners, it's best to look for templates, not hacks.

With email templates, you can customize the contents in a matter of minutes — saving you time and effort.

In this article, we've listed not just one business email example, but over fifty business email templates that you can reuse for your needs.

How to Write Great Business Emails in 6 Steps

Unsure how to get started on a business email? Here are six simple steps to help you construct the perfect email every time:

  • Create a subject line.

Start your email by writing a good subject line. It can determine whether a client or customer opens your email. If it's too spammy, it may even end up in the receiver's junk mail. Summarize the contents of the email in two to eight words.

  • Write the email.

It's time to write the contents of the email. Every email should have a beginning (introduction), a middle (body), and an end (conclusion). Begin by greeting the recipient. The relationship you have with the recipient will determine the greeting. Will it be formal (i.e., Dear Mr./Ms., good morning) or more casual (i.e., Hey, Hi, Hello)?

For the body of the email, keep your message concise and to the point. Break up the text into easy-to-read paragraphs. Finally, wrap up the email with a conclusion. A good email should end with a call-to-action, which prompts the recipient to make the next move.

  • Add a signature.

The last part of the email structure is your signature, which is used to identify you as the sender of the email. As well as having your first and last name, you can add your company logo, your telephone number, or other contact information.

To find out more about email signatures, read our guide to creating a professional email signature.

  • Check yourself.

Before you send off the email, double-check the contents and scan the text for grammar or spelling mistakes. Use a spelling and grammar checking tool, like Grammarly, just to be sure you haven't missed anything.

  • Add recipient(s).

Enter the email address of the recipients at the end of the process to avoid sending off an unfinished email. Remember, if you send the email to multiple people, all recipients can see the other contacts. Use the BCC function if you'd prefer to hide the recipients from everyone.

  • Send or schedule send.

You're nearly ready to send your email. If you want to send it off right away, hit send. Alternatively, you can schedule it for another time or day. Timing is key when it comes to certain emails, so be sure to know the best time to send an email.

Types of Business Emails

When it comes to business emails, there isn't just one format. Depending on whether you're emailing a colleague or a customer will change how you address the person and what contents you include. In business, there are generally four types of business emails; these include:

  • Emails to colleagues. Emails to colleagues are all about communicating job-related matters to one another. These will be primarily text-based and professional or semi-professional in their tone.
  • Emails to potential business partners. These emails are similar to the ones sent to colleagues, except you're now addressing external clients or partners. This might mean you don't know the other person, so a professional tone is usually used.
  • Transactional emails. Transactional emails are triggered by a user's action on your website. This includes subscribing to your newsletter or buying one of your products. These types of emails can be written in a creative way, depending on your company's brand voice.
  • Marketing emails. Marketing emails are received by anyone who has signed up to your email list. These emails can be personalized; however, they are intended to be received by a large group. The subject of these emails includes any promotional activities, such as offering customers a discount or letting them know about a new product launch.

Types of business email
Types of business email

Examples of Professional Emails

Professional emails are used when you're talking to a colleague or potential business partner. These emails are generally more serious in their tone.

From guest post outreach to client onboarding emails, we've listed examples of some of the most common types of professional emails below.

Guest post outreach

Guest posting is a great SEO strategy for growing a brand's authority. It involves reaching out to other websites to ask whether you could write articles for their blogs.

Guest post outreach email template
Guest post outreach email template

Outreach email template #1 - guest contributions inquiry

Hi [first name],

My name is [your name], and I'm the founder of [name of your business]. We've been around for [number of years], and have a growing audience within the [niche name].

I'm reaching out to check whether you're accepting guest contributions on your blog? I've been following your blog for a while and love the quality of your content.

We have already been featured in respectable publications like [1], [2]…

If you do publish content from guest authors, I would love to be one of them! If you're interested, here are some topics I could write about:

Title #1: …

Title #2: …

Please let me know if you'd like to work together or if you have any additional questions!

Kind regards,

[Your email signature]

Outreach email template #2 - pitching post ideas

Hi [first name],

My name is [your name]; I'm the founder of [name of your business].

I am a huge fan of your site [name of their website] and have been enjoying your recent content!

I have some new post ideas I think your readers would love to read. Are you currently accepting guest posts?

