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17 Top Email Apps to Explore in 2023 (Free & Paid)

17 Top Email Apps to Explore in 2023 (Free & Paid)
17 Top Email Apps to Explore in 2023 (Free & Paid)

You'd be surprised by how much you can do in your email thanks to tools for customization and integrations with other apps and services.

The email landscape has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with customization tools and integrations with other apps and services enhancing the functionality of email. The ability to do more with your email than just send and receive messages is now a reality, and it is truly remarkable.

However, with so many options available, it's understandable if you feel overwhelmed and confused about which email client to use. Fortunately, we are here to provide guidance and support in the decision-making process.

We recognize the importance of selecting the right email app that meets your specific needs and budget. To this end, we have created the ultimate guide that will help you explore the key selling points of different email clients and make an informed choice.

Our comprehensive guide offers a detailed overview of the top email apps for Windows, Mac, iPhone, and Android. Each app is rated on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the highest rating and one being the lowest. With this information at your fingertips, you can confidently choose an email app that meets your needs and preferences.

Why Do You Need an Email App?

The first thing you need to do is uncover what you need an email app for in the first place.

Are you juggling multiple accounts?

Do you need access to your inbox when you're away from Wi-Fi?

Do you want to work quicker and more efficiently across an entire team?

Managing multiple email accounts can be a hassle, with different logins, inboxes, and folders to keep track of. However, an email app, also known as an email client, can simplify things by consolidating all your emails in one place.

Besides streamlining your emails, an email app can also offer offline functionality, allowing you to compose and save emails to send later when you're connected to the internet. Moreover, some email apps have multiple integrations that connect you to other helpful tools, enhancing your productivity and efficiency.

When it comes to email apps for Windows users, Mailbird stands out as one of the most popular and appreciated. This app is specifically designed to help you manage all of your accounts in one place. With the ability to add accounts from hundreds of email providers, work offline, and access dozens of integrations, Mailbird provides a comprehensive email management solution. However, it's worth noting that some popular email clients such as Opera email client are no longer providing support for their services.

In this guide, we not only provide comprehensive information about Mailbird but also showcase other capable email apps that could be the perfect fit for your needs. Whether you're a freelancer, a small business owner, or a professional, we have an email app recommendation that can help you stay on top of your inbox and improve your email workflow.

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Which Features Do People Look for in an Email App?

Depending on your personal preferences or the needs of your organization, there are different benefits you can look out for.

We asked individual users and business owners alike what their "must-haves" are in an email app. Here's what they love to see:

Unified Inbox

You may spend equal time in, say, your work inbox and your personal inbox — and much less time in the inbox you used back in college.

Imagine one day you can't recall which inbox it was in which you received an email. With the unified inbox feature, you'll retrieve it without having to dig around each account separately to find it.

Moving Emails Between Accounts

You may also want to look through each inbox individually, not to mention set up specific rules and filtration settings.

Unified Calendar

This feature lets you keep track of meetings, social events, and appointments all in one place.

"As an entrepreneur, I am very busy most days and am in near-constant meetings - whether they be in person or via video call. Almost all of these meetings are set up via email. So the feature that I value most by far is the ability to easily create an event in my calendar with my email app […]. This ability to sync my email app and my calendar app is invaluable to me, because I can quickly and easily view my availability, as well as painlessly slot in the event. It creates far fewer points of failure, and means that I don't miss a single meeting."

Tony Martins, Founder -

Email Tracking

Some email apps enable you to see exactly if and when your emails have been read. This helps you know whether or not to send that follow-up email.

Screenshot of mailbird email tracking feature
Screenshot of mailbird email tracking feature

Folders and Filters

It's common for email apps to have advanced ways to apply a filter or rule to incoming emails.

For example, you can make sure that messages from specific senders automatically go to the right folder. This feature could be used to distinguish emails between work colleagues and customers.

"My favourite feature about my email app has to be the folders. I can work with a number of clients at any one time, and keeping my emails organized is not only important to make sure I'm not crossing information over to the wrong clients by accident, but also makes it a lot easier to find old chains, and keep all information for clients in one space.[…]"

Alex Magnin, CEO & Founder -

Easily locate things like invoices, contact details, contracts, and shipping information.

