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Best Superhuman Alternatives for PC & Mac in 2023

Best Superhuman Alternatives for PC & Mac in 2023
Best Superhuman Alternatives for PC & Mac in 2023

The reviews on Google are shouting "overpriced" and "overhyped" when you search for Superhuman, but with over 400K users on waiting lists, it's fair to assume the software should be worth the extra fees.

Still, how long would you wait for access, and will the app meet your expectations?

This article offers a detailed description of the Superhuman email client with its pros and cons, as well as five decent alternatives and more affordable tools that can provide you with a similar experience and even more benefits. This is based on our own experience and user reviews.

If you're eager to know the essentials right away, here's a table to show how different alternatives compare to each other. To get more information, read the full article!

Superhuman Mailbird Mailspring Spark eM Client BlueMail
Lightweight design V V V V V V
Custom folders or labels V V V V V V
Filters or rules Coding required V V V V X
Keyboard shortcuts V V V V V X
Undo send V V V V V V
Email tracking V V V V V V
Snooze or reminders V V V V V V
Message scheduling V V V V V V
Command line V X X X X X
Quick unsubscribe button V V X V V V
Email search V Advanced V V V V
Unified inbox X Advanced V Advanced V V
Smart inbox sorting X X V X X X
Calendar X Advanced X V V V
Contact management X Advanced Advanced V X V
Email translation X X V X V X
Email templates X X V V V X
Integrations with third-party apps X 30+ apps Less than 10 apps 15 apps 11 apps X
Email providers supported Gmail
All of them All of them Only IMAP accounts All of them All of them
Microsoft Exchange support X V X V V V
Limited free version X Free trial V V V V
Price Starting from $30 per month Starting from $3.25 per month $8 per month Starting from $6.39 per month Starting from $49.95, lifetime Starting from $5.50 per month

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First of All, What Is Superhuman Famous For?

Banner with Superhuman email client
Banner with Superhuman email client

Superhuman (sometimes misspelled as Super human) is a fast high-end email client made by the team of Rahul Vohra, a former video games creator who co-founded a Gmail extension called Rapportive. The app positions itself as an exclusive club where you need an invitation or wait in a queue to get access.

Key Features

The app is exclusive to macOS and iOS Gmail and Outlook users—if you use another email service, this app is not for you. If you fit in this category, you may enjoy the following features:

  • Subtle and minimal design. The user interface is fast, light, and appealing. It is intended to increase productivity with keyboard shortcuts and commands to help you reach a comfortable Inbox Zero.
Positive review of Super human
Positive review of Super human
  • Superhuman split inbox. This feature enables you to divide your Superhuman inbox into different areas of focus—e.g., work email, personal email, or others (which is quite similar to folders in other email clients).
  • Built-in undo send. You can cancel sending an email for up to 10 seconds if you make a mistake. Though other email clients offer up to 30 seconds, it's not about the speed of clicking hotkeys or buttons but the speed of recalling that the message needs editing.
  • Built-in read receipts functionality (email tracking). You can enable Read Statuses to know when a respondent opens your email. This is becoming a popular function, so it's not unique to the Superhuman desktop app.
  • Email reminders. The app has a snooze button that opens a command dialog where you can specify the time and date of the reminder. This is also a common feature.
  • Message scheduling. You can delay sending an email and specify when it should be delivered. This is as well a standard feature for most email apps.
  • A command line and keyboard shortcuts. You can perform almost any action using hotkeys or accessing a command bar and typing a request. It is great if you're used to using the keyboard, but it's also not a unique feature.
  • High rendering speed. One of the company's goals is to provide the highest speed of message rendering so you can click through emails or get a search result as fast as possible. This is probably the main feature that can hardly be beaten by other email clients—Superhuman's speed is really high.