Some of the ideas I have include:

[Topic 1]

[Topic 2]

[Topic 3]

If you're interested, here are two articles I've written within the same niche:

[Your Post 1]

[Your Post 2]

Thanks for your time, and I'm looking forward to discussing this with you further.

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Affiliate partnership

An affiliate partnership is when you're interested in working together with influencers or other brands who will promote your product or services for a commission. Send out an affiliate partnership email to introduce yourself and your company, along with an offer to work together.

Affiliate partnership email
Affiliate partnership email

Affiliate email template #1 - pitching a product/service to affiliate with

Hi [first name],

My name is [first name]; I'm [job position] at [company name].

I was recommended by [name of the person who sent you the contact info] to get in touch with you.

I noticed on your website that you don't have [type of product or software you're promoting].

I'd love to connect with you to discuss the potential of partnering up. When would you have time to chat about this?

If you want to learn more about the product first, here's a quick link: [URL to product + affiliate ID].

Kind regards,

[Your email signature]

Affiliate email template #2 - ambassador partnership request

Hi [their first name],

I'm [your first name] from [business name]. We're loving the content you're posting about [niche name] and have been closely following your journey on [social media handle].

I'm reaching out because we think you would be a great ambassador for our brand.

Would you be interested in joining us as an affiliate partner?

We would love to gift you a number of pieces to style, wear, and share with your community, if it's a good fit in an upcoming post.

We would, of course, supply you with an affiliate code so you can earn money from your promotion.

Let me know what you think! I would love to further discuss how we could potentially work together.

Please get in touch with me anytime at [telephone number] to discuss this further.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Podcast invite

If you run a podcast, chances are you're interested in inviting guests onto your show. Reaching out to potential podcast guests requires a friendly introduction via email and an invitation to the podcast.

Podcast invite email template
Podcast invite email template

Podcast email template #2 - request for a guest

Hi [potential guest name],

My name is [your name], and I host [your podcast name], a podcast about [describe what your podcast is about in a few words].

I came across your work on [website name or social media handle], and I would love to invite you as a guest on my show. In fact, it would be a real honor!

I know my listeners would be very interested in hearing more about [mention a project your desired guest has done or is working on].

Interviews are typically [average podcast length] and are conducted [explain whether it's online or offline]. Would you be interested in this?

Please let me know, and I'll send over my podcast calendar so you can choose a time that best suits you.

Best wishes,

[Your name]

Podcast email template #2 - post-recording thank-you note

Hi [guest name],

Just reaching out to thank you again for your time on the [date when the interview was recorded]. I had the best time conversing with you and learning about the [particular topic you discussed].

The episode will go out on the [publishing date] on [name platforms: iTunes? YouTube? Your website?].

Also, here is the link you can share with your audience: [link to the episode]

I would love to stay in touch for future collaborations.

All the best,

[your name]

Product or service pitch

Business is all about selling, and writing a well-crafted product or service pitch can help you do just that. A product or service pitch email introduces a prospective client to your company and explains to them what you offer.

Product or service pitch email template
Product or service pitch email template

Product/service pitch email template #1 - offering solutions to a specific issue

Dear [Mr./Ms. last name],

I've been following your company for a while, and it looks like you're trying to [explain a specific goal or pain point of the prospective client].

If you're unfamiliar with [company name], our solutions help businesses in [prospect company's niche] with three main goals:

  • [Goal #1]
  • [Goal #2]
  • [Goal #3]

Are you free anytime soon for a call to discuss how we might help you achieve [prospect company's goal]?

Kind regards,

[Your email signature]

Product/service pitch email template #2 - addressing a business challenge

Hi [prospect's name],

I'm [your name] from [your company name]. We're [explain your business in a few words] that specializes in [name of niche] to .

Would you be open to an initial conversation to see whether we could help you overcome [business challenge]? We've worked with companies like [name one to two relevant clients] on similar challenges and managed to help them [describe the results you helped past clients achieve].

Let's discuss a partnership further. Please reach me at [telephone number]. I look forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Influencer outreach

Influencer marketing can be a highly effective way of selling your products by leveraging the audience of individuals with a large social media following. An influencer outreach email should be a friendly introduction to you and your company.

Influencer outreach email
Influencer outreach email

Influencer outreach email template #1 - expert opinion request

Hi [prospect's name]

My name is [your name] from [company or website name]. I'm working on a roundup of expert opinions for my agency's blog about [topic of the article], and I think you'd be a great fit!

