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Design Your Ring from only £54! Lifetime guarantee Free polishing, engraving and re-sizing Visit Orla James    Why not create your own unique custom ring with Orla James? Every detail chosen by you from sketch to finished product  Free Consultation Make your ring unique You can surprise and delight your loved one with a one of a kind engagement ring Style your ideal wedding ring to sit perfectly with your engagement ring Celebrate a special occasion with a unique eternity ring

Pssst…achio! & Other Sexy Food Secrets

sexy food

SEXY FOOD (APHRODISIACS)    There are many types of foods that can be of great help to anyone who wants to improve their sex life. Some of them have been used to cure infertility and impotence by many cultures. Below are some of the top sexy food to play with and consume; Avocado Despite the feminine shape that this creamy textured fruit has, it has often been associated with male sexuality. It was referred to as ‘Ahuacuatl’ by the ancient Aztecs which means testicle tree and they are so sexy in such a way that during the middle ages, some

Is Your Girlfriend Clingy? Here’s How To Tame Her… And Survive!

clingy girlfriend

     Clingy or needy girlfriends come in all forms, sizes, and even in varied degrees of clinginess. If you were so unfortunate to date such a girl, you must either learn to put up with it, deal with it, or leave her. But most certainly, you won’t leave her, so here’s how to get along without feeling pushed to the wall. Understand a clingy girl’s psychologyHer psychology is rather interesting. You see, she’s always desperate for your attention and emotions all the time, and this can drain you completely. Their constant fear is that you might leave them any

Are you feeling suffocated?

not enough space in relationship

Dealing With A Suffocating Relationship While Lucy was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen, Tony swooped in and hugged her from behind. Her face flushing with irritation . Lucy snapped “Give me some space, would you!”  Stunned and flabbergasted, Tony withdrew. Are you feeling suffocated by the love of your significant other? This situation is quite common in couples. Space issues arise between partners some time or the other in their relationship. The most common reason for such a suffocating relationship is the difference in what both of them feel is right.  Regardless of the root cause of the dispute, the question that rests at the

5 Tips To Get Your Ex Back

get your ex back, more psychological tricks

5 Psychological Tips And Tricks To Get Your Ex Back There is no denial that your friends and well wishers will advise you to let go and move ahead in life after a breakup. However, at times this may be easier said than done. Some of you may just not be able to forget your ex and the only solution to resolve all your woes is to get him or her back in your life. Before you venture out to get your ex back, there are a few questions that you must ask yourself. Firstly, put on your logical thinking

How To Be Sexy To The Opposite Sex

How To Be Sexy To The Opposite Sex. There is no denial that all of us want to know how to be sexy to the other sex. We all steal glances at members of the opposite sex while walking across the street or during a party. Being sexy is not only about outer appearance. There are some people who have been labeled as sexy by onlookers but who are not even close to being pretty. Let us find out how to be sexy to the opposite sex: 1. A gorgeous physique Let us be honest, it is the outward appearance

How To Get A Girlfriend/Boyfriend

how to get a girlfriend

How To Get A Girlfriend/Boyfriend Finding that special someone can prove to be quite tricky, but there are various things can you do to sort out this type of predicament. The following are some tips on how to get a girlfriend/boyfriend: Making a choice There are so many people who are fit and eligible to make good girlfriends and boyfriends, but making the right choice for you is usually the difficult part. That’s why you need some sort of list for you to tick off those who don’t suite your standards. By doing this, you are able to eliminate those

Want my Ex Back…

want ex back

Want my Ex Back…   “I want my ex back!” …Is a cry often heard from those of us who regret breaking up with a partner after the event has happened. Sometimes it’s sadly too late to do much about losing your boyfriend by then…but if you’re serious about getting your ex back then you should think very carefully about a few things first. Ask yourself the following questions before you work out a plan to get your ex back.   If your ex left you… Why did my ex leave me? Has my ex got another girlfriend or boyfriend?

Seriously Seductive! Meet Madame Santonesse

gold dress

From Your Lover are extremely excited to introduce you to Santonesse  or more precisely, Madame Santonesse,  whom resides at one of the hottest lingerie sites we have ever seen! Madame Santonesse is your personal shopper on the site and will help with,  well, everything! Think Agent Provocateur or Victoria’s Secret at a fraction of the cost and you might begin to see  why we are excited. Visit their luscious site and you will see why our hearts are racing! We want to bring them to your attention NOW as we can’t believe the prices can stay this low for such upmarket

Six More Ways to Get Your Ex Back, New Psychological Tricks

get your ex back, more psychological tricks

      So, you’re newly single, and you’re just starting to realize that breaking up was the worst idea you (or they) have ever had. We’ve all been there, some of us more than once. There are two ways to proceed.   First, you can cowboy (or girl) up, get past the tears, and rebuild your life. Yeah… that never works for me either. Second, you can do whatever it takes to get them back. Since you’ve read this far, its safe to assume we’re all on board with this. So, lets get ‘em back then!   Now, I

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