The Pros and Cons of Superhuman Mail

Overall, the Superhuman app offers a nice minimalistic, non-distractive set of features, but most of them you can find in other email clients, even in Gmail's webmail interface. Moreover, Superhuman is known for many disadvantages, such as:

  • A poor set of features. What they position as a minimalistic interface may be interpreted as "basics only."
  • Only Google and Outlook are supported. When you use a desktop email client, most likely, you want it to integrate all of your email accounts into a single interface. But here, you can use only your Gmail and Outlook accounts.
Pros and cons of Superhuman email
Pros and cons of Superhuman email
  • No unified inbox. Even if you use only Gmail and/or Outlook, in the Superhuman app, you don't have a convenient way to check all your accounts in a single flow rather than set aliases and email forwarding, which is, okay, a working way, but doesn't correlate with their "time-saving" brand promise.
  • Lack of third-party integrations. It's not a must, but it's nice when you can align your correspondence with your calendar or check your to-do's without switching tabs or apps. Here, it's not possible.
  • No easy way to filter messages. This is a very common time-saving feature that lets you sort your incoming mail automatically, even before you can see it. In Superhuman, it's possible only through coding spikes.
  • Only for macOS and iOS. Okay, it's a part of their brand positioning, but the app is available only for Mac desktop and mobile users.

So, what you're really paying for is:

  • The interface - not all email clients can offer such a nice-looking, clean, distraction-free design, which Superhuman mail definitely has. Many email clients strive for it, but Superhuman has nailed it.
  • The speed - emails render under 100 milliseconds, which is quicker than Gmail can show. But do you handle so many emails a day that an average email client's speed is an issue?
  • The club - they position themselves more as a club than an email client, and many people want to join what's covered. This is probably the most pricey aspect of the service.

Another perk included in the price is personalized onboarding. After signing up and providing payment method details, you will get a 30-minute session with one of Superhuman's employees, who will guide you through all features and shortcuts. It's a good addition because it helps you learn about their features better and understand how to use them for yourself the best.

Now, let's move to the most sensitive topic, which is the price. Sensitive because Superhuman's email cost is quite high.


The app doesn't have a trial or demo version. Superhuman pricing plans include individual users and yearly subscriptions for teams with the following fees:

  • Superhuman for individuals - $30.00 for one seat/month
  • Tier 1: Superhuman for Teams - $285 per seat for 49 seats/year
  • Tier 2: Superhuman for Teams - $270 per seat for 99 seats/year
  • Tier 3: Superhuman for Teams - $255 per seat for 249 seats/year

This might be the highest price to date. If you Google "the most expensive email client," you will get at least a dozen hits on Superhuman, including an ad to its landing page.

So, what's the bottom line?

Superhuman offers a high-end, yet not too functional, experience—concierge onboarding, a minimalistic, luxury feel, and high speed for all interactions.

Superhuman's email cost may be fair under certain conditions:

  • You use only Gmail, Google Workspace, or Outlook
  • You only work on an Apple computer or mobile
  • Speed is critical for you, even if it's milliseconds
  • You don't need to integrate with other types of communication—messengers, meetings, tasks, etc.

Otherwise, you might want to find another solution to try out.

What Are the Best Superhuman Alternatives?

If your work involves a lot of email interactions and you spend hours a day just reading and responding to messages, sure, the Superhuman email client can help you reduce that time.

If Gmail or Outlook isn't the only provider you use or you're not prepared to pay extra just for milliseconds of speed and a luxury brand image, below are five decent alternatives. We selected ones that can be a fair substitute with a nice-looking interface, useful features, and the ability to use almost any email service.


Banner with Mailbird user interface
Banner with Mailbird user interface

Mailbird is a lightweight yet powerful and fast email client that helps you sync and manage any number of email accounts along with their calendars and contact lists. This makes it a good Superhuman email alternative to consider.

Key Features

Mailbird offers must-have email management features such as snooze, send later, and undo send, but it also has more advanced features that may truly improve your email productivity. It also integrates with many popular tools and messengers, so you can organize your work in one unified interface and reduce your work distractions to a minimum.

Unlike the Superhuman email app, it works with all possible email clients, all supported Windows versions, and the Mac and mobile versions are just around the corner.

Here's what you get:

