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Contact Management: Event Planning Success

Contact Management: Event Planning Success
Contact Management: Event Planning Success

Event planning takes communicating to the next level. Working with a team to gather information and details while using your expertise and enthusiasm to make an event come to life takes a lot of precision and perseverance. Contact relationship management (CRM) plays an integral role in how effectively your team can balance communicating with each other and to clients and suppliers.

The Event Planning Profile

The event planner is a resourceful and creative professionals working with a range of tasks and clients. To stay on top of things, event planners need to be good at detecting the slightest details and problems. Coordinating and pooling resources to ensure a project is successfully implemented is only one part of what event planners do. Strong communication, supervision and adaptability are qualities event planners need to exude at all times.

Where Mailbird fits in

Since the event planner is working deeply with information, having the right technology and software to support this workflow is crucial. Mailbird's contact management function allows you to profile your contacts in a way that is intuitive to you. By using our unique search functions, you can find attachments easily, search contact profile pictures to locate email correspondence and easily analyze the evolution of your upcoming events.

Project management

Mailbird's app integration is perfect for the event planner that relies on project management software. Detailed spreadsheets, cloud-based storage systems for file sharing and platforms that weave together information in an easy-to-access manner make the planning process that much smoother. Stay in the loop with Facebook, Google Drive, Dropbox, Evernote, Daily Social, Google Calendar and more while working out of a single interface!

Lead generation

Since event planners rely on follow-up marketing initiatives to generate new business opportunities, CRM is highly important in industries ranging from real estate to SaaS, as every contact and relationship counts. Mailbird integrates apps like that help you manage your conversations to conduct them in a meaningful way right through your email.

Don't waste time on low priority tasks - you just can't afford it! Get Mailbird and enjoy the benefits of synthesizing your email, CRM, and project management needs into one easy-to-use interface.