If you're interested in participating, I'm asking experts like you: [question related to your article]

Here's how it works:

  • Answer the question however you want!
  • Write at least two to three sentences; feel free to go longer if you're feeling particularly inspired.
  • We'll write the article and provide a link to your site and social media accounts.
  • Deadline for contributions is [deadline date].

Please let me know if you're interested in participating! Our intent here is to create some highly actionable content for our audience from experts in the industry.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Influencer outreach email template #2 - product/service pitch to an influencer

Hey [prospect's name],

A few of our teammates here at [company name] have been following your work for a while, and we agreed that you'd [explain why they'd be a good fit as an influencer].

I know you're careful with choosing the companies you work with. That's why I wanted to get in touch and let you know that [describe how your product/service can provide a lot of value to the prospect's audience].

As a partner, you would, of course, earn a commission for each customer you bring to us.

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Call invite

Whilst email is an effective communication tool, it can be a lot easier to discuss details of a project or an offer over the phone. A call invite email is used when you ask someone to join you on a call to talk further.

Call invite email
Call invite email

Call invite email template #1 - communication request with social proof

Hi [client's name],

My name is [your name]; I'm a [job title] at [company name]. We operate in the same industry as [client's company name], and I wanted to reach out to you about [your company name].

We work with companies like yours on [client's business objectives], helping them to [expand on how product/service can help the client reach business objectives.]

This is what one of our clients said about [name of product/service], [customer name, job role, and company]:

"[client testimonial, no more than two sentences]."

I'd love to show you how we can do the same for your company. Do you have some time this week for a quick call?

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Call invite email template #2 - job interview offer

Dear [candidate name],

Thank you for applying to [your company name] for [position name].

My name is [your name], and I'm a recruiter/the hiring manager. I would like to have a phone discussion about your application for the role.

I'd like to tell you more about [your company name] and get to know you a bit better.

Would you be available for a short introductory phone call on [provide a time and date]?

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Kind regards,

[Your email signature]


A follow-up email is used if the recipient hasn't replied to the first email or to a missed call. It's a friendly reminder to respond, in case they forgot to reply.

Follow-up email
Follow-up email

Follow-up email template #1 - call invite reminder

Hi [prospect name],

I'm just quickly following up on my email from [date you sent the original email]. I would love to set up a call and introduce you to [company name]. Do you have 30 minutes anytime early next week that would work?

While I have you, I thought you might find some interest in our work with [client name]. We helped them achieve [business objective], which resulted in [result of the work, ideally a percentage or easy-to-digest figure]. You can read the whole story here: [Provide case study link]


[Your email signature]

Follow-up email template #2 - after a voicemail

Hi [first name],

[Your first name] here from [company name]. I saw that you were checking out [product name] and wanted to give you a quick call after researching [prospect's company name].

I tried giving you a call and left you a voicemail, as I thought it might be useful to quickly speak and learn a bit more about what you hope to get from [product/service name].

Most of our successful users will have a quick setup call, just like this, to get things started in the right direction.

Is there a good time for you in the next few days to chat? You can book a time slot in my calendar here: [Meetings link]

Best wishes,

[your email signature]

P.S. Here are some articles I thought might be helpful:

  • [Link #1]
  • [Link #2]

Response to general inquiry

When a prospective client or customer asks a question, it's a great opportunity to tell them more about the product or service you're offering. It might be the first point of contact they have with your company, so it's important they receive a professional and on-brand response.

Response to general inquiry email template
Response to general inquiry email template

Response email template #1 - after an inquiry about your business

Dear [prospect's name],

Thank you for reaching out to learn more about [company name]!

The best way to find out more about [name of product or service] is to set up a free consultation with us. In the consultation, you'll receive [description of what the prospect receives during free consultation].

There's no obligation to sign up after the call; it's simply there for you to learn more.

If you're interested, please book a timeslot here: [Meetings link]. And let us know a telephone number that one of our experts can reach you on.

We're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

[Your email signature]

Response email template #2 - after a quote request

Dear [prospect's name],

Thank you so much for your query regarding [company's name]!

In response to your question, the total cost for [name of product or service] is [cost of product or service]. I have attached a detailed brochure for our [name of product or service].

If you need any further explanation or assistance, please reach me anytime at [contact telephone number].

I look forward to hearing from you, and thanks again for your interest in us!

