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The Best Way to Read MSN Hotmail on Your Desktop

The Best Way to Read MSN Hotmail on Your Desktop
The Best Way to Read MSN Hotmail on Your Desktop

In some cases, webmail clients can be a great way to receive, read, and respond to email. Gmail, for instance, is an extremely accessible and intuitive webmail app. In addition to its ease of use, Gmail is also 100% free (with 15 free gigabytes of storage per account, no less), making it a go-to solution for personal email and business email alike. Microsoft's (formerly known as MSN Hotmail) is another example of a popular webmail client.

But what happens when you have multiple Gmail or MSN Outlook accounts for different purposes? Google does allow you to stay logged in on multiple accounts at once, and switching back and forth between those accounts is as simple as clicking your profile photo icon in the upper right-hand corner of the screen and selecting a different email inbox. Still, toggling between inboxes takes time. Worse, if you need to stay up to date with each inbox at all times, there is no easy answer—at least not while you are using Gmail or in their standard webmail formats. After all, the last thing you want is to have three or four different webmail tabs constantly open just to monitor your email.

A Better Way to Monitor Your Webmail Accounts

If you have multiple webmail accounts and are tired of switching between them 30 times a day or leaving half a dozen email tabs open on your browser, it might be time to make the switch to a desktop email client. A desktop email client will free you from having to do all your email management in your web browser, eliminating tabs and probably reducing the resources your machine is using. (This last point is particularly key for laptops, which generally don't have as much RAM or processing power to spare in the first place.)

Mailbird is especially attractive to people who have, up until now, always relied on webmail applications for their email-related needs.

Why Use a Desktop Email Client Over Webmail?

1. Unified Inbox

This feature makes the biggest argument for most users for switching from webmail to Mailbird. If you are tired of juggling half a dozen Gmail, MSN Hotmail, or accounts, our Unified Inbox will probably become your best friend. With this feature, Mailbird will automatically create what is essentially a "master" inbox for your email management. This inbox will populate with every email you receive in every account you link to Mailbird—be it an MSN Outlook account, a Gmail account, a Yahoo account, or something else.

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail

If you're someone who constantly longs to reach "Inbox Zero", Unified Inbox will make it a lot easier. Even if you don't care about keeping your inbox relatively clean, Unified Inbox will save you time and reduce the chances of you missing an important message. (Of course, you can also view your inboxes individually within Mailbird, if you prefer.)

2. Contact management

Another great feature that can be tough to manage when using multiple webmail accounts.We at Mailbird took contact management to the next level. It has built-in tools that let you share and sync your contacts across all your email accounts. You won't have to jump from one email account to the next while trying to find a specific email address. Instead, all your contacts will be available from anywhere inside the app, making it easier to keep track of people and faster to get back in touch with them.

MSN Hotmail
MSN Hotmail

3. Social Media and Messenger App Integrations

Something that definitely differentiates Mailbird from Gmail or MSN These days, some of us do as much communication via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Slack, and other social networks as we do via email. Especially if you are a business owner, you are probably even using social media as a key platform for marketing your business and communicating with customers. Our apps let you incorporate Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Evernote, WhatsApp, and more into your email management client. There's even an app for Google Docs, so you don't lose one of the key perks of using Gmail in its native webmail configuration.

Your favourite Apps in one place.

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4. The List goes on and on

There is a slew of other Mailbird features that can help justify the jump from webmail to desktop. Snooze lets you save email messages for later, making it easy to prioritize different emails, so you maximize your productivity. Undo Send allows you to avoid a potentially embarrassing situation if you send an email to the wrong person or suffer some kind of Freudian slip. Our Inline Reply feature simplifies the process of responding to email messages point-by-point. These features represent just a fraction of what has made Mailbird an award-winning piece of software over the past few years.


Don't let your webmail clients overwhelm you. If you need to spend five minutes toggling between your different accounts every time you go to check your email, then you are losing precious productivity time. Similarly, if you constantly have to leave four or five webmail tabs open on your browser, that could create a visual block that makes it harder to get work done.

Sure, you may have been using webmail for years, starting with AOL or MSN Hotmail and eventually transitioning to Gmail or You may even be convinced that webmail is the right choice for you, just because it's been your go-to email management strategy for so long. However, we bet that if you try Mailbird, you'll fall in love with how it streamlines and simplifies email for every facet of your life.

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