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Joining Mailbird: An Inside Look at Our Hiring Process

Joining Mailbird: An Inside Look at Our Hiring Process
Joining Mailbird: An Inside Look at Our Hiring Process

Are you curious about the Mailbird application process? Then check out this post.

Here at Mailbird, we try to make everything simple and straightforward, including our hiring process for Software Engineers. That's why we've put together this guide, to help you know what each step involves.

Let's start by quickly addressing a few reasons why Mailbird is different from other companies.

Mailbird has a Remote-first Culture

Remote-first culture in Mailbird
Remote-first culture in Mailbird

Mailbird is a fully remote company.

That means you can work completely remotely from anywhere in the world. It's completely up to you where your 'office' will be as traveling and time zones are not an issue for us.

This set-up has a few perks if you're hired on:

  • Flexible hours and freedom within the job - we don't have any fixed working hours so you can manage your time as you wish from the first day you join.
  • A place where you can get things done. No unnecessary meetings and admin stuff.
  • Being part of an international team. Our team has 15 nationalities!

However, the biggest benefit of being a part of Milbird according to our staff is the friendly and supportive environment.

How to Apply

Do the perks we mentioned sound good to you? Great!

Once you're ready to apply, then go to our careers page and check out the current job openings.

If you see an opening relevant to your experience, then upload your CV with a professional summary. Make sure to answer the questions that come up. The information you provide will let get a sense of your motivations, experience as well as general information such as your availability, location, etc.

Cultural Fit Interview

If you're application and CV are a match for what we're looking for from the position, one of our recruiters will get in touch with you to schedule a Cultural Fit interview.

This interview should take around 30 mins. The goal of this call is to get to know each other! We will have a general chat about your previous experience and your motivations. We will also tell you more about the role, product, team, and company overall.

Skill Test

If you are successful in the Cultural fit Interview, the next step is a Technical Test.

Note that the hiring decision will primarily be based on your performance on this test, and if you perform well on it there's a good chance we will offer you the position.

There's no time limit to complete this test as what we care about is the quality of the final result.

Technical Interview

Technical interview with Mailbird candidates
Technical interview with Mailbird candidates

Once you submitted the Skill Test, you might be asked to participate in a technical interview before moving on to the final round if the solution you put forward was especially novel.

During the 1 - 2 hour interview, one of our developers will ask you about some of the solutions you made during the test. The developer won't be looking for a perfect solution, just a deeper conversation about your technical knowledge.

Final Interview


This is the last step, the final interview where you will meet with our CEO and Co-founder Michael Olsen. This meeting is for you to meet each other since you will be working closely together!

Welcome to Mailbird!

Welcome email to the Mailbird team
Welcome email to the Mailbird team

Our application process, like our onboarding process, is likely different from what you're used to. That's why we wrote this new hire onboarding guide to give you an idea of what to expect.

What we can say is that our culture extends to new hires. We don't ask anyone to hit the ground running. Time, space, and tools are provided to each new Mailbirdian to learn about our company and their role within it.

If you believe Mailbird is the sort of company you can see yourself at, then check out our open positions!