"It might sound simple, but I couldn't live without the search bar on my email app. It's quite possible to know you need to read or reply to a specific email, but impossible to remember who exactly it came from or what exactly the title of the email was. Email searches have progressed a lot, and a simple keyword search can instantly help you narrow down the field of potentials, and help you save time getting to the important information as quickly as possible."

Vincent DeCastro, President -


The best email apps also integrate additional apps and software into their platforms. Here are just a few examples of things you can do in your email app thanks to integrations.

  • Quickly update a contact on a messaging app like WhatsApp, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, etc.
  • Send important emails to your extra storage.
  • Access the web for easy use of a search engine, or to pull up a link you need.
  • Mark a task complete in project management tools.
Undo Send, Snooze Button, In-Line Reply

Everybody makes mistakes. Recalling an email is without a doubt a feature you'll use at least once. It's also great to have the option to hit the "snooze button" on emails you don't need to look at right away. In-Line replies will let you reply to a specific question in the body of your email.

"Sometimes, erroneously we end up sending emails - and realise there have been mistakes made. For example, the emails should have been worked a bit more on the message being conveyed or sent to the wrong person or lacked the right information, etc. The ability to callback such messages ( before the recipient has viewed the mail), is a very important feature, and can really help me manage much-desired, higher standards of communication and also escaping embarrassments."

Saurabh Jindal, CEO,


An email app should give you the option to change the theme, the layout, the way you receive notifications, and the types of apps you use. It should let you change any other detail that makes the experience more personal and useful for you.

Security & Privacy features

Sometimes you have a lot on your plate, and important things can fall through the cracks. If you're a busy person, it's natural to look for hassle-free ways to ensure that your data is secure.

Email apps can offer two-factor authentication, special encryption features, and anti-spam technology to give you peace of mind.

With all of these "must-haves" in mind, what's the best email app to use?

Let's take a look at the ones that are a cut above the rest.

What Are the Best Email Apps in 2023?

We have picked out some of the best email apps that help users save time, avoid stress, and keep organized. We scored them using four major categories:

  • UX and UI: In other words, user-friendliness. We looked for an intuitive design, modern interface, and an easy onboarding process.
  • Email Management: Keeping an eye on incoming and outgoing communication can be a challenge. The best apps have "undo send," a unified inbox, advanced search, and many other thoughtful settings to maintain order.
  • Security: We won't recommend an app if it's not GDPR-compliant. Our score also takes optional security measures like encryption and two-factor authentication into account.
  • Tools and Customization: Integrations and custom ways to enhance your inbox, like keyboard shortcuts, dark themes, layouts, or specific notifications settings, are what make email apps better than your web app or browser.

Without further ado, here are the apps we feel Windows, Apple, and Android users can use to become increasingly more productive and connected.

What Is the Best Email App for Windows?

In this section, we'll review the following email clients:


At Mailbird, we firmly believe that our email program is one of the best on the market, and for good reason. Our user-friendly interface is designed to provide an exceptional experience across all Windows versions, from 7 to 11. Installing our program is a breeze, and once you're set up, you can easily sync your calendars, upload contacts, check messages, and send emails with ease.

One of our most popular features is our unified inbox, which provides a centralized location for all your email accounts. With this feature, you no longer have to switch between different inboxes to manage your emails, making email management much simpler and efficient. Additionally, our drag and drop functionality allows you to easily move emails to the desired folders, saving time and improving your email workflow.

But that's not all! We offer a range of other exciting features that make Mailbird a top email program. Let's take a look at some of the other features we have to offer:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Unified Calendar
  • Contacts Manager
  • Advanced Search & Attachment Search
  • Snooze Button
  • 37+ Integrated Apps for task management, instant messaging, video conferencing, email management, and more
  • Undo Send
  • In-Line Reply
  • Speed Reader
  • Email Tracking
  • Send Later
  • Touchscreen Support
  • Customizable Layouts
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • LinkedIn Lookup
  • Multi-Language Support
  • 24/7 Email Support

Mailbird Personal - $2.28 USD/Month ($27.36/Year)

This plan comes with unlimited email accounts, unified accounts, app integrations and you can snooze your email.