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Re-engagement email

For email marketers, reducing the churn rate of an email list is an important metric. Sending re-engagement emails is one way of getting email subscribers interested in your content again.

Re-engagement email
Re-engagement email

Re-engagement business email example #1 - email notification preferences

Hi [subscriber's name],

We'd like to make sure that the content you receive from [your company's name] is valuable and useful to you.

If you want to stay connected, please take a moment to review and update your email preferences.

[Button that links to email preferences center]

If you no longer wish to receive correspondence from us, you can check the box [unsubscribe from all].

Re-engagement business email example #2 - sad to see you go…

Hi [subscriber's name],

Goodbyes are the worst.

So this is one last email from us.

We can take a hint. But if you want to come back, you can always re-subscribe with the button below.

[Re-subscribe/email preferences button]

Client onboarding

Once a client has bought your product or service, you'll want to make sure they know how to use it. An onboarding email is an opportunity to demonstrate certain features that the client may not be aware of.

Client onboarding email
Client onboarding email

Onboarding email template #1 - feature suggestions

Dear [client's name],

Need help getting started with [name of product or service]?

Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

  • [Action/feature #1]
  • [Action/feature #2]
  • [Action/feature #3]

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time on [contact information].

It's great to have you onboard, and we're looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Onboarding email template #2 - linking to tutorials

Hey [user name],

We just wanted to check in to make sure you're not missing out on [name of product or service]'s most powerful features.

[Description of notable features, highlight benefit(s) and/or use cases]

If you're interested in learning more about [name of product or service], please check out our free tutorials here: [URL to tutorials]. Our community swears by it, and we think you'll dig it, too.

[CTA button]


[Your email signature]

Note: If you find a template you might use a lot, save it in your email client, so you won't have to type it every time.

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Examples of Transactional Emails

Transactional emails are used with customers and clients to provide them more information about a completed or upcoming transaction. The transaction could range from them signing up for your newsletter to a payment that's due soon.

From purchase confirmation emails to reminding customers of an event, we've listed some examples of transactional emails below.

Welcoming new subscribers

A welcome email is the first email new subscribers receive when they sign up. The email introduces the user to your brand and usually contains some call-to-action and an incentive (i.e., discount or freebie) to view your shop or website.

Welcome email for new subscribers
Welcome email for new subscribers

Welcome email example #1 - thanks for signing up

Hi [subscriber's name],

This will be fun! Pinky promise.

Thank you for signing up for [your company name]'s news center. We'll be updating you on occasion about [products/services you offer] and other updates about [your company].

Check out our social media account ?

[Button that links to email preferences center]

Welcome email example #2 - request for emailing preferences

Hi [subscriber's name],

We're so glad to have you on board.

And to thank you for sharing your email address, we're going to make your inbox a lot more interesting!

Strap in for fun tips and tricks, exclusive deals, and event invites.

What's your cup of brew?

Let us know what you like to see the most. It will only take a minute.

[Set preferences button]

Payment reminder

A payment reminder email is used to call attention to a payment that is late or shortly due. The email is usually sent out a week before the invoice is due to give the recipient enough time to make the payment.

Payment reminder email
Payment reminder email

Payment reminder email template #1 - with invoice link

Hi [customer's name],

I'm reaching out to remind you that the balance of [invoice balance] on your latest invoice is due [due date of payment].

Please find the invoice here: [invoice link].

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the invoice.

Kind regards,

[Your email signature]

Payment reminder email template #2 - with bank details

Hi [customer's name],

This is a friendly reminder that payment on invoice [invoice number], which we sent on [date invoice was first sent out], is due today.

Please make the payment to the bank account specified on the invoice, which is [bank details for transaction].

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch.

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Thank you for choosing us

A "thank you for choosing us" email can be used for different scenarios — for example, when a user has registered with your company. Another way to use these emails is to express your gratitude for an ongoing partnership.

Thank you email to users
Thank you email to users

Thank-you email example #1 - perks in exchange for registering

Hi [name of subscriber],

Welcome to [your company's name].

Thank you for registering with [your company]. You can now claim your free [product/service/tutorial/other registration reward].

[Claim your reward button]

Thank-you email example #2 - related to celebrations

Hi [name of client],

Happy New Year!

Thank you for your continuous support. This [year] has been a success, and we look forward to many more years of this great relationship.

