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6 Steps to Writing Better B2B Emails

6 Steps to Writing Better B2B Emails
6 Steps to Writing Better B2B Emails

Did you know that approximately 51% of B2B marketers use emails as their primary marketing channel? This was revealed by a recent Marketing Technology Strategy Survey Summary Report. Although new channels have emerged over the years since emails were first used, they still are the best option for businesses. However, there's a twist to using emails, irrespective of whether you send single or multiple emails, aspects that must be looked into if you're to achieve the desired objective. Using emails can backfire on you. To counter this, there are some tips that you could implement to make your emails effective.

Check out these 6 tips:

1. Who's Your Audience?

The only way to craft an email that will make any sense is by knowing your recipient. In this case, businesses need to identify who their target audience is and tailor the email accordingly. Without a target market in mind, chances are that your email will be irrelevant to the people who really count and therefore end up having no value. The fact is, the email isn't really about you but rather your audience. Ensure that as you write it, you focus on them rather than your company. Make them feel as part of your brand.

2. Work On the Subject Line

The subject line dictates whether your recipients will proceed to read the rest of the email or not
The subject line dictates whether your recipients will proceed to read the rest of the email or not

Any writer understands the value a heading or title holds in an article because should they not be "catchy" or interesting, you can be assured no one will bother reading the rest of your article. Email subject lines hold the same value; they dictate whether your recipients will proceed to read the rest of the email or not. A boring, poorly written subject line will not inspire anyone to want to read your email contents.

Another critical aspect of subject lines is personalizing them. Personalized subject lines have a 26% more chance of being opened compared to those that don't. They also have to in line with the email contents. Should the subject line be misleading in any way, you can be guaranteed that you'll lose the trust and confidence of your recipients which is bad for your business. It's simple - go wrong in the subject line and have your mail deleted or do an excellent job of being relevant and grow your market!

3. Be Precise and Concise

Get straight to the point
Get straight to the point

Precision with detail while keeping it short is valuable in any email. We are busy people not obligated to read any email that we receive; this means that anyone reading your email should get your message without struggling to figure out your point. Too many words are quite frankly useless, in fact, no one may even read it. Therefore, among the essential qualities your email should possess is to deliver the message accurately and exhaustively while keeping it to a minimum. Maximum words that you can do is between 250 and 300 words. Less is always better!

4. 'Simple' Versus 'Complicated'

The layout, font, and choice of words ought to be simple. You're speaking to a multitude of people although individually, some may not understand your message should you use complicated words and overdo on the layout. The reality is that simply done emails have a higher chance of converting as compared to complicated ones. Therefore, work on the aesthetic appearance of the email ensuring that the overall layout is simple and organized, making it easy to get your message.

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5. Include a Call-To-Action (CTA)

So what will make readers want to act on your email? Using a CTA, a method used by marketers to inform readers of their ideas and in the process inspire them to take action. The action has to be very clear and realistic for the recipient. To do so, some aspects must be considered while crafting the CTA:

  • Put it at the conclusion of the mail to leave a long-lasting impression
  • Highlight your intentions
  • Are readers aware of what's expected of them?
  • Be truthful with your information and promises, don't mislead readers
  • Create a sense of urgency

Including a promise in your CTA does an excellent job of inspiring action.

6. Add a Personal Touch

Personalized emails have higher chances of conversion. When you speak to your recipients directly, it creates a great rapport and makes them more open to your suggestions. From the subject line to the content, all of it needs a personal touch. This will give your readers a sense of belonging and want to be part of your brand. The goal is not to sound like a robot!

B2B emails
B2B emails


Email marketing is an important platform for any business looking to get more leads. However, it's a process to be able to craft emails that will deliver the intended results, which is to reach a bigger market audience. Generating leads requires being precise and concise with your information to maximize on the little window that you have to impress your recipients.

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