Mailbird Business - $4.03 USD/Month ($99.75/Year)

Along with unlimited email accounts, unified accounts, it also supports Exchange, and comes with email tracking. You'll reap the benefits of priority support and premium live chat support over Skype as well. There is a discount for bulk orders.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization


If you're already using Office 365, consider Microsoft Outlook. This email app is popular with businesses and organizations because of the way it works cohesively with the Office Suite. For instance, you can view everyone on your team with the Organization Explorer.

There are many built-in and added features that help with scheduling appointments, collaborating with coworkers, and keeping track of important emails.

Here's a list of Outlook features to check out:

  • Focused Inbox & Tab Customization
  • Advanced Search & Attachment Search
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Customizable Templates
  • Calendar
  • Meeting Suggestions
  • Skype
  • Travel & Flight Itineraries
  • Document Sharing
  • Integrated Apps like Zapier, Wunderlist, Twitter, etc.
  • Sticky Notes
  • Send Later
  • Snooze Button
  • Organization Explorer
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Touchscreen Support

Microsoft Outlook Desktop is $129.99 USD for one license.

This license is valid for one PC or Mac desktop and comes with a calendar and the Priority Inbox feature. You can connect up to 20 accounts to Outlook.

Instead of the single license you could purchase Outlook through Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 Home is $9.99/month or with Microsoft 365 Personal starts at $6.99/month.

On the Office 365 Home plan you can add up to six users and each user gets 1 TB of storage. A personal plan is for one user and has 1 TB of storage.

Microsoft 365 Business has plans that range from $12.99/month per user to $20 /month.

These email app plans offer access to all Office applications, cloud services as well as additional security and device management features.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

eM Client

Another popular email app for Windows users is eM Client. It has a few great additions, like message encryption for the body of your emails and an integrated chat feature. Another fan favorite is the Quick Text, which lets you add predefined text into your reply.

It'd be good to note that eM Client doesn't offer as many folder management features as Outlook and Mailbird.

  • Quick Text & Templates
  • Native Chat
  • Message Encryption
  • Calendar
  • Compatible with Google Workspace and Office 365
  • Localized in 20 Languages
  • Instant Translation
  • Send Later
  • Notes
  • Full Text Search
  • Snooze Button
  • Touchscreen Support

eM Client has a free version to give it a try. You can add up to two email accounts, but support and other features are restricted.

eM Client Pro for individuals is $29.95 USD.

The Pro subscription for individuals allows you to add unlimited accounts to one device. You'll also get VIP support for one year.

eM Client Pro for companies is $113.95 USD.

Companies also get unlimited accounts for up to 10 devices and one year of VIP support.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Top Email App for Windows: Mailbird

While there are many email apps for Windows, we are confident Mailbird can serve a wide variety of customers. In fact, users have left Outlook because of our superior usability, great design, and user experience.

While eM Client has a lot of tools and works with Google Workspace apps, there are far fewer integrations in general. Mailbird gives you access to additional tools, like Slack and WhatsApp, Todoist, Evernote, Trello, Form Swift,, etc.

Both Outlook and eM client have global inbox capabilities, but there is additional setup required. With Mailbird, the unified inbox is automatically available at the top of your sidebar.

Mailbird is also the best solution to have Gmail on your desktop thanks to the intuitive setup wizard. If you're shopping for a modern app to help you work efficiently on your Windows computer, Mailbird is the best email app for you.

What Is the Best Free Email App for Windows 10?

Paid email apps tend to offer more features, better customer support, and regular updates. However, we know that sometimes they just aren't in the budget. Thankfully, there are free email apps available, and here are two good options:


Without question, Thunderbird has been the go-to free email client for Windows users. It's best for tech-savvy people who can make use of the hundreds of extensions that are compatible with Thunderbird. The add-ons get you access to tools for everything, including privacy and security, along with spam blocking.