  • Seamless onboarding. Mailbird is very easy to set up. You just need to download the application from the website to install it on your desktop and add all the accounts from any email providers you want to manage in your email client. And voila, you're all done!
  • User-friendly interface. Maibird's interface is different from Superhuman's software, but it's also lightweight and clutter-free. In addition, it offers a variety of customization options in its appearance that lets you use the app most conveniently without extra moves.
Positive review of Mailbird
Positive review of Mailbird
  • Unified inbox. Do you want to have all your email communication in one place? Unlike the Superhuman app, Mailbird offers a very easy and intuitive way to manage all of your email accounts in a single interface. It supports POP3, IMAP, and SMTP, and also you can connect to an Exchange account. There, you can check all your emails in a single Unified inbox or switch between your inboxes seamlessly with just one click.
Pros and cons of using Mailbird
Pros and cons of using Mailbird
  • Native calendar. Mailbird also has a built-in unified calendar that unites events from all your email accounts that you can open in the sidebar to keep a note of your schedule while processing emails. In comparison, Superhuman only integrates with the Google calendar.
  • Contact management. You can organize contacts from different accounts into groups, link related addresses, and merge duplicate contacts.
  • Speed reader. This unique feature enables you to go through emails faster and make better sense of what is written. While Superhuman is a fast client in terms of iterations, it doesn't have a tool for quickly reading messages.
  • Basic productivity features. As with the Superhuman email app, Mailbird has snooze, undo send, and email tracking features available for all users.
  • 24/7 support. You can reach out to Mailbird's support team by email, and the service is free and high-quality.

As a bonus, Mailbird has an additional service, Parakeet, that lets you generate wonderfully-written emails for many business and personal situations. It may save you a ton of time!


There are more than 30 valuable integrations with other applications—that's a lot more compared to Superhuman's eight integrations—that you can use right from Mailbird's interface. So there's no need to switch between tabs or screens.

Some of the most popular include:

  • Asana - a task manager for individuals and small to medium teams that improves time management, task organization, and collaboration.
  • Slack - a popular business messenger for improving team and project communication.
  • WhatsApp - one of the top chat apps for business and personal communication you can use alongside your inbox.
  • - an excellent tool for managing and organizing subscriptions.
  • Dropbox - cloud storage for sharing and collaborating on documents. It also allows you to send files that are over 25 MB.
  • Google Workspace - the complete suite of Google's office programs and storage.
  • Grammarly - a grammar checker that also helps you improve your writing style.
  • ClickUp - a powerful task manager for improving collaboration in teams of all sizes.

All of the above—Mailbird's features and integrations—turn it into a powerful workstation rather than just an email client—still, a very easy and intuitive one.


Mailbird offers a free trial where you can test its features and decide if it suits you before paying; it's something the Superhuman email app doesn't provide.

The subscription plans vary based on personal and business needs:

  • The Home Use subscription is best for individuals expecting a standard set of tools and features. The price starts at just $3.25 a month.
  • The Businesses subscription is best for companies and individuals expecting a full Mailbird experience with more advanced integrations and other perks. The price starts at $4.95 a month, which is also quite reasonable.

With both plans, you can also purchase a lifetime license for $99 and $399, respectively.

Mailbird's Pros and Cons

And now, let's compare Mailbird with Superhuman email:

Superhuman Mailbird
Interface The app is famous for its nice minimalistic interface Mailbird's interface is also valued by its users for its beauty and simplicity
Speed Super high rendering speed. Probably, it's the fastest email client The app's speed is average for email clients
Features Only basic features are available Many useful features that save time and increase productivity and still a clutter-free interface
Integrations No integrations at all 30+ integrations: messengers, task managers, documents, calendars, and more
Operating systems macOS and iOS only Windows only, but the Mac version is coming soon
Price Starting from $30 per month Starting from $3.25 per month

While Mailbird isn't as fast as Superhuman, it also has a pleasant interface. Mailbird offers a broader set of features and integrations and doesn't require extensive onboarding, unlike Superhuman. It is also more affordable.


Banner with Mailspring's interface
Banner with Mailspring's interface

Mailspring is another Superhuman alternative tool that helps you boost your productivity and send better emails by helping you create a unified inbox. It's popular with Mac users because of its more convenient and advanced features.

Key Features

Here's what you can get from Mailspring:

  • Multiple accounts. The app enables viewing all connected accounts in one inbox. Though there's no way to distinguish what account an email belongs to, you can use this functionality to organize all your communication into folders and search across all accounts.
Mailspring user review
Mailspring user review
  • Contact profiles. Mailspring lets you enrich contact details with information like your social media profiles and a bio.
  • Message scheduling. You can set an email to be sent at a specific time, which is useful when you communicate with someone in a different time zone or during other working hours.
  • Email snoozing. You can remove an email from your inbox, and it will return at a more convenient or relevant time.
  • Email translations. Mailspring can translate the messages you receive right into your inbox, which is handy when you have a foreign colleague or friend.