Here's to you!

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Thank you for your purchase

Show gratitude to customers with a thank-you email when they buy your products or services. The email usually also includes details of the order, such as the shipping details or a billing statement.

Thank you for your purchase email
Thank you for your purchase email

After-purchase email example #1 - invoice details


Billing date: mm/dd/yyyy

Thank you for your purchase.

Your [credit card/account credit] has been successfully charged $XXX for [name of product or service]. You can also find a copy of this statement in [attachments/client's account Receipts section].

If you have any questions about your purchase, please get in touch. We'll get back to you in [ASAP/response time of your support team].

Subscription — $XXX

[Subscription details]

You're all set — no further actions required.

After-purchase email example #2 - from a public figure

Hi [name of client],

It's [your name] here. Thank you for purchasing [name of product/service]! It really means a lot to me.

Just a few things before you start using it:

  • [Don't forget to download the manual/guide to using your purchase]
  • [Watch the tutorial]

If you have any trouble [using/opening your purchase/downloading the manual], please get in touch.

How to get the most from your purchase

  • [Add a few tips on using your product/service; be creative]

Thanks again,

[Your email signature]

Event reminder

An event reminder email notifies the recipient of an upcoming event (i.e., webinar or conference) they signed up to. The email usually includes information about how to access the event, along with any further resources they may need before attending.

Event reminder email template
Event reminder email template

Event reminder email example #1 - reminder with a button to join

Dear [name of attendee],

Just a reminder that [name of event] will begin on [day of the week, date, time frame, time zone].

You can send your questions to [email address for questions/online form].

[Button to join event]

Event reminder email example #2 - HubSpot Academy

Hi [name of prospect],

Are you ready to continue learning in [name of course/workshop/etc.]?

There are plenty of reasons to continue certification:

  • [Reason 1]
  • [Reason 2]

View your current progress:

[Button or link to progress bar/visual representation inside the email]

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Appointment confirmation

An appointment confirmation email states all the relevant information a client needs about a certain meeting. Send a confirmation email to ensure your client has all the details they need before attending the appointment.

Appointment confirmation email
Appointment confirmation email

Appointment confirmation email template #1 - with date and directions

Dear [name of client],

This is a confirmation of your appointment with [name of specialist] on [date and time of the appointment]. Please find attached to this email the directions and a map to our facility.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have queries or require any further assistance.

If for any reason you wish to cancel your appointment, please let us know at least 24 hours before the appointment.

Looking forward to meeting you there!

Best wishes,[Your email signature]

Appointment confirmation email template #2 - get in touch CTA

Hi [name of client],

Your [name of the appointment type] appointment is confirmed for [date of the appointment].

Need to make any last-minute changes to your appointment?

To make changes to your appointment, get in touch at [telephone number] or respond to this email.


[Your email signature]

Feedback request

Feedback is a crucial element for a company to improve its products or services. However, receiving actionable feedback can be difficult. A feedback request email can automate the process of asking customers for their reviews.

Feedback request email
Feedback request email

Feedback request email example - asking for a rating or written review

How was your experience?

Hi [name of client],

We're constantly trying to improve our [products/services].

Please review your experience with [service/product].

[Place a dynamic form with stars or rating and a box for a written review.


Your [name of company] team

Feedback request email template - experience in a niche

Hi [name of email recipient],

I'm [your name] from [name of company].

I have been reading your articles on [website name of email recipient], and I think they're great! You provide a lot of helpful tips on [name of niche], so I mentioned them in a recent article I wrote:

[Title and URL to the article]

I was wondering if you could please check it out and provide some feedback? You have a lot of experience in this area, so your feedback would be very appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

[Your email signature]

Templates and Examples of Marketing Emails

Marketing emails are sent to customers to promote your business and improve customer loyalty. If used wisely, marketing emails can provide your customers with a lot of value whilst increasing your sales in return.

From newsletters to event invites, we've listed templates and examples of marketing emails your business may need below.


A newsletter is a periodical (i.e., weekly or monthly) email sent out by a business that contains news, resources, and other information around a specific topic. Newsletters typically provide a lot of value to email subscribers and are a great way of improving customer loyalty.

Newsletter email template
Newsletter email template

Newsletter example #1 - article roundup

[Newsletter name]

Hi [subscriber's name],

Here's a roundup of the last week's [articles/blog posts].