Because it is open-source, there is a collective effort by its users to make the app better. Still there are some features that are not supported in this free email client software. There are multiple other tools that could be considered as Thunderbird alternative for windows. If you are looking for free email client then check this list of features Thunderbird offering to its users:

  • Lightning Calendar
  • Add-Ons Manager
  • Large File Management
  • Quick Filter Toolbar
  • Archiving
  • Tabbed Email
  • Attachment Reminder
  • Dark Theme
UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization


This is a free email app that has the option to upgrade to a paid version with more features. If you're looking for just the basics in an email app, Mailspring is a great choice.

The main drawback is that a lot of the extras you'll get a taste of eventually come at a cost. Nevertheless, on the free plan you're getting a really modern interface and some useful features. Here are a few:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Battery Efficient
  • Custom Themes
  • Advanced Search
  • Email Templates
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Translation Tool
  • Touchscreen Support
UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Top Free Email App for Windows: Thunderbird

While the interface is a bit out of date, Thunderbird performs well with tasks like managing large files and contacts. This puts them ahead because it can be really frustrating if there is an issue with an attachment or adding a contact.

Mailspring's free version is a decent option, but most of the features are only available for a limited time. This and poor contact management puts them in second place behind Thunderbird for our free picks.

What Is the Best Email App for Mac?

Apple computers offer a terrific user interface, and quite often the built-in features work well with other programs. We'd like to take a moment to let you know Mailbird has a version for Mac on its way.

Keep an eye out for Mailbird for Mac. This version of our all-in-one communication tool is going to make waves. In the meantime, here are the best email apps for Mac to choose from:

  • Spark for a sleek welcoming interface and shared inboxes
  • Newton Mail for easy collaboration
  • Postbox for good security and email encryption
  • Apple Mail for a basic email management experience


This email program has been favored by many Mac users thanks to its super sleek and welcoming interface and neat features to help with team collaboration.

We are particularly impressed with the real-time compose editor and shared inbox. These tools make it easy for a small business to keep an eye on customer support inquiries and manage shared documents.

Here are some other features Spark does well:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Shared Inboxes
  • Custom Layouts and Display Settings
  • Email Templates
  • Compose Editor
  • Notes
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Avatars
  • Advanced Search & Attachment Search
  • Send Later
  • Custom Notifications
  • Create Link to Email
  • Touchscreen Support
  • Integrated Apps for File Saving and Sharing

Spark also has a free limited version to get started. It comes with 5 GB of storage.

Spark Premium is $7.99 USD/Month and gives you unlimited accounts and additional storage (10 GB).

You can also discuss an enterprise account with Spark that is tailored to the size of your team.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Newton Mail

There has been a bit of a rocky past for Newton Mail, as it had to shut down operations a few times. The good news is, it has been back up and running for over a year, and the product is looking great.

Like Mailbird, the focus is on keeping your inbox organized and having a strong collection of integrated apps. Like with Spark, you can collaborate well with other users to schedule calls and share links to emails. It's also got a cool recap feature that will bring up conversations that need following up.

That's not all:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Custom Color Coding
  • Calendar for Mobile
  • Integrated Apps like Asana, Slack, Evernote, Google Meet, and Trello
  • Touchscreen Support
  • Read Receipts
  • Send Later
  • Snooze Button
  • Undo Send
  • Recap Feature
  • Two-Factor Authentication
Screenshot of Newton Mail app
Screenshot of Newton Mail app

Newton Mail is $49.99 USD/Year.

The plan offers unlimited accounts, email tracking, and templates. You can also share your emails with a link.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization


This is another email app that does a good job of connecting to third-party apps and streamlines productivity well. It's a noteworthy choice because not only do you have the option for a unified inbox, you can create multiple unified inboxes.