Unfortunately, Mailspring doesn't offer any integrations with third-party apps.


Mailspring offers a free version, though it comes with limited functionality. For example, you won't be able to snooze emails, enable read receipts, or use the send later function. The complete features set is $8 a month.

Mailspring's Pros and Cons

And now, let's compare Mailspring with Superhuman email:

Superhuman Mailspring
Interface The app is famous for its nice minimalistic interface Mailspring has a very minimalistic user interface
Speed Super high rendering speed. Probably, it's the fastest email client The app is quite slow
Features Only basic features are available Aside from the basic functionality, it has a useful contact management feature
Integrations No integrations at all No integrations at all
Operating systems macOS and iOS only Windows, macOS, Linux
Price Starting from $30 per month $8 per month

Mailspring doesn't offer much more than Superhuman in terms of functionality, but it supports most email providers, works on popular desktop platforms, and it's much cheaper. Though it sometimes has syncing issues:

Review of user experience with Mailspring
Review of user experience with Mailspring


Banner with Spark email client interface
Banner with Spark email client interface

Spark is a smart inbox management tool that helps you reduce clutter in your email, build better email management habits, and improve team collaboration with a shared inbox feature and some unique properties. For example, it has a home screen that shows new emails or directs you to check your inbox—quite convenient!

Spark supports Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Key Features

It's not very multi-functional but quite a well-done minimalistic email client with an Apple-style design and shared inbox feature for better team collaboration and multiple account management.

Review of Spark's user interface
Review of Spark's user interface

Here are the main things you get with Spark:

  • Smart inbox. It not only unifies but sorts your emails by priority, so your personal communication will come up at the top of the inbox, and newsletters will go to the bottom.
  • Search tool. You can filter emails by content, date, and attachments.
  • Built-in calendar. You can manage your schedule without using any additional application. Again, it's what Superhuman lacks despite their emphasis on productivity.
  • Email templates. You can add common messages and answers as templates and use them for quick replies. And this is quite a powerful addition to a standard email toolkit.
Review of Spark features
Review of Spark features

Not too much? True. But it's a really good tool that inspired the creation of many other email clients on the market.


Spark offers several integrations with essential third-party tools, including Evernote, Trello, Todoist, and Zoom.


Spark offers a free version that doesn't include shared inboxes. Paid subscriptions start at $6.39 per user monthly.

Spark's Pros and Cons

And now, let's compare Spark with Superhuman email:

Superhuman Spark
Interface The app is famous for its nice minimalistic interface Spark has a clean, intuitive interface
Speed Super high rendering speed. Probably, it's the fastest email client The app's speed is average for email clients
Features Only basic features are available Some unique functionality like shared inboxes
Integrations No integrations at all Several productivity tools
Operating systems macOS and iOS only Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
Price Starting from $30 per month Starting from $6.39 per month

Unlike Superhuman, Spark works on most devices and supports most email providers.

eM Client

Banner with eM Client interface
Banner with eM Client interface

eM Client is another interesting Superhuman alternative that offers a simple, clear design and allows users to have all their emails in one place. It works on Windows and Mac platforms.

It's a bit more sophisticated in its features than Superhuman or Spark but may hardly be compared with Mailbird (well, actually, not many email clients can).

Key Features

  • All accounts in one place. You can add several accounts and manage them from one inbox. This is a pretty common feature for productivity-focused email clients, and it's surprising that Superhuman didn't pay much attention to it.
Pros and cons of using eM Client
Pros and cons of using eM Client
  • Tags. Since eM Client doesn't offer color coding for accounts, you can add colored tags that act like Gmail labels.
  • Build-in calendars. You have a calendar to manage your schedule right in the app, so there's no need to open additional software.
What eM Client user thinks of the app
What eM Client user thinks of the app
  • Notes and to-dos. You have a space to quickly write down your thoughts and access them at any time. This is pretty unique and useful, especially if you need to check many emails and then plan what to do quickly.
  • Email snoozing. This standard function removes an email from your inbox for a specified time.
  • Anti-email tracking. While email clients like Mailbird and Mailspring offer read receipts to track if and when an email was opened, eM Client does the opposite and blocks any tracking attempts.


eM Client offers a tight range of integrations. It's limited to a few apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Dropbox.


eM Client offers a free version, which is limited to two accounts. They also have a paid plan that starts at $49.95 for one user as a one-time purchase.