[Article #1 name]

[Short description]

[Link to post/article]


[Article #2 name]

[Short description]

[Link to post/article]


[Company address]


Newsletter example #2 - article of the month

[Month Year]

This month's feature is [article name].

[Featured image or a gallery of related images]

[Description of what readers are going to gain from reading the article]

[Button linked to the featured article]


Blog post promotion

A blog post promotion email is when you're looking to actively share a recent article on your website with others. You may choose to promote the blog post to one or two influential individuals, or by sending it to your wider email list.

Blog post promotion email
Blog post promotion email

Blog promotion email template - sharing a link

Dear [name],

I was just reading your article, [title of blog post]. It's both well-written and filled with value. I especially like how you [specific details about the blog post].

I wanted to share a post with you that I have written [blog post title and URL].

You may find it useful, as it's very relevant to your post. I would love to know what you think of it.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Blog promotion email example - weekly newsletter

This week at [name of your site/blog]

[Week time frame]

[Your blog's tagline, if any]

[Name of blog post]

[Short description of what it's about]

[Link to view it]

[Footnote with company details]


Product launch

Launching a new product is exciting. Share that excitement with your email list by sending out a product launch email.

Product launch email template
Product launch email template

Product launch email example #1 - on the lookout for a new product

Eyes open, inbox refreshed

We're launching something exciting [next week/exact date], and we think you'll love it.

Stay tuned for more details.

Product launch email example #2 - upvoted feature release

Thank you for being active in our community!

A feature you upvoted is finally here, and it's making [name of your product] even better.

Update the app to start using it!

Best wishes,

Your [company's name] team

New service/product announcement

Share the exciting news of a new product or service with an announcement email. These emails are sent to a large email list to promote a new product or service and encourage sales.

New service or product announcement email
New service or product announcement email

Service/product announcement email example #1 - product release

Meet the new [product name]

[photo of the product]

[Description of the product/why you chose to make it/a bit of backstory]

[Get the product button]

[Footnote with company details]


Service/product announcement email example #2 - more than one product release

It's a sunny day in the history of [company name].

Watch presentation >>

[Name of product]


Learn more >>

[Photo of the product]


[Name of product]


Learn more >>

[Photo of the product]

[Footnote with company details]


Event invite

Send an invitation to an event via an email and allow the recipient to register their attendance. Event invite emails are a great way of increasing the turnout of an event.

Event invite email
Event invite email

Event email example #1 - conference

[Name of the conference and date]

[Name of venue and location]

[Schedule by day]

[Register button]

[Description of the event: what value will it bring to attendees?]

[Map of the venue location]


  • 8:00 - 9:00 [description]
  • 9:00 - 9:15 short break
  • 9:15 - 10:45 [description]

Event email example #2 - featured speaker

Join Us

[Name of event]

[Date of event]


[Name of speaker]

[Photo of speaker]

[A few words about the speaker and what value their talk will bring to attendees]

[Purchase tickets button]


  • 8:00 - 9:00 [description]
  • 9:00 - 9:15 short break
  • 9:15 - 10:45 [description]

Lead magnet delivery email

A lead magnet is a free product or service that's offered to a user in exchange for their email or other information. Once the user provides their email, you'll want to send a lead magnet delivery email, which contains access to the promised product or service.

Lead magnet delivery email
Lead magnet delivery email

Lead magnet email template #1 - describing the perk

Hi [name of prospect],

Thank you for signing up for the [name of the lead magnet].

In this [lead magnet type], you will learn [description of what the prospect will learn from the lead magnet].

Please download the resource here: [link to lead magnet]

Let us know if you require any assistance or have any questions, and we will sort it out for you ASAP.

Our [name of lead magnet] has helped many people like yourself. If you're interested in finding out more, please find our case study here: [link to case study].

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Lead magnet email example - link to a freebie

Hi [name of prospect],

Here's the [freebie] you requested.

[Link to download the freebie]

This freebie [describe how the perk is going to help/what they're going to get out of it]



[Your email signature]

Lead magnet follow-up email

A lead magnet follow-up email is a friendly reminder for a user to download the lead magnet they signed up to receive.

Lead magnet follow-up email
Lead magnet follow-up email

Follow-up email template - link to lead magnet

Hi [name of prospect],

I noticed that you haven't yet downloaded the [name of lead magnet] I sent. I'm sending it again, in case it got lost in your inbox.