There are a number of email and task management qualities with Postbox, such as:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Open PGP Encryption
  • Advanced Search & Attachment Search
  • Aliases
  • Email Templates
  • Integrated Apps like Evernote, OmniFocus, macOS Contacts, MailChimp, etc.
  • Anti-Tracking Tool
  • Summarize Mode
  • Subscription View for Newsletters
  • Image Effects
  • Touchscreen Support
screenshot of postbox email app
screenshot of postbox email app

Postbox currently has a lifetime license that costs $39 USD.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Top Email App for Mac: Spark

As cool as Postbox and Newton Mail are, Spark comes out on top. For one thing, Newton Mail still needs to prove themselves to customers who have had their service shut down twice. Not having a calendar for a desktop is also a drawback.

Postbox, while an attractive client, doesn't include a calendar and has a lot of bells and whistles not everyone needs.

Out of all of the email apps for Mac, Spark offers the most seamless user experience and the best features for businesses and teams.

What Is the Best Free Email App for Mac?

Apple Mail

The default email app on Mac is one of the better programs you can go with, especially considering it doesn't cost you anything. It is intuitively designed to work well with other Apple products and handles multiple email accounts.

We love that the handoff feature allows you to pick up where you left off on your iPad or iPhone. End-to-end encryption gives users peace of mind as well. Along with those things, here are some other tools to put to use:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Calendar
  • Custom Notifications
  • Smart Mailboxes (filters emails)
  • Advanced Search & Attachment Search
  • Unsubscribe
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Encrypted Messages
  • Touchscreen Support
UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Best Free Email App for Mac: Apple Mail

When it comes to a desktop email app for Mac, Apple Mail is the best option. If you're looking to explore other iOS-compatible options, both of the free apps for Windows (Thunderbird and Mailspring) work cross-platform. Or keep reading! We have the best email apps for iPhones covered below.

What Is the Best Email App for Android?

In this section, we'll review the flowing mobile email clients:

  • Sugar Mail for the formatting features
  • Nine for a robust business experience
  • BlueMail for unique group features
  • Gmail for a seamless desktop and mobile experience
  • ProtonMail for high security

Sugar Mail

There are a number of email apps for Android you can try, but we have to say Sugar Mail is absolutely worth testing out.

Sugar Mail is well designed and attractive on mobile, and the formatting features are particularly easy to use. We like the combined inbox feature, which is essentially a unified inbox you can customize to your liking.

You can also "bundle" your messages so you can review all of your emails based on a category — for example, all of your shopping or social media notifications.

They also provide:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Push Emails (when battery is low)
  • Send messages as .pdf or .eml
  • Pincode and Fingerprint Protection
  • Unsubscribe Button
  • Sort and Pin Messages
  • Send Later
  • Sender Icons
  • No Ads
  • Snippets (Quick Text for faster replies)
  • Snooze Button
  • Dark Theme

Sugar Mail is $11.95 USD/Year.

The plan supports any mail service including Office 365 and Exchange. You'll get a combined inbox as well as multiple accounts. Plus, it is one of the best email apps for Android because it is ad-free.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization


Popular with Android users who are looking for a robust email app for business, Nine is a strong contender for best email app in 2021. It's designed specifically to sync with Microsoft Exchange, so if you're already familiar with Exchange, it is a breeze to make use of.

There are many features that are easy to customize, including within the calendar so you can visualize your week with different colors and icons.

It's also a notable app for privacy-focused users because it isn't cloud-based. As such, your mobile device is the only place your data will be stored. In addition to this, Nine has a number of features:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Customizable Calendar
  • Conversation Mode
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Favorite Folder
  • Notes
  • To-Do List
  • Send Later
  • Dark Theme
  • Contact Sync
  • Touchscreen Support
  • Fingerprint Lock
  • Supports Android Wear

A Nine lifetime license costs $14.99 USD.

The plan is compatible with Microsoft 365 and Exchange and works on both Android and iOS. Support is only available via email. There are special prices for buying a license at volume.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization


This email program has a lot of unique features that might interest you. For example, the "Clusters" feature will lump together contacts, services, or groups so you can easily see all previous conversations.

The app also has a number of benefits that are ideal for businesses, like encryption, lock screen policies, and conditional access. You can implement these to keep the app secure from unauthorized parties.