eM Client's Pros and Cons

And now, let's compare eM Client with Superhuman email:

Superhuman eM Client
Interface The app is famous for its nice minimalistic interface The app has a simple interface
Speed Super high rendering speed. Probably, it's the fastest email client Users report syncing issues
Features Only basic features are available Standard set of features with unique capabilities like anti-email tracking
Integrations No integrations at all No integrations at all
Operating systems macOS and iOS only macOS, Windows
Price Starting from $30 per month Free version
Paid - $49.95 for one user

If speed is not an issue for you, eM Client is an okay alternative to Superhuman since it offers a good set of features and supports different email providers. It also has a free version.


Banner with BlueMail interface
Banner with BlueMail interface

BlueMail allows users to connect unlimited email accounts and manage them in one place. It works on Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platforms.

BlueMail also has a clean design, though a bit unconventional (it may need some getting used to), and it's a good addition to our list of Superhuman alternatives to consider.

Key Features

Bluemail positions itself as a free, well-designed cross-platform app designed to manage both emails and calendars. Well, they nailed it—events and meetings often come along with emails. And here's exactly what you can get from BlueMail:

  • Smart push notifications. Since the app works on mobile devices, it offers customizable push notifications so you can keep up with your emails.
Review of BlueMail Windows desktop version
Review of BlueMail Windows desktop version
  • Unified inbox. BlueMail groups multiple accounts into one inbox so you can manage all correspondence in one place.
Pros and cons of using BlueMail
Pros and cons of using BlueMail
  • Integrated calendar. There's a built-in calendar, so you don't need to switch apps when you check your schedule.
  • Group emailing. You can group contacts and use them when emailing instead of adding each individual address in the compose window.
  • Cross-platforming. It's the most cross-platform email client on the list: Bluemail can run on macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

One of Bluemail's distinguishing features is their conversation interface, which looks more like messages than emails. For many, it's easier to read conversations this way rather than in the classical one:

Conversational view in BlueMail
Conversational view in BlueMail


BlueMail doesn't offer any third-party integrations at the moment.


You can use the full version of the product for free. Paid versions, though, offer more collaborative features like a corporate dashboard.

  • The Business plan costs $5.50 per user per month.
  • The Enterprise solution is $12.00 per user per month.

BlueMail's Pros and Cons

And now, let's compare Mailbird with Superhuman email:

Superhuman BlueMail
Interface The app is famous for its nice minimalistic interface BlueMail has a pleasant minimalistic interface
Speed Super high rendering speed. Probably, it's the fastest email client The app's speed is average for email clients
Features Only basic features are available Standard set of features
Integrations No integrations at all No integrations at all
Operating systems macOS and iOS only macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux
Price Starting from $30 per month Free version
Paid - starting from $5.50 per month

Its speed aside, BlueMail is very similar to Superhuman in terms of functionality. However, it supports all major operating systems and has a free version.


Many people say the Superhuman app is overrated. Others wait in the queue for months and pay quite expensively to become a part of the club. So is Superhuman worth it? It is if it pays off—you only use Gmail or Outlook on Apple devices, and you don't need any other functionality besides basic email management features. If that's what you need, they do it really well.

If you need to manage emails from different providers, as well as messengers, calendar events, tasks, video meetings, and more, an alternative such as Mailbird will be your better choice than Superhuman mail. Try it for free and see the difference!

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Is Superhuman better than Gmail?

The Superhuman app can be better than Gmail in terms of operational speed. You can open, close, send, and switch between message threads three times faster than in Gmail. However, they are difficult to compare since Superhuman was made to work specifically with Gmail accounts as an additional app.

Is Superhuman free?

No, Superhuman email doesn't have a free plan, trial, or demo version.

How much does Superhuman cost?

You will have to pay $30 a month to use the app personally and $255 - $285 per seat per year if you want to use it as a team.

Does Superhuman only work with Gmail?

Gmail is the main email service Superhuman was created to work with. They added support for Outlook in 2022, but it's still limited to two email services only. This means you won't be able to add your Yahoo, iCloud, Zoho, or other email providers to your Superhuman account (however, you can do it in Mailbird).

Does Superhuman work with Outlook?

Starting in 2022, it does. You can attach your Outlook email accounts as well as Gmail ones to your Superhuman email app. However, other email providers are not yet available.