Please find [name of lead magnet] here: [link to lead magnet]

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


[Your email signature]

Follow-up email example - abandoned cart

Hi [name of prospect],

You forgot something in your cart.

[name and clickable picture of the product]

Place an order now and get [cross-sales product] XX% off.

[Complete your purchase button]

Testimonial/review request

A testimony request email asks customers or clients to leave a public review of your company. Testimonies and reviews, whether in video or text format, are crucial elements of e-commerce. It's a way of demonstrating client satisfaction to future customers.

Testimonial or review request email
Testimonial or review request email

Testimonial request email template #1 - posting their review on your site

Hi, [name of client].

I wanted to reach out and let you know that it's been a pleasure working with you on [name of project]!

When we complete projects with terrific clients like yourself, we like to finish up with a testimonial to feature on our website. I was wondering whether you might be willing to share your thoughts on the project with us. We will be adding this to our website. You can find examples of other features on our page here: [link to testimonials]

You can submit your video testimonial in around five minutes. Please follow this link [link to testimonial landing page] on your laptop or smartphone and record a few details about our project and your experience working with us.

Again, it's been a pleasure working with you and your team, and I look forward to hearing from you about this soon!

Best wishes,[Your email signature]

Testimonial request template #2 - feature partner company on your site

Hey [first name],

Thanks for your kind words about [project name]! It has been a real pleasure working with you and your team.

This is great timing, because we're working on growing our testimonials here at [name of company]. I would love to feature your company and project on our website.

If you're interested, please find the link to our submission form here: [URL to testimonial submission form]

You can submit a video in about five minutes. Please feel free to share any details about the project and your overall experience working with us.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Best wishes,

[Your email signature]

Discount offer

Offering a discount can be an easy way to boost sales, especially if it's sent with a well-crafted discount offer email. A discount offer email informs the recipient that there's a sale going on. It usually also includes the discount code and a link to the e-commerce store or landing page.

Discount offer email template
Discount offer email template

Discount offer email example #1 - a percentage discount

Every day is a happy day.

Who doesn't like a discount?

Our [product/service] helps [describe one or more of its most powerful benefits]. Claim your XX% off and start reaping the benefits.

Offer ends on [date].

[Claim your discount button]

[Footnote with your address and other company details]


Discount offer email example #2 - for a specific type of products

Gearing up for a kitchen reno?

We noticed you were interested in books on the topic of kitchen renovation and decor and wanted to tell you about the special deal that is on right now:

[description of the special offer, such as 50% off a book set]

The offer will be active for X more days.

Join rewards program

A rewards program is a great way of boosting customer loyalty by encouraging them to keep using your products or services. Some customers may not be aware that your business offers a loyalty program. A promotional email that showcases the benefits can increase the number of sign-ups.

Join rewards program email template
Join rewards program email template

Loyalty program email template #1 - describing benefits

Dear [name of customer],

Welcome to [company name], and thank you for signing up! Please enjoy [discount amount] off your first purchase at [URL to website]. Just enter [discount code] at checkout.

[Link to online shop]

By the way, did you know about all the exclusive perks you can receive for joining our loyalty program? Just to name a few …

[Benefit #1]

[Benefit #2]

[Benefit #3]

[Link to loyalty program sign up]

Please let us know if you have any questions! Feel free to email us at [customer support email address] or [telephone number].


[Your email signature]

Loyalty program email template #2 - launching new program

Hi [customer name],

We're excited to announce the launch of our new [name of loyalty program]. We've added lots of exciting and exclusive rewards to say thank you to our amazing customers, like you!

Here are some of the perks of joining [name of loyalty program]:

[Benefit #1]

[Benefit #2]

[Benefit #3]

Join today! [Link to loyalty program sign-up]

Have a question? We're here to help. Contact us today at [email address] or [telephone number].

We look forward to having you!

[Your email signature]


Business emails are a simple and effective way of communicating online. Whether you're reaching out to a potential business partner or letting your audience know about a product launch, it can all be done with the click of a button.

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Key takeaways of this article:

  • Use business email examples and templates to save yourself the time of creating these emails from scratch.
  • Leverage the power of email to grow your brand and increase customer loyalty.
  • Always understand to whom you're sending an email — this will determine the tone and messaging of the contents.
  • Add the most-used templates to your email client.

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