Here are some additional features at BlueMail:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Encryption
  • Chat
  • Conversation Mode
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Remote Device Management
  • Conditional Access
  • Snooze Button
  • Quiet Hours
  • Compatible with Android Wear
  • Notifications without a proxy
  • Dark Theme
  • Available in 20+ Languages

BlueMail is free for individual use on a single device.

BlueMail for business is $4.49 USD/Month.

With a business plan you'll have a dashboard, device management, app integrations and priority support.

You can reach out to BlueMail for enterprise plans which include further customization including branding options.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Top Email App for Android: Sugar Mail

Nine doesn't have the same history of easy setup and configuration as Sugar Mail. The license is also only good for one mobile device, so if you switch phones, you'll need to pay for a new license too.

BlueMail has a lot of cool features and security options, but the onboarding process takes longer than it does with Sugar Mail. If you're ok with a more complex email app, BlueMail gets the vote. If you'd like a simple, versatile email application, go with Sugar Mail.

What Is the Best Free Email App for Android?


According to Techjury, 75% of Gmail users access their emails via a mobile device. So it should be no surprise that the Gmail app is one of the best email apps in 2021. It's especially popular because it is free and works for both Android and iOS.

When it comes to working with Android phones, there are a lot of cool features that shine. It's integrated with the Google Workspace apps so you'll have no problem working on projects or keeping a synchronized calendar.

The other plus to using Gmail on Android is that you can add email accounts from other providers, so it's not as restrictive as it is on your desktop.

Here's what you can do with a Gmail account and the Gmail app:

  • Support Multiple Accounts
  • Calendar
  • Undo Send
  • Unsubscribe Button
  • Offline Support
  • Dark Mode
  • Smart Reply
  • Smart Compose
  • Custom Notifications
  • Nudge
  • Anti-Spam Technology
  • Integrated with Google Workspace
  • Snooze Button
  • Two-step Verification
  • Touchscreen Support
UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization


If privacy is your top priority in an email app, ProtonMail is the one for you. The app sends password-protected messages to its recipients, so you can ensure your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

If spam gets on your nerves, ProtonMail is of the same mindset and works hard to prevent any malicious or unwanted emails from landing in your inbox.

It is essential to note that you cannot add other email providers to your ProtonMail app. It's a standalone service for ProtonMail email accounts.

Let's look at some of the other features:

  • Push Notifications
  • Encryption
  • Self-Destruct Messages
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Touchscreen Support
  • Available in 8 Languages
UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Top Free Email App for Android: Gmail

The ProtonMail for Android app is somewhat restrictive, as you can't use multiple accounts on it, and you've got to learn how to navigate all of the different privacy settings.

Gmail offers multiple accounts, significantly more storage, and features like Smart Reply. Additionally, other customization options lead to a smooth workflow.

Also, easily connecting to Google Workspace and having offline access earn this app some major points.

What Is the Best Email App for iPhone?

In this section, we'll review the following apps:


The functionality of this email app is what makes it so popular. You can add it as a default client for your iPhone and get a sleek, professional program to work with. To start with, there's a strong security element with Face ID and Touch technology. Once you're using the app you will find great features like the share extension, which helps you turn anything you'd like to send out into an email quickly.

It's a super-compatible app you can customize to increase its functionality if you need to. For example, you can add plugins for encryption or read receipts.

Here are the Airmail features listed:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Encryption
  • Custom Rules
  • Remote Device Management
  • Quick Reply
  • Read Receipts
  • Block Pixel Tracking
  • Dark Mode
  • Bulk Editing
  • Share Extension
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • Snooze Button
  • Send Later
  • Compatible with Apple Watch
  • Locally Store Archived Accounts
  • Supports 25+ Languages
  • Touch Bar Support

Airmail Pro: $9.99 USD/Year

The plan lets you add an unlimited amount of email accounts and syncs with iCloud.

Airmail for Business: One time price of $49.99 USD

Airmail has a strict privacy policy, so all of your data will remain local. It also comes with mobile device management.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization


This app is a little different from the other paid email apps for iPhone. Its main promise is to help you delete unwanted messages easily and unsubscribe quickly. This is great if you have ten or more email accounts and are finding it hard to keep your inbox tidy. With the pro version you can add an unlimited number of accounts.

While its focus is on cleaning up your inbox, it still allows you to do some of the other popular tasks that email apps provide, like Snooze and Send Later.

They also allow family sharing. This makes it easy for everyone in your group to enjoy an email client on their phones without breaking the bank, and regardless of whether or not you use the same email providers.


  • Unified Inbox
  • Bulk Delete
  • Snooze
  • Unsubscribe Button
  • Locally Stored Data
  • Custom Signatures
  • Dark Mode

Chuck Pro is $39.99 USD/Year.

Pro users can add unlimited email accounts as well as social media accounts and delete messages in bulk. It connects to Office 365 and Exchange.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Top Email App for iPhone: Airmail

Airmail is a worthy investment if you're looking for a versatile email platform that syncs well with your iPhone and iPad. It performs well for business purposes, like team collaboration and task management. Chuck is a solid app, but the price tag is a little steep considering it lacks a calendar and other integrations.

What Is the Best Free Email App for iPhone?

Apple Mail

The default app for Apple once again lands on our list, because it's such a solid email program. Apple Mail covers all of the mobile email needs a standard user could ask for. It supports several email accounts, it's fast, and it works intuitively with a lot of other apps and products.

  • Unified Inbox
  • Integrates with Apple and Google Workspace apps
  • Scan Images
  • Mail Drop for large attachments
  • Markup and Drawing Tools
  • Advanced Search & Attachment Search
  • Dark Mode
  • Customize Notifications
  • Localized in 20+ Languages
  • Touchscreen Support
UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization


This is an email app that focuses on the mobile experience. Spike presents your emails conversationally, the same way you'd see them in a messenger app.

It comes with a priority inbox to give you a clear idea of what needs to be done. Designed for teamwork, you can take advantage of the Groups feature and collaborate easily.

Here are a few more features you can have with Spike:

  • Unified Inbox
  • Notes
  • Groups
  • Priority Inbox
  • Email Templates
  • Voice messaging
  • Audio and Video Calling
  • Dark Mode

Spike is free for personal use.

The business plans range between $7/ month and $12/month.

Each business plan comes with priority support, additional storage, beginning at 50 extra GB. You'll be able to add other users to "Groups". Depending on your plan, you can have up to 250 participants join audio/ video calls with Spike.

UX and UI Email Management Security Tools and Customization

Top Free Email App for iPhone: Apple Mail

The default Apple Mail app works for both personal and business use without a hitch. For someone on a budget, you'll join the millions of users who make use of multiple email providers and have a straightforward, no-fuss email app.

If you're looking for a very modern email app and won't need to add an entire team, Spike is worth giving a second look.

Summary of Our Top Picks

In this article we looked at a lot of different email apps. Hopefully, you have a greater understanding of the features and variety available in 2021. Here is a quick summary of our top picks:

Best Email App for Windows Mailbird (Paid)
Thunderbird (Free)
Best Email App for Mac Spark (Paid)
Apple Mail (Free)
Best Email App for Android Sugar Mail (Paid)
Gmail (Free)
Best Email App for iPhone Airmail (Paid)
Apple Mail (Free)

With what feels like a new email software emerging every week, you've got a lot of options to choose from.

If you're ready to check out an app with great design, lots of integrated apps, and rules and filters for easy folder management, Mailbird has a free trial period for you.

You'll come to see just how easy the setup is, and you'll be headed towards Inbox Zero in no time at all. For avid Mac users, we look forward to providing the same stress-free experience to you, as soon as Mailbird for Mac is ready!

How We Tested Different Email Clients?

In our pursuit to determine the best email clients in the market, we meticulously implemented a thorough testing process. This involved setting up accounts with each email client, whether as a standalone software platform or as a cloud-based service. Our aim was to explore the capabilities of each platform in various scenarios, putting their functionalities to the test in order to assess their overall performance.

We carefully evaluated the basic tools and functionality of each email client, and then explored its advanced features to determine their ease of use and accessibility. This comprehensive approach enabled us to provide an in-depth evaluation of each email client's strengths, weaknesses, and suitability for different use cases.